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Fake tears, really?

I first read about fake tears as a runway trend, then it blew up as a different version on instagram sometime last year (I’m late, I know!). Instead of just using color to create tears, people were using clear gloss to mimic tears rolling down your face. I did not have a clear lip gloss so I opted for just trying out the colored version. It also didn’t sound too tempting to put some sticky liquid so close to my eyeballs. I’m very paranoid when it comes to what I put near my eyes.

What I used to do this was the Steve Laurant liquid liner in Black, and a couple of shades from the I ❤ MakeUp Death By Chocolate Palette (Love you to death & Tease Me). I used a dark purple paired with silver acting as a highlight. The highlight part didn’t pick up too well on camera, it just looked like solid silver but it was a lot prettier in real life! It shifted really nicely between purple and silver.



I think it looks good both as just an outline, and filled in. It’s not an every day kind of look though, but I would definitely use something like this for costume make up. I know a lot of people like adding things like this when doing a Goth kind of costume make up. I also remember seeing make up like this when finding ‘alternative’ looks for my Sims 2 & 3 characters.

If I did this again, I think I might have opted for black and silver, or black and gold.. or maybe something blue? I’m not sure. I think I also would have gone over the outlines with liquid eyeliner again to keep it looking kinda cartoon-ish. It could also have been cool to pair this with a cel-shade or pop art look.

Have you ever tried anything like this? Or what do you think of a ‘trend’ like this in general? Something for you? It’s not really for me but I can respect people’s creativity.

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Cradle – Learning about the children

«Cradle» is a sci-fi first-person-view quest designed for the player to explore the surrounding world. The story is built around the relations of the protagonist and a mechanical girl who by quirk of fate found themselves amidst the desert. The player’s task is to repair the mechanical body of his companion and together with her solve the mystery of the abandoned amusement park located not far from the yurt.
Cradle is that kind of game where you pretty much have to read every piece of information you are given to understand the story as a whole. It is a riveting tale about a man suffering from memory loss, a mechanical girl who used to be an employee at an amusement park, or rather, a clinic of sorts disguised as an amusement park.
As you progress through the story and begin to understand what was really going on at this Gerbera Garden, you will either be horrified or just feel very, very sad for the children that were sent there. I was feeling a good mixture of both emotions as Ida explains how people like her got their mechanical body. Basically, you enter a pod, sitting there facing your new body, a mirror appear then you touch it and bam, new body. The reason for the mirror is so that you wont be able to see your own face as your body fucking dies. They did this to children! Imagine how scarred they would be if they witnessed their own body just.. dying.
The story is complex, and explaining anything more would just spoil the game, so go play it if you’re interested. The ending of the game is a bit abrupt, but I think it was worth the experience.

Sleeping Dogs – The death of Jackie Ma.

In Sleeping Dogs you follow the story of Wei Shen, an undercover cop who has connections in the Triads in Hong Kong. In the beginning of the game you meet Jackie Ma (Voiced by Edison Chen), one of the guys Wei grew up with. He keeps interacting with Wei throughout the game and their friendship grows genuinely strong. The Triads figure this out and abducts Jackie to get back at Wei, hanging him up and exposing his guts so he bleeds to death. I remember the first time i discovered this, i just put down my controller, turned off the game and didn’t pick it back up until a few weeks later when i had finally recovered from the trauma.

It should probably be said that it affected me more than usual since i already idolized the voice actor before playing the game.

The entirety of ‘A bird story’

A bird story is an experimental short game from the creators of To the moon. This game is so visually beautiful. It is played without any dialogue, you only follow the story through interactions between a young boy and a bird with a broken wing. The entire story takes about an hour to play through so you can truly immerse yourself in it and finish it in one sitting. I don’t want to spoil too much of it, but i did have tears in the corners of my eyes when it ended.
There are probably a lot more moments that made me feel really emotional, but these are the first i could think of. I’ll probably write more in the future. Do you have any moments in games, or even movies that made you emotional?