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I have been listening to a lot of podcasts lately. I had never really explored the podcast section of spotify, and the only podcast I have really followed before is Off Topic, by Achievement Hunter. I was in need of more entertainment, and after a brief search, I found quite a few that I started listening to. Most of them are on fucked up subjects. I tend to get fascinated by the psychology behind certain things. Listener’s discretion is advised for the four middle ones, and certain episodes of Astonishing Legends, because they can be quite graphic in their details. (i.e mentions of drugs, child abuse, murder and so on).

Astonishing Legends


Scott & Forrest have been called the ‘Click and Clack of esoterica’ by their listeners. Their mission is to take a look at legendary strange and unusual events from throughout history and interview people who’ve had close encounters with the unexplained. They strive to bring you everything that’s entertaining about those stories and remind you that it’s ok to laugh at scary stories and respectfully, even the people that tell them. Put your headphones on, settle in for your commute and get ready to experience a show like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

This is one of the ones I most recently stumbled upon, and I was hooked within minutes of listening. They are great story tellers and they touch upon anything and everything and make it seem like the most interesting thing in the world. It’s a lot about paranormal stuff, a lot about death, unsolved mysteries and whatnot. You can listen to it here, or on Spotify.



Mystery. Manipulation. Murder. Cults are associated with all of these. But what really goes on inside a cult? More specifically, what goes on inside the minds of people who join cults and leaders who start them? Every Tuesday, Greg and Vanessa explore the history and psychology behind the most notorious cults.

Cults is a podcast that talks about, you guessed it, cults! It has touched on cults like The Nuwaubian Nation, The People’s Temple, The Branch Davidians, Aum Shinrikyo, The Family, Heavens Gate and more. It’s so interesting to hear about what happens behind clsoed walls, and what would drive someone to start a cult and abusing people. If you’re very sensitive to touchy subjects, I wouldn’t recommend  listening to this. If you do want to, you can listen to it here, or on Spotify.



You think you know the story…But do you really? Every other Saturday, Tales presents ancient fairy tales the way they were originally told: orally, and unadulterated.

Tales is a podcast where the host, Vanessa, talks about fairy tales, but in their original form. Not the kid friendly versions we have grown up to know, but the horrifying original tales. It’s crazy to see how much they have been altered over the years. You can listen to it here, or on Spotify.

Serial Killers


Every Monday, Serial Killers takes a psychological and entertaining approach to provide a rare glimpse into the mind, methods and madness of the most notorious serial killers with the hopes of better understanding their psychological profile. With the help of real recordings and voice actors, we delve deep into their lives and stories.

This one is the same format as cults, giving an insight into the psychology of serial killers and their lives. It’s also hosted by the same people, so if you enjoy listening to cults, you will definitely like this one too! It has episodes about a lot of people, including Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and Elizabeth Bathory. You can listen to it here, or on Spotify.

Haunted places


You’ve heard of haunted houses, haunted cemeteries, haunted islands…but do you know how a normal place can become paranormal minefield? Every haunted place on earth has a frightening, real backstory. Greg (Co-Host of Serial Killers and Cults) takes you on an audio tour of a new haunted place, and it’s haunted history, every episode. Spooky legends, weird histories, and tales of the supernatural… Listen at your own risk.

This one is about haunted places around the world. It talks about the stories of the place, the legends, what people think really happened and it includes some dramatization just to make it even more creepy. I both love and hate this podcast at the same time because it creeps me out but it’s also very interesting. You can listen to it here, or on Spotify.

Flash Forward


Flash Forward is a podcast about the future. Each episode we take on a possible (or not so possible) future scenario — everything from the existence of artificial wombs, to what would happen if space pirates dragged a second moon to Earth.

This podcast is about hypothetical scenarios about our future. The host reaches out to experts in different fields and talk about hypothetical situations, as mentioned in the description, it could be anything from having two moons to not needing women for procreation anymore. It’s very interesting. You can listen to it here, or on Spotify.

Do you listen to any podcasts? What is your favorite one?

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I have been listening to a lot of podcasts lately. I had never really explored the podcast section of spotify, and the only podcast I have really followed before is Off Topic, by Achievement Hunter. I was in need of more entertainment, and after a brief search, I found quite a few that I started listening to.



March 2018 Goals

Lise —  March 1, 2018 — 10 Comments


Let’s first look at February’s goals. I had a few I wanted to complete, or improve on. First one was to exercise more. I don’t know if it was more as in more intense, but I did do yoga every day. I was on sick leave for half of February already because of an issue with my leg so wasn’t much else I could do. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to work out too much more in March if I’m gonna go through some medical procedures, and my sick leave got extended until at least 18th of March.

The second was to read more. I finished a book, at least! And started a couple more. I have mostly worked on my blog this month, making pinterest graphics and cleaning up/deleting old posts I haven’t been happy with. This month I’ll aim to maybe finish two books? Double my score, right? If I don’t succeed, at least I have tried! Any pages read is an improvement anyways.

Then we had this one, which was to apply for a bachelor’s program. I did! So now I just have to wait until July when they sent out responses to all of the applications. Going to be a long and dreadful wait.

I was very pleased to complete most of my goals for the previous month. This month isn’t as eventful, sadly. Lot’s of medical stuff.

Undergo surgery. I have an 18 year old permanent injury in my leg with a chronic open wound. They’ve finally decided that I should get surgery to try to close the wound for good, hopefully I’ll be able to do so in March to get it over with. Would save me lots of money on medical supplies. And it would save a lot of pain and stress over treating the wound, it takes up a lot of my time and hinders me from doing a lot of things.

Prepare for uni life. I applied for a “International communication and translation” course, so I need to brush up on my English grammar and whatnot. I’m glad I kept my old textbooks because they will be very helpful. I have been reading through them and doing the exercises now and then for the past few weeks and I hope I can continue at the same pace. I really hope I’ll get accepted into uni, I really need it now.

Image result for university gif

Save at least a little bit of money. I always try my best to save, but with a lot of unexpected expenses it can be difficult. I will try my best to stay in the black and not in the red though, having debt is the worst feeling.

This month’s goals post is short, but sweet. Do you have any goals for this month? Or any resolutions you have succeeded at yet? 

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Let's first look at February's goals. I had a few I wanted to complete, or improve on. First one was to exercise more. I don't know if it was more as in more intense, but I did do yoga every day. I was on sick leave for half of February already because of an issue with my leg so wasn't much else I could do.


5 lists of 5 things

Lise —  February 17, 2018 — 12 Comments

This is taken from Lisa’s “Endless blog challenge” series, you can find this weeks post about it by clicking here.

5 things I often say

“Uhm….” (Whenever I am in an awkward situation, which happens too often.)

“Welcome to the yellow pages, what do you need?” (My parents always call me to figure out where places they deliver to are, they don’t know how to use google maps on their phones…)

“Who’s my sweet little boy?” (Whenever I talk to one of my cats)

“Helvete” (Basically ‘Hell’)

“No.” (For whenever I am asked to do something ridiculous.)


5 things I often think

“If you don’t walk any faster I’m gonna hurt you”

“If I have to speak to one more person today I’m gonna flip”

“How can a cat be so cute when it sleeps?”

“Do I really need to eat?”



5 things I dream about at night

About post-apocalyptic scenarios

About dying

About having magical powers

About games I’ve played

About living out alternate lives

5 things I order abroad

Groceries from England


Art prints

Occasionally Make up


5 things I wish would happen before the end of the year

Getting accepted into a Bachelor’s program

Have my own place to live

Get a better life

Lose some weight

That’s pretty much it.


What would your lists look like? 

A day of self reflection

Lise —  November 23, 2017 — 5 Comments

This was an interesting day. We woke up to a lot of snow here in little old Norway, as you can see in the picture below. It made me dread going out for the day because no matter how prepared the snowplow people seem to be, they can never stay on top of keeping the roads driveable. Today was no different.


I really wanted to just stay at home and not deal with the snow but I had to go do some Self management coursework. The course is in ten parts, each focusing on different things you can improve in your work place. This includes things like time management, finding your strengths and weaknesses, figuring out what gives you the best “flow” at work (through challenging yourself and making sure you do things at your required level of difficulty) and other things that can be relevant for you. I think it’s really interesting to put things in perspective, figure out just what it is that I do and figuring how to do it better. The course is all about finding your strengths and making them better instead of focusing on what you’re not good at.


Half way through I was treated to lunch by my work consultant and I opted for a vegan meal. I just put together an easy salad at the salad bar, and the chefs had made focaccia bread and it was so juicy and good. I definitely won’t mind having that next time I have to attend more coursework stuff.


I feel like I learned a lot, although I’m only halfway through the course, but I’m also looking forward to doing the rest and learning more skills I can put to use in a future work situation. It is of course helpful during my work experience program too since I am in an actual workplace, I’m just paid by the state while I’m there instead of the actual employer. Either way, any chance of self reflection is a good one, don’t you think?

Have you learned anything new lately? 

A very (n)ice cream.

Lise —  November 8, 2017 — 12 Comments

Nice cream? What?

One of my favorite discoveries this year is Nice cream. Nice cream is basically the vegan version of ice cream and it can be made with as little as just one ingredient. All you need is some frozen banana and that’s pretty much it! You can add in any kind of extra ingredients that you want. Some popular varieties include peanut butter, pineapple or chocolate chips.


I prefer to eat mine plain, simply because I love the taste of bananas, or now and then I add in some peanuts. Something to remember though is that you should use very ripe bananas to make the mashing process easier, and cutting it up in smaller pieces before freezing them. I use a hand mixer to make it but using a blender or a nutribullet kind of thing could work well too. Just blend it into your preferred consistency and transfer it to portion sized boxes or whatever kind of container you want to keep them in. You can put it in the freezer for about an hour after making it for a better consistency or just leave it in there and thaw it later on when you want to eat it.


I love Nice cream because it has so many options for customization, its totally dairy free and pretty much anyone could eat it, unless you’re allergic to bananas of course. It’s also very easy to make, and it takes just a few minutes to use the hand mixer or blender. The most time consuming part is waiting for the bananas to become frozen. Have you tried Nice cream before? What did you think of it? 

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