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What is it?

I received this palette as a Christmas gift from Karalee and I instantly fell in love with it. When you open it, it has a faint chocolate scent and it’s luckily not an overpowering one like how some other make up products have. The design on the outside is super cute too, a partially melted bar of chocolate. As this one is called Death by chocolate, it contains quite a few brown-ish shades. It contains a good variety of matte, satin and shimmer finishes. It does have a little bit of fallout but I honestly don’t mind that when the quality is generally really good. On the tambeauty website, this has almost exclusively only four and five star reviews.




These swatches are all done with a brush, I figured that would give them all a fair chance as some always look better with finger swatches.

From left to right:

Don’t let go, Break me up, Consume me and All is lost. Not pictured is the large pan of White light because it was exactly the same as my skin color so it didn’t show up at all on my arm.


Lick me, Fool’s gold, One more bar, Devour me, Tear the wrapper and Love you to death.


Pray for me, Dipped, Tease me, Set me free and across the bottom is Bring down angels.


I think they all have very good pigment and they are quite easy to blend. Below I used White light all over my lids as a base, Break me up in my crease, Love you to death on the outer 2/3 of my lids, a bit of All is lost on the absolute outer corner and under my lower lash line and the beautiful Fool’s gold shade on the inner third of my eyelids. I was really happy with how they blended and I will definitely try to create other similar looks with is.


In addition of it having good shimmers, the mattes can also be used to create a more natural and daytime kind of look, with a bit light shimmer added on top to make it special.

To me this is a perfect palette because it has most of the colors I love and it’s possible to create so many different looks with it. Some of the browns could maybe be a bit more neutral but they do work either way.

Have you tried this palette before? What did you think of it? 


I was very spoiled this year both by people close to me and friends from around the world. As I love reading others posts about the presents they receive over the holidays, I decided to do one of my own. It’s not to brag or anything, just to show my appreciation for the gifts I received from the most wonderful people. My family doesn’t really believe in gift giving so this is the most I have received in about ten years so the feeling of being spoiled is definitely there. It might not be a lot to others, but it is to me. We have a very small family so there has never been an abundance of anything. Anyways, this is what I received!

I ❤ Makeup – Death By Chocolate Palette.




A Model Co Eyebrow Pencil, BeliaPierre Gel Liner and a Steve Laurant liquid eye liner.


An AUX cable for my new stereo.


A stereo for the car I bought earlier this month. It didn’t come with any kind of stereo or radio at all.


A “snow” globe with silver glitter and a glass crystal inside.



Tea lights and a lavender incense kit.


Black hair dye and two Camilla Pihl Sheet masks.


And three lovely cards from blogger friends Karalee, Dannii and Grace.



What did you get for Christmas? 

Mini beauty haul!

Lise —  February 18, 2017 — 17 Comments

A local online drugstore sort of thing i usually order from had a 25-75% off sale so I was like “why the heck not?” and decided to buy a few things i probably wouldn’t have if they weren’t on sale. I rarely use liquid eyeliners or liquid foundation so for me this was all new. I also have no real experience with the sponges because everything i use is in powder form and i prefer to use fluffy brushes.


So here’s what i got! A Real Techniques – Miracle Complexion Sponge, Wet n Wild – h2o proof Liquid Eyeliner and Nyx – Stay Matte But Not Flat Liquid Foundation in Ivory. This was the very first time where an Ivory shade actually almost was too light for me.


Max Factor – Creme Puff Pressed Powder, Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel and a I Heart Makeup (By Makeup Revolution) tiny set of brushes. They are supposed to be pink but they look very purple to me! Still cute though.


And last but not least, i received this Makeup Revolution – Colour Correcting palette for free with my order. I haven’t had any color correcting items before so this will be cool to try! It will probably take me ages just to remember what each color is for though, there’s so many! I’ll probably just go for the peachy tones to help with dark circles at first.

Have you purchased anything exciting lately?