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  1. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water – Garnier’s “regular” micellar water that works like a dream. It has no scent, removes even stubborn, waterproof mascara and it makes my skin feel really clean! Maybe not as soft as it’s oil-infused brother mentioned further down, but it’s still nice! I just finished a bottle, and I will definitely repurchase once I’ve used the other ones in my stash.
  2. Simple Micellar Cleansing Water – This is another good micellar water! It has a bit of a weird scent to it but it does its job and leaves my skin feeling good! It’s also the cheapest option I have in drugstores here so that is nice.
  3. Lush Tea Tree Water Toner – When I first purchased this I used it for all over the face, but I found that it works better as kind of a spot treatment. I use it on days when my skin needs a bit of TLC or if I have breakouts that need attention. It’s really soothing on irritated skin and I love using it. It is a bit pricey, but when I use so little at a time it lasts for quite a while.
  4. L’Oreal Age Perfect Toner – A toner made for mature skin (but it works really well for me too!), and it is enriched with vitamin C! It makes my skin feel rejuvenated and fresh and I enjoy it a lot.
  5. Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water – This one is like an enhanced version of the regular Micellar water, containing nourishing oils that helps remove make up and any dirt from your face. It always leaves my face feeling soft and clean. I also think its fun to just shake the bottle up and watch as the oil and water separates again.

What would be on your top 5?

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Lise —  November 5, 2016 — 5 Comments

Disclaimer; Norway’s Glossybox might differ a bit from, for example, the american ones. We are very particular about products and everything apparently needs to be made for Nordic hair and skin and whatnot. Luckily we get products to try that we don’t necessarily see in stores here all the time. I’ve heard about a couple of the brands, mainly from watching other Glossybox unboxing videos. I also pay for the boxes out of my own pocket, so this post is not sponsored in any way.


This month’s box is actually designed by a glossybox subscriber and i think that it looks pretty cool! It has this gorgeous art print on it, and this months theme is ‘Be bold’.



At first glance I’m slightly disappointed because of the cleansing wipes and the bottle of hand sanitizer because those i usually buy for really cheap anyways, I guess they’re handy to have. But i think it’s too early to judge the box as a whole just like that.


Glam of Sweden – Micellar extra-gentle cleansing wipes.
If this was a full sized product i would be happy about it, because micellar wipes are so hecking expensive here. But sadly its just a tiny pack of five, i guess it’s useful to bring with me.

This is a sample size and it is worth ~10 NOK /  ~$1


Merci Handy – Hand cleansing gel
This is a hand sanitizer and at first sniff it just smells like alcohol. The scent is just called ‘new wave’ and i can’t really recognize what it is. I would have loved to receive their Black Vanilla scent instead but this will do.

This is a full sized product and it is worth 29 NOK / ~$3.50


Minus 417 – Foot nourishing cream
This is a moisturizing, thick cream for your feet. It is full of good butters and whatnot and it smells really musky and nice! I really like it.

This is a 50 ml sample size, the full size is 100ml. the full size is worth 145 NOK / ~$17.50


Trifle Cosmetics – Lip Parfait Buttery Lip Cream in Nude Rose.
This is a vegan lipstick that comes in a pretty, nude shade. It was a bit too light for me and it just looked like my lips had disappeared so i passed this product on to my sister.

This is a full sized product and it is worth 165 NOK / ~$20


Unani – Illuminating milk cleanser
This is the product i was the most excited about.. I had read reviews on it on many blogs and it sounded almost too good to be true, but it really wasn’t! I’ll post a review about it at a later time.

This is a full sized product and it is worth 159 NOK / ~$19


If all of the products were full sized, the total value for the box would have been 527 NOK / ~$64, which is pretty good since the box “only” costs 179 NOK / ~$21. There isn’t too much to deduct from the total when it comes to the sample values, so I’m happy with the box


Do you subscribe to any boxes?