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When it comes to skincare, I rarely change how I do it, but I like switching out the products and trying new brands or items from brands I already know. I have been using the same products for a long time so I thought it was time to switch things out and try some new things out. Here’s what I got and my first impressions of them.


♥ Simple – Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water

This is a micellar water cleanser, and I love to use these. I have been using one from Garnier but I felt like it was time for something new. The major difference for me was that this one actually had a scent, compared to the Garnier one which was practically unscented. It’s not terrible though, and it does make my skin feel just as cleansed and nice as the other one did. So I’ll give it a 9/10.

♥ Nivea – Soothing Toner For Dry Skin

This one was a bit weird! It totally smells like the Nivea body lotion I used before so it was odd to have that scent for a toner. It is soothing though, and my skin feels a bit more hydrated and not as tight after using it so it works well enough. I used to use a tea tree toner water so having something that isn’t actively combatting breakouts and spots feels a bit weird but so far I haven’t noticed any changes in my skin. I’ll give this a 8/10.

♥ L’Oreal – Hydra Genius Aloe Water

This is a slightly weird one! It’s not a water, it’s not a cream and it is not a gel. I guess it’s like those water creams you hear about in k-beauty, but it is a nice texture. It feels slightly cooling on the skin and it does make my skin feel really hydrated, so I like it a lot! It is light weight and it works nicely under make up as long as you give it a few minutes to dry first, of course. I’ll give this a 9/10.


♥ Korres – Wild Rose Sleeping Facial Night Cream

This is a very floral scented night cream. I’m not sure what I expected from the scent wild rose but I didn’t expect it to be so potent. It’s not terrible though, it’s just a bit stronger than what I am used to. It is a fairly thick night cream so I only use a little bit at a time to avoid my skin from feeling too greasy the morning after. It works pretty well! I’ll give this one a 8/10.

♥ Dove – Nutrium Moisture Shower Cream Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena Scent

I adore Dove shower creams and milks and this is no exception! It smells so sweet and fresh at the same time and it is very hydrating and soothing to use in the shower. The scent lingers for a while too so that is a plus! I think all Dove shower creams would get an automatic 10/10 from me, I haven’t encountered any bad ones yet.

I also received a sample with my order, which was for the First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser. I haven’t tried this yet since I am still getting used to the new products I’m using now, but I am very excited to give it a go after a while.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think about them? 

Uten navn



I’m sure we all have those days where all we want is to get rid of our make up and go straight to bed. Or maybe we want to stay in bed in the morning instead of going to the bathroom to wash our faces. The former happens a lot to me when I come home after a long day, so having products at hand that I can use without needing any water is great.


The first thing I do is to use the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water. It is very convenient, it doesn’t have to be rinsed off and it removes make up like a dream while still being so gentle to sensitive skin. I just use it with a cotton pad, wipe off my make up and then go over again with a new cotton pad to properly cleanse the skin. Then I spray some of the Tea Tree Toner Water onto a cotton pad and use small circular movements as I apply it to the skin. Then I let it dry for a few minutes before moving onto the next steps.


After using the toner I move on to moisturizing the skin, and lately I have been loving the Figs & Rouge Hydra Activ Smart Nutrient Day Cream. Even if it is a day cream, I also use it at night because it has been so beneficial for my skin, giving it just enough moisture without making my skin feel greasy. It is great for using under powder make up too since it makes sure that you don’t have any dry patches the powder can adhere to. Under the eyes I use the oOlution Eye Love cream which hydrates, depuffs and tightens the under eye area. I love using it because it always makes me look so awake. It also works great under a concealer because it’s not too heavy so it just makes the area smooth and nice. Lastly I use Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Balm, this one is especially great to apply before bed because it is a thick formula that takes some time to absorb. I always wake up with soft lips after using it and I love it. It also has SPF in it so its great to use during the day too.

So that’s what I use when I don’t want to spend ages in the bathroom to get ready and just need a quick fix! What do you usually use? 

Uten navn

♥ Cucumber & Aloe


To be quite honest, i didn’t even know that H&M had any skincare like this until i randomly found them on their website. I live too far to be bothered to go into town so I haven’t been in the actual store in a while so they might have it there. Anyways! Their masks come in these cute little plastic containers, similar to coffee capsules and they contain 10 ml (0.3 fl oz). It doesn’t sound like much, but you can honestly get up to three uses if you leave the lid on. I have use number 3 on my face as i write this and i am very pleased with it.


As you can see on the left, below, you only need a thin layer of the mask, just enough for your skin to look dewy and nice. I put too much on my cheeks the first time so it refused to dry properly, but i learned my lesson the second time around. You’re supposed to keep it on for 15-20 minutes, depending on how long you feel it would take for it to dry. I left mine on for a full 20, and it dried like a second layer of skin, as shown on the right.

PicMonkey Collage

The peel off process was simple, and there was not much left over after i was done. I cleansed my face with some toner water just in case, and i was very happy with the result. My skin felt refreshed and it left behind a slight scent of cucumber.

So all in all, i would recommend this mask a lot, i have yet to try their Tea tree peel off mask, but i’m really looking forward to it!


  • A lightweight, refreshing mask
  • Gentle scent of cucumber
  • applies easily
  • peels off usually in one go
  • Can be enough for up to three uses


  • A bit hard to get off if you accidentally layer it on too thick
  • The lid isn’t technically resealable so you might end up spilling it if you’re not careful.

♥ Manuka Honey


My local H&M used to only have a few of these masks available, so i was pleasantly surprised when i found that they finally had stocked up on more of their face masks. They come in cute little pots, and for the peel-off masks, they often contain enough to apply it twice.This one in particular contains honey, and oh boy, can you smell it!


It is a vivid, orange colour and it is a bit thicker than the previous peel off mask i tried from them. It’s almost like you could feel the honey in it when you applied it. I just used my fingers to rub a moderately thin layer all over my face, avoiding the eyes and lips. I did get a tiny bit stuck in my eyebrow and it was a bitch to get out again.Also, the mask looks really yellow on your face so it kinda looks like you have some20161215_123444 sort of skin disease.

I left it on to dry, and it took so long that i forgot to even check what time it was when i peeled it all off. It came off in one piece so that was good! I felt a slight itch when i had it on but i didn’t think it was anything serious. After toning my skin i noticed i had really dark red marks on the skin beneath my eyes that actually felt really warm and inflamed. There was no indication that i was allergic to any of the ingredients and still it happened.. So it didn’t help my skin much, it just made me in need of a moisturizer to calm down my skin.


  • Easy to apply
  • Smells of honey
  • Comes off in one piece if you make sure to connect everything
  • Doesn’t hurt that much when you peel it


  • Takes quite a while to dry
  • Made my skin really irritated so be careful if you have sensitive skin.

♥ Raspberry Leaf


After the disaster that was the Manuka Honey peel off mask, I didn’t really have any good expectations about this one at all. This is a mask made for combination skin so it’s supposed to nourish and reduce oil at the same time. When you open the packaging it reveals a raspberry colored mask (big surprise, right?) and it smells just like raspberries too.


It was not as thick as the honey mask and the color lightened a bi20161219_191511t, only showing a pink tint on the skin as you applied it. It was a bit more runny so i could get two used out of it because if i used too much at once, it would start dripping off of my face, and no one wants that to happen.

There is not really any set time limit for masks like these since they basically just have to dry up complete so that you could peel them off. This one took about twenty minutes to dry completely, though i found it to be slightly damp on my cheeks even if the rest of the face was dry. I’m not sure why that happened but it took another five minutes for it to become stiff like the rest. Once i peeled it off my skin felt nourished and refreshed, and it didn’t stick to any of the hairs on my face to make it painful at all.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it worked better than the honey mask and i would definitely repurchase this to use it again. The lovely scent is a plus too, it didn’t get overwhelming and it was just the right amount of raspberries. I would recommend this to anyone that has combination skin and is in need for a refreshing experience.


  • Easy to apply
  • Not too thick
  • Smells really nice
  • Doesn’t pull on the hairs when you peel it off


  • Dries a bit unevenly
  • A bit too runny if you apply too much



♥ Cucumber Slice Mask


This was really a product that surprised me! Judging by it’s name, i thought it would just be a cucumber scented sheet mask, but boy, was i surprised when i saw that it was actually shaped like cucumber slices!

It does smell like cucumbers though so at least i didn’t have to be disappointed by that! It felt kind of strange to just have small pieces of a sheet mask on my face, but they did hydrate my skin where they were. There are two sheets of slices in the pack so you can cover your entire face if that is what you want to do. I kind of had to play some tetris on my face to try to make them all fit, my face isn’t exactly the largest in the world so i couldn’t get all of them on there at the same time.

It left my skin feeling soft and smooth and a bit cooled down so it was an enjoyable experience.


As you can see above, the slices are pretty big so i doubt anyone could really fit them all at the same time. On the packaging it demonstrates that you could use them on other parts of your body is you need some moisture, so that could also be a possibility.


  • Has a very gentle scent
  • Is easy to apply and remove
  • Gives a lot of moisture


  • A bit hard to remove from the sheet they come on
  • A bit hard to use them all up at once.

♥ Sweet Banana Mask

PicMonkey Collage

Along with many others, i have really come to love the convenience of sheet masks compared to traditional face masks. Sometimes i feel too lazy to go into the bathroom, apply the mask, wash my hands, wait for a while then rinse off the mask. It’s so much easier to just pull out a sheet mask, leave it on for a while, pull it off then massage in the excess serum.

20160725_153848This mask in particular is a moisturizing and very soft feeling mask. It contains banana and honey extracts and it smells exactly like banana candy. I love that kind of scent so for me it was kind of like heaven. It comes in a 3-pack so for me it’s good for at least three weeks, if i choose to use it once a week.

The sheet is very wet and it is kind of hard to unfold it because it’s so slippery but it’s worth it in the end. The mask is a bit too big for my face but as long as i folded the ends a bit, it was fine. It was comfortable to have on and i felt no discomfort whatsoever. It is a very cheap mask, a bit over four dollars for the 3-pack. You’re supposed to keep the mask on for 15-20 minutes, then massage in the excess serum.

All in all, i’m very pleased with this mask, it made my face feel refreshed, and the serum made my skin feel smooth after i had massaged it all away. It took a bit of time for my skin to absorb it though but that’s not the worst thing in the world. I also loved the smell, it was nice to have something fruity compared to the slightly chemical smell i have noticed in a lot of masks.


  • Very moisturizing
  • Smells great
  • Low price


  • A bit hard to unwrap
  • A bit too big for my face so it got a lot in my hair and made it greasy

♥ Sweet Peach Mask

PicMonkey Collage

Just like the Sweet banana sheet mask, this sheet mask is simply made to moisturize your face. When you open the packaging, it smells very sweetly of peaches, so the20160831_195106 name for it is pretty accurate!

The mask, like its brother, is excessively wet and i found that i had to let some of the serum drip off from it. If i had not done that, it would have been way too heavy on my face. When i tried putting on it would slowly slide downwards and it was not a great feeling.

Once it was ‘dry’ enough, i left it on my face for 20 minutes, which is the maximum time you’re supposed to keep it on for. It did the exact same thing as the banana mask so i think that with these, it just really depends on what scent you prefer since they are the same.

It’s by all means not a bad mask, i just found it slightly frustrating that they’re basically the exact same sheet mask. I shouldn’t have expected them to be different. There is a melon scented one but i don’t think i would end up trying that when i have several left of these and the banana scented ones.


  • Very moisturizing
  • Smells great
  • Low price


  • So wet that it’s too heavy to wear
  • A bit too large



Empties #1

October 26, 2016 — 10 Comments

I usually never think about keeping any empty containers, bottles or tubes because i always have to clean everything, so this has been hard to prepare for! The products will be listed from left to right, just so you can know which one I’m talking about.

20161008_220802_001De Bruyere – After sun milk
I received this in my Glossybox for July, and i used it up during the remaining days of the summer. It was really nice to apply after a long day out in the sun and it smelled great. Would i repurchase this? Most likely.

Schwarzkopf – BB 11 in 1 hair beautifier
This is a leave-in treatment for your hair! I did a review on it which you can read here.
Would i repurchase this? I don’t think so, it had a steep price.

Lush – Tea Tree Water
I go through quite a few bottles of this each year, it’s my favorite toner water, hands down! You can read a review for it here.
Would i repurchase this? Absolutely!

Calypso – SPF 30 lip balm
I use two of these every summer, i love it! It provides moisture, it keeps my lips protected, it’s not too expensive and it doesn’t have any particular taste to it so it’s perfect to wear whenever.
Would i repurchase this? Not this season, but definitely next summer.


L’Oreal – Color Riche Natural Blondes 235 Nude
This lipstick was great at first, a good nude for my lips, but eventually it got kind of oily when i applied it and it wouldn’t sit as well on my lips at all.
Would i repurchase this? Probably not.

A’PIEU – Banana Hand Cream
This was one of those products i didn’t know i needed in my life until i smelled it. I don’t know what it is with me and that banana candy-ish scent, but i absolutely love it in anything. The hand cream itself was pretty average, but the scent made it worth it for me.
Would i repurchase this? Maybe, if i get a craving for bananas again.

Hawaiian Tropic – Satin Protection sun cream
This is a lovely, tropic smelling sun cream that i got in a Glossybox! It’s quite a generous sample and it lasted me a long time, even if i was using it every day.
Would i repurchase this? Probably yes, next summer!

Lush – Santa’s Belly shower jelly
This is one of Lush’s seasonal products. I in particular purchased mine from the kitchen. I haven’t posted a review about it yet but it is scheduled.
Would i repurchase this? Maybe if i got a better batch.


What have you used up lately?