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I have always been fascinated by the thought of keeping a dream diary, and I have had multiple of them over the years. I threw them all out last year because they contained a lot of sensitive information and bad memories of a person I didn’t want to have in my life so it felt better to just get rid of them. I went for about six months without a dream diary to give it a break, then I decided to purchase a new note book in May of this year. It was such a relief to have a place to write down my dreams again and it felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

Sometimes I have dreams that I don’t understand, sometimes my dreams are terrifying and sometimes I just can’t remember what happened in them no matter how hard I try to recall them. They say that you get better at remembering your dreams over the years if you write them down but I’m not sure if that has been the case for me. Nor have I ever been able to control my dreams and they often turn for the worse, making me wake up feeling panicked or being drenched in sweat. I’m not sure why I have so many bad dreams but there is probably some scientific explanation behind it.


The note book I’m using now I purchased off of Wish for about a dollar, and I think it’s really pretty. It uses a non bleached paper and I find  it to be really comfortable to write on. On the inside of the cover I have written a quote from a song performed by Neon Hitch, a song called neighborhood. It seemed really fitting since I have bad dreams a lot so my mind would most likely be a bad neighborhood anyways. I use a mix of my Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens and some gel glitter pens to write in it with, not really being too picky about how it ends up looking. I just want it to be colorful and sparkly to make it seem more joyful than it is.

I find that writing down my dreams sometimes can help me work through issues that I have and it gives me a place to vent without having to share my burden with other people. I was never one to seek out others to talk with them because I didn’t want my problems to become theirs so writing was my therapy.

Have you ever had a dream diary? Is it something you have considered to have? Also, do you ever remember your dreams when you wake up? Sometimes I suddenly remember details towards the end of the day and it’s so weird. I’m always a bit skeptical, thinking that I’m just fabricating memories, but I can never be sure.

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Feeling a bit spoiled

July 11, 2017 — 11 Comments

I’ve had my phone for over two years now and it was malfunctioning and the home button stopped working. I always treat my phones really well so I have no idea why this one was having such a bad time. I didn’t want to spend money on a new phone just yet, but my father decided that I couldn’t keep using a phone that wasn’t at all reliable so he offered to buy me a new one.

I don’t particularly enjoy it when people spend so much money on something for me but as my phone was standing on its last leg, I couldn’t really decline. I went online, found the cheapest phone that I could, a HTC Desire 650, which honestly isn’t a bad phone at all and ordered it. I picked it up on Monday and I’m so happy with it! I was hoping it would be a bit smaller than the one I had but to my surprise it was bigger. I have very small hands so I struggle with holding phones with one hand but this one has ridges worked into it’s back cover so it was much easier to hold.


I would include a picture of it that I could have taken on my own, but my other phone is dead so that wasn’t really possible. I just wish I could have accessed everything I had on it to transfer it to my new phone, but it’s okay, it was just a bunch of pictures of my cats. I’m sure I’ll fill it up with new pictures in no time anyways, they’re so cute and I love taking pictures of them whenever I can so that I can treasure the memories later.

I never really thought I would stray from Samsung, but being biased to just one brand isn’t really the most economically great choice you could make. I know my brother only uses Apple products, and he spends way too much money on things that he doesn’t really need, just because it’s Apple. I guess I shouldn’t judge him but he isn’t really known to think about what he spends his money on.

Ah well, I’m really grateful to have a new phone, one with an even better camera, surprisingly! Maybe my blog pictures will look even cooler, and now I can use my phone to check comments and new posts more often too since I have a phone that actually works. So happy!

Have you gotten yourself  something or received anything cool from others lately?

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.. It would be sewing!

When I was still in college I took a course in sewing and design and I thought it was so much fun. A year later I purchased a sewing machine, wanting to create my own cloak (I’m talking about an actual medieval looking cloak, not just some modern article of clothing), but the machine just wasn’t any good. I could have replaced it, but the store wouldn’t take it back and I couldn’t afford to purchase a whole new sewing machine just a few months after the first because they are so expensive here. So my dreams were pretty much crushed, all I got out of it was a couple of new pillow cases and to this day I regret not doing more research beforehand instead of just purchasing the first machine I found that looked cool.

So I guess that would be like a future goal for me now, being wealthy enough to purchase a sewing machine, and an overlock machine so that I could get those pretty seams instead of just fraying fabric. — Am I the only one to wish that cloaks would be a thing again? I have always been fascinated by the way they look, not only do they seem easy and convenient to wear but some can be so stunning! Just going to leave a small picture dump of some of my favorites. I find any type of cloak to be fascinating, from simple peasant designs to royalty.

Is there a historical piece of clothing that you wish would still be a thing?


A new garden plot

June 16, 2017 — 9 Comments

Like ten years ago, my mother used to have flower beds pretty much everywhere in our small garden, but she eventually just stopped tending to them and let nature take over. The stones around it broke down, the shrubbery grew as tall as our fence and it didn’t look good at all. So one day I told her that she couldn’t just let her garden grow out of control and I helped her getting rid of the weeds and other plants that had taken over. Since the stone edges she used were broken, I had to improvise and found some treated planks that I could use as a border instead. I went to a garden center place to purchase some new plants for her, some nutrient treated soil and compost and helped her put it all together.


As one of my succulents had gotten too big to fit in a pot that could be in my window sill, I decided to donate it to the garden, letting it have a home in the corner. Hopefully the rain won’t drown it.. I’m really happy with the result though! That spot looked like a total mess and we spent around three hours picking weeds and digging up the dirt to make it good enough for a flower bed. All I have to do now is to make the plank border look a bit better, maybe nail together the corners and find a longer plank so it wont be separated like how it is now.  It’s nice to see how different it can become with just a few hours of work though, I just wish I had taken a photo before so you could see just how bad it was.

I feel like an old woman whenever I talk about gardening, but I guess that’s just how it is, I’m from the countryside after all so it’s probably in my blood, or something like that. Do you enjoy gardening? I really want to get myself a small vegetable garden but I don’t think I could while still having my cats because they eat just about anything..

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So lately there has been an influx of vegetarian and vegan products in the grocery stores here, something I’m happy about! There is a lot of vegan products that I can’t use because I’m allergic to Soy products, but recently there has been a lot of new products based on pea protein and other things that are completely soy free. A store chain here in Norway called Coop has released a whole lot of different things like beet burgers, mushroom burgers, corn sliders and what I had for dinner the other day, seasoned taco stuffing made from pea protein. They also have campaigns for meat free Mondays where they share recipes you could try and I really love this change. I’m not fully vegan but I go meat free as often as I can, gradually cutting down on my consumption when I find replacements that are soy free.

Here’s what I had, it totally looks meat, doesn’t it? My dad thought it was, stole a few pieces from the leftovers I brought them and was weirded out by the texture. It does taste great though and it worked well with tortillas, vegan cheese and iceberg lettuce. I usually have a lot more mixed in with my tacos but I couldn’t be bothered to go to the store to buy even more. Sometimes simple meals are the best meals. Do you ever choose vegan options over regular options? If you don’t then you should try it! You’ll feel better about choosing a more healthy lifestyle, just make sure to do it right.


“Soy free” “0% meat or fish” “A source of protein, gluten free, sustainable”


All you gotta do is fry it in some oil or butter for a few minutes.


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