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I’m really bad when it comes to using up all of the leftovers I have, trying to not throw out any food that could still be eaten. I don’t know why, but I have pretty much never been creative when it comes to using it up. I mentioned in my February Goals post that I want to get better at using them up so here’s one of my attempts. At first it didn’t sound like a good idea to combine these, but it had just the right taste for me to enjoy it. Here’s what I did;

1) I used two vegetable stock cubes in a liter or two of water to make a yummy base to boil the noodles in. I love making broths because they always enhance the taste of pasta.


2) I found everything I wanted to use. Wok noodles, a mixture of brown rice and veggies, and a half full pack of Quorn ground ‘beef’. I don’t use a lot at a time, maybe a quarter of the bag or less, depending on how many I’m cooking for. I still have more of it left after this.


3) I combined the rice & veggies and the Quorn in a frying pan with a lot of vegetable based ‘butter’ to make sure it didn’t burn. By now it kinda smelled like a wok dish, that’s why I thought of adding in wok noodles to make it more like a dinner and not just a lunch dish.


4) After it was done I strained the noodles, I mixed some of the broth with a bit of ketchup and some spices because I didn’t have any sweet chili sauce left and poured it over everything. It didn’t taste bad. It wasn’t a proper wok dish, but it was close enough for me to enjoy it. I could see myself make this again, but with a proper sauce this time.


Are you doing well when it comes to using up leftovers? And do you have a classic dish you go for to ensure you do so? Let me know!

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A Really Easy No-Sew Tote

Lise —  May 26, 2017 — 1 Comment

There has been many times in my life where I have needed a bag to transport something in but I haven’t had any available. I have also had a surplus of tank tops that I stopped using so converting them into a temporary tote bag has been a good solution to both cutting down on using plastic bags and on throwing away fabric that I can reuse.

So basically, all you will need is a tank top (preferably one with a dense or stretchy kind of fabric that will not fray) and a pair of scissors, or anything else you can cut fabric with. If you want different handles or want to secure the edges you can sew around it, but that will cancel out the whole point of it being “no-sew”.


I had a long tank top that had a bit too small arm holes for me to be comfortable with using it so I decided to re-purpose it to show how I have done this. Usually I prefer a bit shorter tops because this length kinda makes it feel a bit awkward to use but it still works. Basically, you decide the length of it by cutting even slits into the bottom of the top.


Once that is done you have to decide on if you want the frills to be on the inside or outside. I prefer on the inside because it just isn’t my style to have them on the outside, but you can do it however you want! If you want them on the inside like I do, make sure to turn the top inside out before tying two and two pieces together, from opposing sides. Make sure to use double knots all the way to ensure that none of the knots will accidentally open when you have stuff in the tote.


After you have tied all the way across the bottom, hold onto each side and stretch the fabric a bit to see how big openings will appear in between the knots. If they are too big then you can always untie a few and re-tie them to ensure that nothing can fall through them. Once you’re happy with how secure it feels, turn it right side out again so that the frills are on the inside. The bottom has a fancy knotted pattern now and I think it looks pretty okay.


To make it feel more like a tote I cut the neckline deeper because the back part of the tank top was further up than the front and it didn’t really feel like it had handles to hold at all. If you want, you can use the fabric you cut off to add some more fabric to the handles, making them feel more sturdy.

So that was it! The no-sew method has been used for a lot of things over the years and it’s really handy when you are in a situation where you have no other options or tools to help you out. I like using this method to make smaller totes to use for buying fruits and veggies at the grocery store too so I can avoid using plastic bags. Have you made anything with the no-sew method before? 

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