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I received a sample of this clay mask from L’Oreal and it had enough for two (could have stretched it to three) uses and I was really happy with it! (Although it was sent to me for free, all of my opinions are my own.) I have tried their purifying clay mask before and I was very happy with the result from that so my expectations were high. I used a brush to apply it to my face and it went on in a thin, smooth layer. I think it has been the easiest application I have ever experienced with a clay mask and I truly enjoyed how it felt on my skin.

I noticed that the layer I had on dried fairly quickly but I decided to keep the mask on my face for the entire duration of the suggested time that was 10 minutes. It stiffened up my face like a clay mask would and I found it a bit uncomfortable because I couldn’t smile and I definitely couldn’t frown without it feeling like I was cracking my entire face up.

The mask contains charcoal and other detoxifying ingredients and I could see it attacking the blackheads on my nose, drying in small circles around them and it honestly felt a bit weird. My nose did look clearer when I washed it off though so it definitely must have done something to it. I would have showed a before and after picture but blackheads and all of that makes me feel all queasy and squeamish.

When I rinsed the mask off of my face, I was greeted with the softest feeling skin that I have ever felt in my whole life. My face felt like it was new and I was sad to have finished my second application already, definitely wanting more of this great mask. After using roughly 50 different kinds of sheet masks last year, I feel like this is the year of the clay mask for me and I am really glad I got to test this one out! I would definitely purchase this on my own if I am in need of a face mask in the future and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to give their face a good detox treatment.

Have you tried any of the clay masks from L’Oreal? What did you think of them?


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When it comes to skincare, I rarely change how I do it, but I like switching out the products and trying new brands or items from brands I already know. I have been using the same products for a long time so I thought it was time to switch things out and try some new things out. Here’s what I got and my first impressions of them.


♥ Simple – Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water

This is a micellar water cleanser, and I love to use these. I have been using one from Garnier but I felt like it was time for something new. The major difference for me was that this one actually had a scent, compared to the Garnier one which was practically unscented. It’s not terrible though, and it does make my skin feel just as cleansed and nice as the other one did. So I’ll give it a 9/10.

♥ Nivea – Soothing Toner For Dry Skin

This one was a bit weird! It totally smells like the Nivea body lotion I used before so it was odd to have that scent for a toner. It is soothing though, and my skin feels a bit more hydrated and not as tight after using it so it works well enough. I used to use a tea tree toner water so having something that isn’t actively combatting breakouts and spots feels a bit weird but so far I haven’t noticed any changes in my skin. I’ll give this a 8/10.

♥ L’Oreal – Hydra Genius Aloe Water

This is a slightly weird one! It’s not a water, it’s not a cream and it is not a gel. I guess it’s like those water creams you hear about in k-beauty, but it is a nice texture. It feels slightly cooling on the skin and it does make my skin feel really hydrated, so I like it a lot! It is light weight and it works nicely under make up as long as you give it a few minutes to dry first, of course. I’ll give this a 9/10.


♥ Korres – Wild Rose Sleeping Facial Night Cream

This is a very floral scented night cream. I’m not sure what I expected from the scent wild rose but I didn’t expect it to be so potent. It’s not terrible though, it’s just a bit stronger than what I am used to. It is a fairly thick night cream so I only use a little bit at a time to avoid my skin from feeling too greasy the morning after. It works pretty well! I’ll give this one a 8/10.

♥ Dove – Nutrium Moisture Shower Cream Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena Scent

I adore Dove shower creams and milks and this is no exception! It smells so sweet and fresh at the same time and it is very hydrating and soothing to use in the shower. The scent lingers for a while too so that is a plus! I think all Dove shower creams would get an automatic 10/10 from me, I haven’t encountered any bad ones yet.

I also received a sample with my order, which was for the First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser. I haven’t tried this yet since I am still getting used to the new products I’m using now, but I am very excited to give it a go after a while.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think about them? 

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A Natural way to Detoxify & Renew your Skin within a Few Minutes.

Refines Pores and Brightens, while keeping your skin Hydrated and Smooth. Helps to Balance your Skin’s pH for a Perfect Complexion. Skin becomes visibly Healthier, feels Energized and looks Plumper.


The Mudmasky Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask was a product that i received in t
he Glossybox for February. As most people can tell from what I have posted during my time here at this blog is that I’m a sucker for face masks. To start with, I was only in love with sheet masks because they were so convenient, but I soon realized that mud masks and the like is great too when I want to do a proper pamper session.

I had never heard of Mudmasky prior to receiving it in the box, so I went on their website to check out what they’re all about and I was very impressed. They have an extensive ingredients list with pictures and everything so it is easy for someone to look it up on their own. If you click on any of the pictures on the website you get taken to a text page instead that explains every ingredient, from what they are to why they are used in the mask. I think it is very good for a company to be so open about what they put in their products, it ups their credibility a lot!

Uten navn20170307_193121

After doing the research I decided that it was finally time to actually try the mask. It has three different lengths of time that it recommends for you to use, based on your skin type. If you have dry skin they recommend using it for 7 minutes, if you have normal skin they recommend using it for 9 minutes, and if you have oily skin they recommend 11 minutes.  I have dry to normal skin so i compromised and used it for 8 minutes.

When applying it, the consistency is very much like other mud masks, however they say to only use a thin layer. This also makes the tube last way longer, which is a plus because it has a very high price point. (its 79 Euros on their web page, which is approximately $73 dollars). During the initial application the mask feels a bit cooling on the skin, but when it starts drying (after a minute or two) it goes over to a tingly sensation, and it becomes very very tight on the skin. I could barely move my mouth to speak and it was a tiny bit uncomfortable.

When it comes to removing the mask, the packaging says to remove it with cold water, which is probably to further help with minimizing pores. It was uncomfortable at first since my skin felt weird from all of the tingling, but i quickly got used to it. It was fairly easy to wash off and it did exfoliate the skin a tiny bit during the process. After letting my face air dry, my skin felt soft and refreshed and i could almost see that my pores had become smaller. I have used the mask a few more times after the initial application and i am still very impressed with the result! Even if it does show good results, i still think the price is a bit high, but my final verdict is that it is worth it, if you can get your hands on it for a fair price.

Have you tried this mask before? What are your thoughts?



After ages of hearing both good and bad reviews about the infamous silisponge, i decided to just purchase a ‘knock-off’ version of it. I mainly did it because it’s pink, but also because then i wouldn’t feel bad about tossing it out if it sucked as bad as the reviews I have read.

The sponge is very soft and comfortable to hold, and like the reviews says, it’s smooth and wont absorb any product. The official videos for the sponge shows to dab like how you would use a make up sponge so that is how i used them. I decided to use a concealer that is a few shades too dark just to show you how it performed versus the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I used a thin line (on the right) for the silicone sponge, and a bit thicker (on the left) for the RT sponge, since those sponges are known for absorbing products and i wanted it to be fair.


I quickly started using the silicone sponge first so that the thinner line of concealer wouldn’t have any time to dry and i was initially impressed by the coverage it gave, as you can see in the picture below. However, i noticed that it just layered the concealer on top of the skin instead of blending it in, so it ended up looking very cakey and not nice at all.

With the RT sponge, i got a bit less coverage, but you can see that it blended in way more naturally since it’s not as visibly beige on the skin like how the result from the silicone sponge was.. So my verdict is that it’s definitely not worth the hype since it won’t blend the product into the skin as effortlessly as other sponges would. I could probably see it being great for stage make up, since it is kind of cakey anyways, but for an everyday look, i wouldn’t recommend it.


Have you tried the Silisponge or any of it’s knock-offs before?
What do you think about it? 



♥ Charcoal and pumice


Charcoal and pumice is a really thick mud mask full of nutritional and exfoliating ingredients. As it is quite thick, i would really recommend making sure your skin is wet before trying to apply this or else it would be really hard to spread it out properly. It has a dark grey color in the little pot but it shows up a lot lighter on the skin. I could easily get two uses out of this one because it’s so thick. They probably want you to apply it really thickly, but i found a thinner layer to be better and somewhat more beneficial. It also saves you money since you get to use it twice, not that they are all too expensive but it’s always nice to save.

You’re supposed to leave it on for about 10 to 20 minutes, but i honestly just left it on until it was dry, which took closer to 20 minutes. I’m sure it would dry faster if you use less water when applying it though. It made my skin feel firm and nice when it dried down and i thought it was fun to look at it as it cracked when i tried moving my face. I used a scrubbing brush to remove it from my face and it left my face feeling exfoliated and refreshed, i really enjoyed it and i would definitely recommend it for anyone with tired skin.

♥ Liquorice and sugar


This one interested me the most out of the three, mainly because I absolutely love the scent of licorice.  I thought it would kind of have the same muddy texture as the other two masks so that i could use it twice, but this one was more liquefied and I had to use the whole thing at once.  As you can see in the image below, it kind of looks like black tar in the little pot. The pot had been resting on its side in a woven basket of mine so that is why all of the product is gathered in a corner.

It was really easy to spread out on the face and it felt really light weight and nice. I noticed that it felt a bit abrasive when putting it on at first but that’s what it is meant to be! I left it on for 20~ish minutes, I had thrown away the packaging because they take up less space with just the pot, but most of them say somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes so i figured i would be safe with 20. When the time was up, i used my face scrubbing brush to remove it and it left my skin looking kind of red since it was so exfoliating on its own to begin with. The redness didn’t last for long though and my skin felt so soft and moisturized and i couldn’t see or feel any oiliness when I ran my hand over it like an hour later. I definitely recommend this one for those who want a gentle but good scrubbing to reduce the appearance of oils for a while.

♥ Dead Sea mud


This is another mud mask, and surprisingly enough it wasn’t as thick and chunky as the first one mentioned in this post. It definitely has a consitency quite like the L’oreal Purify Clay mask, and it is absolutely lovely! It feels a bit cold at first so it helps calm down your skin right away when you apply it. Like the other two masks, it has exfoliating properties. It’s by no means as rough as the others but it’s still there.

It says on the package that it is for combination skin and i would definitely agree with that! I had the mask on for about 20 minutes, and when i washed it off i could feel a teeny tiny bit of oiliness so I don’t think this would be right for oily skin at all because it nourishes the skin so much. I didn’t use my scrubbing brush for this one, just water and a washing cloth so that could be why i could feel some oiliness here and there. But it is a nice mask for when your skin needs a bit of love and care, so i would definitely recommend this one too!


Have you tried any of the H&M face masks? What do you think of them?