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Preparing for the holidays?

Lise —  November 6, 2017 — 1 Comment


For many, me included, Christmas is the most stressful time of the year. It feels like no matter what you do to prepare, it is never enough, or you always end up forgetting something vital. I try my best to write lists, to plan what I need to do down to every detail, but even then I still end up forgetting something I shouldn’t.  Anyways, I wanted to share some of the type of lists I make and pretty much reuse year after year, just changing some minor details to make it work.

One: Christmas gift list

I write down all of the people I give gifts or other things to, whether it’s the full on Christmas gifts or acquaintances that I send Christmas cards to. I have columns for names, if its gifts or cards, what I did or will buy for them and the estimated price. I sum everything up at the bottom to make sure it’s still affordable and so that I can put aside the right amount of money for it. I always try not to go overboard, and I keep previous lists to make sure I dont end up giving them something I already have. Some things are convenient to receive again, but most gifts are like a one-time-thing.

Two: Gift supplies

I always need to have cute wrapping paper, cute ribbons to make bows with, tape, a good pair of scissors, small greeting cards to put on the wrapped gifts and glitter if needed. I always want gifts to look really neat, but also cozy and hand wrapped at the same time, if you get what I mean. I don’t think it would be as nice if it looked as if a machine had wrapped it for you, it kinda needs to show that you did it yourself. I have a list with everything I need that I keep in my wallet during the holidays so I can always remember to purchase what I need if I run out of it.

Three: Food stuff

Preparing for a Christmas feast is never easy. Everyone wants different things to drink, not everyone wants the same food. Some people are vegetarian, some have food allergies, some are just picky and the list goes on. Reaching out to those who will join you for your Christmas dinner to get to know their dietary needs is very important! I have experienced before that I have been invited to a dinner, and when the day comes, they haven’t taken into count that I can’t have soy or dairy even if I have told them. It’s not fun for them, and not fun for me so I try to lead with a good example when I am the host. After food and drinks comes dessert, what would be appropriate to serve after such a heavy dinner? I tend to serve some sort of fruit cocktail and a whipped cream of sorts, it’s light enough that people will want to eat it. I also have a lot of different types of Christmas cookies that they can help themselves to whenever.
I have a basic list of items I will generally need that I reuse from year to year. New people aren’t often added to the dinner parties so the content of the list rarely changes. It’s more likely for someone to pass away than to be added in.

And that’s basically the three most important categories for me during the holidays. The fourth would probably be clothing, since I always want to look my best. I’m not too big of a fan of flashy clothing but it should look neat at least.

How do you deal with holiday preparations? Do you wait until last minute or are you planning ahead? 


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So, today is my 26th birthday! Time flies by so fast, it feels like I turned 18 just yesterday. I have seen many posts like these and I think they are all so interesting, so I wanted to try to do one myself! Here we go;

  1. No matter what happens, time will keep moving so it’s better to look ahead than get hung up on the past.
  2. The tiny pocket in our jeans was made for pocket watches.
  3. There’s no real reason as to why the alphabet is in the order it is.
  4. Cats do in fact not have nine lives, though I believed that for many years.
  5. You can never be prepared for a break up, even if it is your decision.
  6. You can rarely trust anyone but yourself.
  7. If you are slightly colorblind when it comes to blue and yellow, playing guitar hero is really difficult.
  8. You will only be as old as you feel.
  9. It’s not really that important to have a relationship, you can do just as fine on your own.
  10. Travel whenever you can, it’s better to buy experiences.
  11. Whatever you do to others, they will do to you, whether it’s being nice or nasty.
  12. Always keep copies of important documents.
  13. Keep your receipts, you never know when you will need them or if something will need to be brought back.
  14. Never keep your phone in loose pockets.
  15. Lactic acid has nothing to do with dairy.
  16. If you speak a second language enough, you’ll slowly lose your knowledge of your first language.
  17. Reading books truly helps your writing.
  18. Our phones are advanced enough to take great photos, there isn’t always a need for investing in cameras.
  19. Succulents can be both easy and difficult to care for depending on if they have the same watering schedules.
  20. Cats make everything so dusty.
  21. Never cut contact with all of your peers just because you enter a relationship. If it ends, you have no one.
  22. Don’t let hate or rumors get to you, you know the truth.
  23. It’s okay to be negative, or to feel down. We all experience emotions, good or bad.
  24. It’s okay to start over, with school, with work, with anything.
  25. You’ll never truly know what you want to do with your life.
  26. Never take anything for granted.

That was the first twenty six things that came to mind! Do you have anything you have learned over the years that you have lived?

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August goals

Lise —  August 11, 2017 — 28 Comments


Find a new job. Hopefully one where I can accommodate my injuries, and one where I actually feel comfortable working at. I have had a lot of bad work experiences through the years so I feel like it should be my time soon to have a job that I enjoy. I also hate being unemployed, having nothing really useful to do, it’s slowly but surely driving me crazy.

Finish reading what is on my ‘currently reading’ list on Goodreads. I have five books there now that I need to finish, it’s a bad habit of mine to just start reading a lot of books and never finishing them. Here’s my current list:

  • Hannibal by Mirko Jelusich
  • The Calling by David Gaider
  • Daughter of the Drow by Elaine Cunningham
  • Stars above by Marissa Meyer
  • American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Make more health-conscious choices. I need to stop saying yes to soda, need to stop buying snacks. Need to stop buying candy. I need to drink more water, more tea and less sugary stuff. I need to make more food from scratch instead of settling for processed or ready made meals.

Work out at least every other day. I’ve been good at working out but sometimes I feel like I’m too tired, even though I know I should push myself through it. I’ve at least been working out around 3 times a week, but it needs to be more. With every other day it would be about 4 times a week, which is better than just three.

Spend as little as possible to preserve what money I have in my savings account. Now that I’m unemployed and don’t have a steady income, I really need to save as much as I can to avoid running out of money. It is difficult when you have bills to pay and food to buy, and you can’t make any unnecessary purchases. There’s so much that I want to buy that I cant, and it sucks.

What are your goals for August?

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This post is mostly meant to be humorous, especially the cons, so just take it with a grain of salt. This is not set in stone, not everyone  have the same experiences, and if you have something that you feel would fit in with this, feel free to let me know in the comments.


  • The first point should be that blogging is really easy! All you have to do is register on a blogging platform, write down a post, publish it and voila! You’re a blogger now, welcome to our little world. Blogging can be done by pretty much anyone, you just have to at least somewhat enjoy writing content.
  • You get to meet some really lovely people in the blog community! I feel like some of the people I have met on here are more reliable that people I know outside of the internet. This was truly shown when I returned from my blogging break and everything was still the same way as before I left.
  • You always feel inspired from reading other bloggers amazing posts! There is an abundance of great posts from other people out there just waiting to be discovered by you.
  • You have a medium where you know you will be heard. There will always be someone reading your post, sometimes you get comments in return and it really helps knowing that you have someone to vent to whenever you need it.
  • You can write about pretty much everything. There is a niche for just about anything in the world, so restricting yourself to something you think will be popular shouldn’t be the way to go about it. Write about what you love and you will find an audience regardless.
  • You get to improve your writing and your photography skills. With every word you write and every picture you take you will constantly improve! Unless you are one of those rare cases, one that is haunted by failure.
  • You can find reviews and recommendations all on one website! Instead of having to go on multiple websites to find what you want to see reviews for, you can just search for reviews that has been posted by the community.
  • You can design your blog almost exactly how you want it to be! This isn’t necessarily a free option, but the paid services aren’t that expensive if you break it down to see how much it would be in monthly payments.
  • Blogging can be a good source of extra income. If your blog does well, or if you purchase a premium plan, you get access to WordAds which can garner revenue.



  • You always see new and cool products that you just have to purchase. This is quite an expensive habit and I really wish I wasn’t so easily affected.
  • You sometimes feel envious of how well others write, or how beautiful their pictures are while you struggle to reach the same kind of quality yourself. It is always possible to improve though.
  • You might spend a bit too much time online compared to what you expected since there’s so many great blogs to read.
  • Sometimes it can be hard to get visits too your blog, a lot of people advice to post every day, something that can be difficult for a lot of people, especially those who prefer quality over quantity. But if you can combine both then you should be good.
  • It can be a bit disheartening to see a newer blog gain followers faster than you do. I know a few people who has stopped blogging because of this and it’s quite saddening.


Uten navn

  1. How good melons taste! I always try to keep my fridge stocked with various types of melons, preferably watermelon and a variety called Piel de Sapo, they’re even better when they’re chilled! I love that watermelons helps with keeping you staying hydrated too so it’s really a win-win situation to snack on them in the summer heat.
  2. Coconut scented everything! Tropical scents and summer goes together like… well.. I couldn’t think of a good comparison, but a coconut-y tropical scent is like peak summer for me. I have a tropical scented sunscreen and I love that it makes me smell so good instead of that standard sunscreen scent.
  3. A cool breeze on a hot day. Nothing feels better than a cool breeze when you’re feeling really hot. Finally getting a break from the heat when the shade just isn’t enough feels amazing.
  4. Bonfires on the beach. It’s not allowed to have any bonfires in the woods here during the summer so resorting to having it on the beach is a great alternative, honestly. Just sitting there in our beach chairs, having marshmallows, hotdogs, cold beers and whatnot, it’s amazing.
  5. Being able to stay outside overnight without freezing. During autumn and winter, it’s not really possible to stay out during the night at all, it gets way too cold. I love being outside and looking up at the sky, mostly because I live in the countryside and we have little to none light pollution so I get to see a lot of stars.

What are your favorite things about summer?

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