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Weekend highlights? I don’t know why I added this in because I never do anything special over the weekends. I do pretty much the same as always apart from going to work experience schedule.s This weekend I went for a walk, I cleaned the house, I did laundry, I took out the trash.. cuddled with the cats.. Read books.. worked out. Also been scouring the Lush websites, there wasn’t much from the Halloween and Christmas ranges that interested me, just mainly these few things:

Sugar plum fairy lip scrub, Mystic knot wrap and Bûche de noël fresh cleanser. 

3 things out of what? 40? It’s crazy how uninterested I have become in many of their things. Plus I don’t have a bath tub so none of the bath products are relevant to me. Oh well, I guess this went from being a weekends highlight post to ranting about Lush. I guess it will be my way to compensate for not having much to talk about.

I did find something interesting over the weekend though, a compilation video of 2000’s songs. Been ages since I last listened to any of them. It’s funny to see how much I remember of the lyrics too.

What have you done over the weekend?


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