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What is it?


The color sweeper is a tool that goes by many names and is produced by many brands. The one I purchased is made by Lab2 (Or lab squared I suppose since the 2 is supposed to be raised), and it was around £8. Basically it is a tin containing a rough sponge you can use to clean off any pigment on your brush so that you can immediately use the same brush on a new color. It does not actually clean your brush, it just removes the loose pigment that is left on the bristles so you won’t mix the colors. Some people have tried to argue that it does clean them but there is still color being left on the bristles so there’s no way that it’s true. So you should definitely still clean your brush even if you use this when you do your make up.

The rough sponge itself can also be cleaned. There is going to be residue from powder in the bottom of the tin that you should clean, and the sponge itself gets dirty from excessive use so I will definitely recommend to clean it regularly. You can just wash it with soap and water and then leave it to dry and use it again. Some people say you can turn the sponge upside down too, but with the pigment and powders gathering at the bottom of the tin I wouldn’t recommend that either, unless you haven’t used it too much yet.

How did it work?


For this experiment I decided to go for one of the darkest colors I could find, using a matte black from my I Heart Makeup Death By Chocolate palette, a great palette that Karalee got me for Christmas. It’s not the most pigmented black eye shadow but it shows up at least! I swatched it on my window sill because it’s the only proper white background I have, I didn’t have any paper available at the time.

On the right you can see the first swatch without using the color sweeper, then you see after using it once, and on the right you can see a very faint mark after using it twice. It does remove a lot of the pigment but I feel like you have to rub really hard against the sponge to properly get it out.


It does do a decent job and the pigment didn’t transfer into any of the lighter colors in the palette so it could be a useful tool if you are short on brushes and want to use multiple colors for your eye look. Just remember to give your brush(es) a proper clean now and then to avoid any eye infections and irritations and what not.

Have you used a product like this before? What did you think of it? I was actually interested in buying something like this after reading Michala’s review of a similar one because the concept of it intrigued me.

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The color sweeper is a tool that goes by many names and is produced by many brands. The one I purchased is made by Lab2 (Or lab squared I suppose since the 2 is supposed to be raised), and it was around £8. Basically it is a tin containing a rough sponge you can use to clean off any pigment on your brush so that you can immediately use the same brush on a new color.


Camilla Pihl Sheet Masks Review

Lise —  January 21, 2018 — 21 Comments

The Panda Mask


This is a sheet mask with a panda print on it. It is a very sturdy sheet, not fragile paper or anything like that so it is easy to unfold without ripping it. It does feel very heavy because of the quality material, and it is a little bit too large for my face. You can see it folding over below my nose and on my cheeks. It is slightly see through so I could see my eyebrows and they made me look super angry.

You’re supposed to leave the mask on for 10 minutes, then massage in the remains. Upon application, it felt a bit tingly and cool, I hadn’t stored it in any particularly cold places so it was a bit surprising. I didn’t feel any irritation while wearing it, and when I massaged in the remains, my skin absorbed almost all of it. The rest I just let dry on my skin before quickly cleansing it with some micellar water because it felt just a tiny bit tacky afterwards.  My skin loved it and I would be very inclined to buy it again when my skin needs a moisture boost.


The Tiger Mask


Like the Panda mask, this is a thick, heavy sheet mask. It was not as wide as the other, but rather too long. Even if it folded on my cheeks, it still was hanging too low to fit my mouth properly. I can’t handle when wet products touch my lips so it kinda grossed me out for a while. I managed to adjust it fairly well after a few tries but it was quite the hassle to get it right.

As with the others, you leave it on your skin for ten minutes for your skin to absorb most of the serum. This mask is brightening and not as moisturizing. It felt as if the package had more serum in it because the mask was very gloopy and sticky and it took my skin a long time to even absorb any of the serum. I ended up wiping a lot of it off with a cotton pad because my skin could not handle it. After a cleanse my skin felt super warm and almost swollen so I think there was something in it that I reacted to.. I haven’t been able to figure out just what it was. I would not buy this one again.

In conclusion, the Panda mask worked well, the Tiger mask did not. I would recommend the Panda mask if you have dry or combination skin and need a quick moisture fix.

Have you tried these masks before? What did you think of them? 

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What is it?

This is the second out of the three Clay gel cleansers that L’Oreal released this year. It is orange, so you can tell it will match the orange-y brown clay mask that was good for exfoliation. This is no different, as it is an exfoliating cleanser. It contains three different clays including Moroccan lava clay, just like the other two cleansers, and red algae. It is supposed to stimulate the skin and help with circulation and whatnot.  On their webpage it says it will “exfoliate and refine rough, clogged pores”. When looking at the ingredients, it has pretty much almost identical ingredients as its mask version.


How did it work for me?

First off, I was really put off by the color and consistency because it really looked nasty when you held it in your hand or rubbed it on your face. That is why I have no picture of it on my actual face because it’s just really, really awful to look at. Second, the exfoliation in it is a tiny bit rough. It says on the tube that it is for daily use but I honestly wouldn’t recommend that.


I have the cleansers in rotation where I use one of them each day, so I end up exfoliating every third day and that seems to work fairly well. When I did use it every day it made my skin feel worse and it made me break out here and there because it was too much. If your skin isn’t as sensitive as mine, it could probably work a lot better. I would recommend leaving it on your face for a bit too to let the clay work its magic, or exfoliate and then use one of the other clay masks to get an even better result. I love using this in combination with the black Glow mask.

This one doesn’t have the best scent, but it’s not the worst either, I think the green one wins, or loses that competition. I would recommend this if you want to give your skin a nice exfoliation, just don’t go overboard with it as it can be a bit rough.

Have you tried this cleanser before? Or the mask? What did you think about it? 

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The cutest little planters

Lise —  June 27, 2017 — 4 Comments


As 21st Century humans we can hardly take care of ourselves, never mind plants. What with the internet and trying to take the perfect selfie, our beloved greenery can often become neglected. Left on a windowsill to succumb to a slow death screaming ‘Feed me, Seymour!’

Luckily, these adorable Peropon Drinking Animal Planters need next to no attention whatsoever. You can reap the benefits of oxygen-giving, sweet smelling miniature plants without lifting a single digit. All it takes is a sip of their tongue and the plants on their backs fill with delicious nourishment. They’re completely self-sufficient, unlike those other pesky house plants…so needy.

Choose from four different ceramic critters, each with their own type of plant perched atop their sweet little heads. These stubby-legged pets are ready to brighten up your desk or window sill. Their chirpy faces seem to say everything is going to be alright.

(Product information taken from Firebox, as their description was the most entertaining)

As I was trawling through listings on Ebay quite a while ago, as I usually do when I have some time to kill, I stumbled upon these absolutely adorable Peropon drinking animal planters! I found a set of 4, they come with soil, a water bowl and seeds, and they water themselves by using a piece of felt. The seeds that they came with will grow wild strawberries, basil, peppermint and clover. I’m mostly looking forward to the wild strawberries and the peppermint, I think it will end up smelling so lovely! The planters come in 4 different animal shapes, a frog, a panda, a cat and a dog. They’re really easy to take care of since they’re pretty much self sufficient, all you have to do is just refill the water bowl now and then to make sure they won’t dry out. ( I almost wrote water bowel, wouldn’t have been quite the same!)


I have had mine for a week by the time this is posted, this progress picture above was taken after four days, so they do start growing fairly quickly. I kind of got the packets of seeds mixed up when I was planting them so I honestly have no idea which ones these were, they just might have been the wild strawberries! I could be wrong though, but I wouldn’t mind if this was the mint either, I love using dried mint and peppermint for teas and whatnot!

I think these would be great for anyone who wants to cultivate herbs but doesn’t have the garden for it, or just for those who would want a really cute decoration sitting in their window sill. If these grow well I would definitely consider purchasing duplicates just so I could have my own little herb animal army! (Plus it would mean that I would end up with even more wild strawberries! I have some in the garden but I don’t trust them to not have been soiled by slugs or free roaming animals.. The only downside of living in the countryside, really.)

Have you seen anything like these before? Alternatively, do you have these cute planters too? What do you think of them? 

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As I was trawling through listings on Ebay quite a while ago, as I usually do when I have some time to kill, I stumbled upon these absolutely adorable Peropon drinking animal planters! I found a set of 4, they come with soil, a water bowl and seeds, and they water themselves by using a piece of felt.

Allergy friendly mascara?

Lise —  June 26, 2017 — 6 Comments


I have been looking for a mascara that would work for sensitive eyes, and since I can’t find any Essence mascaras anywhere in stores where I live, I decided to go out to look for a different alternative. For about a year now I have been using the Eyes Right mascara from Lush, but I felt like I needed a somewhat cheaper alternative because that one dried out fairly quickly so repurchasing it was becoming an expensive habit. It was also a bit awkward to use because the wand was so short, so something new was definitely in order.

I always found that regular and waterproof mascaras always made my eyes itch, and they felt kind of swollen after a day of wearing them, so I went all mascara-less for quite some time until I found the one from Lush. Lately I have done the same just to give my eyes a break and I must admit, I felt kind of naked without it.


Its kind of weird how a coating of black on your lashes can make you feel better, but that’s how it is for me! I suppose it is because my lashes point downwards and are pretty much invisible without it so I enjoy having my eyes framed properly. This mascara in particular does a pretty good job! It doesn’t really keep my lashes looking curled all day, because in all  honesty, nothing can do that, but it holds up pretty well! It doesn’t smudge, because it is water resistant so you won’t have to worry about sweating it off during the summer! Here’s a few more details about the mascara, all taken from IsaDora’s website:

For extra sensitive eyes and short eye lashes
– Free from additives which, in extreme cases, may cause allergic reactions
– Special thin brush for sensitive eyes and short eye lashes
– Water-resistant
– Ophthalmologically tested
– For sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
Net content: 7 ml/.24 Fl.oz
Fragrance free. Clinically tested.

Not only is the mascara cheaper than Lush’s mascara, it also contains 2 ml more so I feel even better about saving money and getting more product! The thin brush is also a plus because it really helps with coating the lower lash line thoroughly without smearing mascara all over the place. The consistency is somewhere in the middle between wet and dry and I enjoy it a whole lot! It is also easy to layer if you prefer more bold lashes. I only have one coat on in the picture below, and you can see that is is quite pigmented and black. Even if you choose to go for two coats of mascara, it still feels very light weight and it’s so nice to use!


I’m really happy that I discovered it and I will definitely repurchase this when I run out, unless I find other amazing and hypoallergenic mascaras in the meantime while continuing to use up this tube. Do you have sensitive eyes? Or have you tried any mascaras that claim to be for sensitive eyes that worked for you? Please let me know so I can try them too.

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