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5 lists of 5 things

Lise —  February 17, 2018 — 12 Comments

This is taken from Lisa’s “Endless blog challenge” series, you can find this weeks post about it by clicking here.

5 things I often say

“Uhm….” (Whenever I am in an awkward situation, which happens too often.)

“Welcome to the yellow pages, what do you need?” (My parents always call me to figure out where places they deliver to are, they don’t know how to use google maps on their phones…)

“Who’s my sweet little boy?” (Whenever I talk to one of my cats)

“Helvete” (Basically ‘Hell’)

“No.” (For whenever I am asked to do something ridiculous.)


5 things I often think

“If you don’t walk any faster I’m gonna hurt you”

“If I have to speak to one more person today I’m gonna flip”

“How can a cat be so cute when it sleeps?”

“Do I really need to eat?”



5 things I dream about at night

About post-apocalyptic scenarios

About dying

About having magical powers

About games I’ve played

About living out alternate lives

5 things I order abroad

Groceries from England


Art prints

Occasionally Make up


5 things I wish would happen before the end of the year

Getting accepted into a Bachelor’s program

Have my own place to live

Get a better life

Lose some weight

That’s pretty much it.


What would your lists look like? 


Preparing for the holidays?

Lise —  November 6, 2017 — 1 Comment


For many, me included, Christmas is the most stressful time of the year. It feels like no matter what you do to prepare, it is never enough, or you always end up forgetting something vital. I try my best to write lists, to plan what I need to do down to every detail, but even then I still end up forgetting something I shouldn’t.  Anyways, I wanted to share some of the type of lists I make and pretty much reuse year after year, just changing some minor details to make it work.

One: Christmas gift list

I write down all of the people I give gifts or other things to, whether it’s the full on Christmas gifts or acquaintances that I send Christmas cards to. I have columns for names, if its gifts or cards, what I did or will buy for them and the estimated price. I sum everything up at the bottom to make sure it’s still affordable and so that I can put aside the right amount of money for it. I always try not to go overboard, and I keep previous lists to make sure I dont end up giving them something I already have. Some things are convenient to receive again, but most gifts are like a one-time-thing.

Two: Gift supplies

I always need to have cute wrapping paper, cute ribbons to make bows with, tape, a good pair of scissors, small greeting cards to put on the wrapped gifts and glitter if needed. I always want gifts to look really neat, but also cozy and hand wrapped at the same time, if you get what I mean. I don’t think it would be as nice if it looked as if a machine had wrapped it for you, it kinda needs to show that you did it yourself. I have a list with everything I need that I keep in my wallet during the holidays so I can always remember to purchase what I need if I run out of it.

Three: Food stuff

Preparing for a Christmas feast is never easy. Everyone wants different things to drink, not everyone wants the same food. Some people are vegetarian, some have food allergies, some are just picky and the list goes on. Reaching out to those who will join you for your Christmas dinner to get to know their dietary needs is very important! I have experienced before that I have been invited to a dinner, and when the day comes, they haven’t taken into count that I can’t have soy or dairy even if I have told them. It’s not fun for them, and not fun for me so I try to lead with a good example when I am the host. After food and drinks comes dessert, what would be appropriate to serve after such a heavy dinner? I tend to serve some sort of fruit cocktail and a whipped cream of sorts, it’s light enough that people will want to eat it. I also have a lot of different types of Christmas cookies that they can help themselves to whenever.
I have a basic list of items I will generally need that I reuse from year to year. New people aren’t often added to the dinner parties so the content of the list rarely changes. It’s more likely for someone to pass away than to be added in.

And that’s basically the three most important categories for me during the holidays. The fourth would probably be clothing, since I always want to look my best. I’m not too big of a fan of flashy clothing but it should look neat at least.

How do you deal with holiday preparations? Do you wait until last minute or are you planning ahead?