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A new garden plot

June 16, 2017 — 9 Comments

Like ten years ago, my mother used to have flower beds pretty much everywhere in our small garden, but she eventually just stopped tending to them and let nature take over. The stones around it broke down, the shrubbery grew as tall as our fence and it didn’t look good at all. So one day I told her that she couldn’t just let her garden grow out of control and I helped her getting rid of the weeds and other plants that had taken over. Since the stone edges she used were broken, I had to improvise and found some treated planks that I could use as a border instead. I went to a garden center place to purchase some new plants for her, some nutrient treated soil and compost and helped her put it all together.


As one of my succulents had gotten too big to fit in a pot that could be in my window sill, I decided to donate it to the garden, letting it have a home in the corner. Hopefully the rain won’t drown it.. I’m really happy with the result though! That spot looked like a total mess and we spent around three hours picking weeds and digging up the dirt to make it good enough for a flower bed. All I have to do now is to make the plank border look a bit better, maybe nail together the corners and find a longer plank so it wont be separated like how it is now.  It’s nice to see how different it can become with just a few hours of work though, I just wish I had taken a photo before so you could see just how bad it was.

I feel like an old woman whenever I talk about gardening, but I guess that’s just how it is, I’m from the countryside after all so it’s probably in my blood, or something like that. Do you enjoy gardening? I really want to get myself a small vegetable garden but I don’t think I could while still having my cats because they eat just about anything..

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In Love With Succulents.

February 6, 2017 — 13 Comments


Throughout my life i have been surrounded with plants. From my grandmothers garden to our window sill, there has always been flowers and green shrubs and god knows what. However it turned out that I’m allergic to pollen and i react to strongly scented flowers so I couldn’t really fill my own window sills with fragrant and beautiful plants.


In addition to that, I have three cats who love to chew on things so the few flowers i did try out got eaten. That was when i thought that “Hm, maybe i should go for something green that doesn’t look appetizing?” So I went to the local flower shop, saw the succulents there and instantly fell in love.


Whenever they take in a new type of succulent, i will be there to purchase it and it is honestly becoming a problem at this point because I’m running out of space. Succulents are kind of like Cacti, you don’t need to water them that often. At the flower shop they said that it is more common for it to die from being watered too often than for it to die of dehydration. One would also have to keep in mind to not pour water directly onto it because the stem will rot if you soak it in water. So just making sure the soil is moist is enough to keep it alive. It wouldn’t hurt it to be dry for a little while either, you can squeeze gently on its petals to see if it needs water or not. If it’s kinda hard it has enough, if it is starting to soften then you should probably give it some more water.


This one on the bottom was the first i ever purchased and oh boy has it grown! It used to be in the small pot on the first picture but it has quickly outgrown everything i owned so i had to purchase a fancy basket for it instead. But nothing will stop me from caring about my plant babies!

Do you have any kind of plants you just have to have in your home?