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What is it?

None of your beeswax is a lip balm that is vegan and completely free from Beeswax, just like the name says. It smells like lemons, vanilla and mandarin and it is really lovely. Instead of using beeswax, it’s based on various butters and oils, and Japan Wax, which is plant based. The balm comes in a small metal tin, and it’s best applied with your fingertips. The balm is hard at first, but because of the different butters in it, it softens and melts at body temperature, and it makes it easy to apply to the lips. If you don’t want to stick your fingers into the tin, you could use a lip brush to apply it too, no problem.


How does it work?

I have mostly used lip balms based on petroleum/Vaseline in my life, so using one that is not felt weird to me at first. It can feel very oily on your lips, whereas other balms kind of create a waxy barrier, this one just provides moisture and a slight slip. It got absorbed pretty quickly, I assume it’s because my lips are always dry during the winter and need plenty of moisture. It can get a bit frustrating to apply more all the time but it does help a lot.

I think it would be way easier to use if it was in a regular lip balm tube instead of a tin.. I have never been a fan of the tin because of hygienic reasons, it doesn’t feel good to me to stick my fingers into it every time I’m applying it. I usually use a clean lip brush if I have it available, but if I don’t have one nearby, I’ll just make sure to wash my hands and use an anti-bacterial hand gel before applying the balm. I don’t think everyone else has the same thoughts as I, but you can never be too clean when you’re applying something to the skin.

The lip balm is fairly long lasting. I received mine for my birthday back in August, and I have used about half of it. I rotate between three balms, this one, a Vaseline rose scented one and a tube of Carmex lip balm, depending on how cold it is outside. The colder it is, the more Vaseline I choose to create a protective barrier.


All in all, it’s a good lip balm, it’s vegan if that’s what you’re after, and it lasts for a long time. I just wish it was in a different format as I’m not a big fan of the tins. Have you tried this balm before? Or any of the others that Lush has to offer?

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None of your beeswax is a lip balm that is vegan and completely free from Beeswax, just like the name says. It smells like lemons, vanilla and mandarin and it is really lovely. Instead of using beeswax, it's based on various butters and oils, and Japan Wax, which is plant based. The balm comes in a small metal tin, and it's best applied with your fingertips.


February 2018 favorites

Lise —  February 27, 2018 — 21 Comments

♥ Vaseline Rosy Lips Lip Therapy


This lip balm has been my savior this winter. It smells lovely like rose, it has a very faint pink tint and it leaves my lips feeling safe from the cold winter weather. A lot of people say vaseline products do nothing to moisturize lips, but they do form a protective layer when I’m out in the cold. I love this one because it feels great on the lips, not too sticky nor too dry.

♥ Organic Circle Deo Roll-On


Whenever I purchase deodorants, the main requirement is that they’re aluminum free, and this one is! It doesn’t have much of a scent, but it does eliminate odors so I guess it’s a win either way? I think it works great and it it’s not rough on the skin at all.



This is part of Maybelline’s metallics line and I’m so in love. It’s not quite red, not quite purple but a good mixture of both and pretty much the perfect shade for me. It’s super creamy and is very easy to apply. The lighting in my room makes it look slightly patchy but I can promise you that it’s not really! It doesn’t stay on too long and it’s not transfer proof, but it is very pretty so it makes up for it.



This one is also in Maybelline’s metallics line. It’s a gorgeous gunmetal, blue-ish shade. It’s surprisingly not patchy and I only needed to go over it once to make it full opacity. In the bullet it looks almost black, but on the lips it has more of a blue tint to it. It’s about as long lasting as the other one and I love this one too. It’s not as wearable for every day but I will get some use out of it.

♥ Fightstar – Overdrive



That’s what I’ve been loving this month! What are your favorites for February?

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Kopi av Kopi av Kopi av monthly faves

I noticed it had been a while since I last did a Top 5 (June 30th, wow!), so I figured it was time for one! I did a post on my favorite lip products last summer (probably one earlier this year too), and it has changed a bit since then so a new one was in order! Feel free to share your favorite products in the comments, I’d really like to read about them ♥

  1. Maybelline – Galactic Mauve LipstickLook at how little I have left of it! I rarely ever finish a lipstick, but I have been using this one almost every day since I purchased it. Luckily I’m still as in love with it now as I was back then. I have two other varieties of mauve shades I have to finish before I’m going to repurchase this, but it will definitely be repurchased in the future.


  2. NYX – Devil’s Food Cake Butter Gloss This is honestly a gloss that I probably never will tire of. It smells so sweet, so good and it feels really comfortable on the lips. It’s not a sticky gloss, it doesn’t last forever but I honestly don’t mind reapplying it. Also, can you tell that I love purple? 😉 If I could, I would wear purple lipsticks/glosses at all times. I initially expected this one to be very dark, since the bottle is exactly that, but it’s not bad at all even though it’s lighter than what I thought.


  3. Makeup Revolution – Lip Euphoria Liquid Lipstick from Ultimate Reds KitOh hey, something that is not purple! This one is more of a dusty rose. It doesn’t dry down matte, but it’s not exactly shiny either. It looks really pretty and it has a fairly good longevity, considering the lip kit it comes in costs around £3. I love using this when I need a more “natural” look.


  4. Australian Gold – 30 spf Lip BalmThis is one of the best smelling lip balms I have owned, apart from any smelling like vanilla. This smells like a minty orange drink and it’s great. I also love that it has spf, I have used this frequently over the summer, even though we haven’t really had any sunny weather. ( I do wear spf during winter too, don’t worry!)


  5. Blistex – Lip Relief CreamA true lifesaver when you have really chapped lips or cold sores. This guy cools down, moisturizes, nourishes, tingles and makes your lips feel so good! It kinda tastes like tooth paste, but I can get past that since it works so well! A little goes a long way with this, you’d end up with white lips if you apply too much.. I speak from experience!


What are your favorites?


I’m sure we all have those days where all we want is to get rid of our make up and go straight to bed. Or maybe we want to stay in bed in the morning instead of going to the bathroom to wash our faces. The former happens a lot to me when I come home after a long day, so having products at hand that I can use without needing any water is great.


The first thing I do is to use the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water. It is very convenient, it doesn’t have to be rinsed off and it removes make up like a dream while still being so gentle to sensitive skin. I just use it with a cotton pad, wipe off my make up and then go over again with a new cotton pad to properly cleanse the skin. Then I spray some of the Tea Tree Toner Water onto a cotton pad and use small circular movements as I apply it to the skin. Then I let it dry for a few minutes before moving onto the next steps.


After using the toner I move on to moisturizing the skin, and lately I have been loving the Figs & Rouge Hydra Activ Smart Nutrient Day Cream. Even if it is a day cream, I also use it at night because it has been so beneficial for my skin, giving it just enough moisture without making my skin feel greasy. It is great for using under powder make up too since it makes sure that you don’t have any dry patches the powder can adhere to. Under the eyes I use the oOlution Eye Love cream which hydrates, depuffs and tightens the under eye area. I love using it because it always makes me look so awake. It also works great under a concealer because it’s not too heavy so it just makes the area smooth and nice. Lastly I use Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Balm, this one is especially great to apply before bed because it is a thick formula that takes some time to absorb. I always wake up with soft lips after using it and I love it. It also has SPF in it so its great to use during the day too.

So that’s what I use when I don’t want to spend ages in the bathroom to get ready and just need a quick fix! What do you usually use? 

Uten navn

♥ Lush Sweet Lips Scrub


A good lip scrub is always necessary if you want to keep your lips soft and nice and get rid of dead skin. It doesn’t really make anything worse if it tastes like chocolate and vanilla either! My absolute go-to scrub is this one, Sweet Lips. I would probably love the other chocolate-y scrubs they have but they contain ingredients I’m allergic to so that’s a no-go for me! Sadly this is a Kitchen exclusive so I cannot get my hands on it very often, luckily a tub of it lasts forever. However, if you don’t want to spend like five quid on a scrub, making your own with sugar, oil and flavorings works too!


♥ Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Nourishing Lip Balm


I kind of purchased this on a whim a while ago because i had a 40% off discount code, but i do not regret purchasing it at all as it is most likely the best lip balm I have ever tried. It comes in a handy tube (they have one that comes in a pot in the same formula too), so it’s easy to bring with me everywhere. It has a yellow-ish color to it but it goes on transparent. It also kind of smells like some sort of sour apple candy, which is kind of weird but it doesn’t bother me too much. It claims to show good results for eight hours after applying and i feel like it actually does! I usually apply a rather thick layer of this when i go to bed and wake up with soft lips. I also periodically apply it throughout the day if i need some extra care.


♥ Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid ‘Nude Flush’


When it comes to liquid lipsticks, especially matte ones, Maybelline really surprised me! After reading horror stories about other mattes that completely dried out your lips and whatnot, i was not very keen on trying any. But then i got my hands on one of these and i instantly fell in love. It feels so smooth and nice on the lips and the finish on it is great. It stays on for a long time too, so if you want to try a creamy feeling matte liquid lipstick, give one of the vivid mattes a try! This shade in particular is called Nude Flush and it’s definitely a deep pink shade.


♥ MDMFLOW Creamy Matte Lipstick ‘Bossy’


This one has kind of the same feel and formula as the liquid from Maybelline, but as you can see, it’s a solid, ‘normal’ lipstick. It is definitely more of a brown nude compared to the other one but it looks so nice on the lips! I have always loved a deep chocolate color on others but i never thought i could ever pull something like that off myself. I kind of wish it was a little bit darker but i love it the way it is now too!



Do you have any products you would call your absolute faves when it comes to lips?