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Merry Christmas!

Lise —  December 24, 2017 — 16 Comments

Here in Norway, we celebrate on Christmas Eve, so for me it’s officially Christmas! I hope you will all have a wonderful day, and a wonderful holiday. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I still hope you will have a great day. Spend it with friends, spend it with family, spend it with yourself or whoever makes you happy. Enjoy good food, enjoy having some time off, enjoy everything about it. I’m going to make the most of my few days off from everything and I hope you will too. Catch up on reading, be social, try not to neglect my work out habits.. It’s going to be tough. Anyways, a Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and yours!

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Throwback Thursday

Lise —  October 12, 2017 — 12 Comments

This throwback won’t go very far, just back to the Christmas holiday of 2016, leading up to New years. Christmas is pretty much my favorite holiday, although I’ve always had to work during it. This year I will finally have some time off so I’m looking forward to it while reminiscing about last years Christmas. My sister invited us over to her apartment for Christmas so that will be fun.

Besides working, I spent my time making hot chocolates, baking gingerbread cookies, and then I spent some of new years eve playing a game called Year Walk, which is based on Swedish folk lore. It’s rather creepy but also very cool, and it contains a lot of puzzles and symbols you need to remember, as you can see by the drawings I did on my hand. Afterwards I went outside to watch the fireworks, it was really nice.

I’m just hoping this year will be as good, hopefully even better!
What would be featured in your Throwback Thursday?


I found this fun challenge that can keep you busy during Christmas! You don’t have to do twelve consecutive days, but make sure to do all twelve before Christmas morning.


Day 1. List your favorite things about Christmas

  • Seasonal drinks
  • Exterior lighting
  • How cozy our home feels with the decorations up
  • Christmas scented candles. Loving anything cinnamon right now.
  • Decorating the tree to make it just perfect.
  • Baking, lot’s of baking!
  • Eating dinner with the family on Christmas eve.
  • Seeing the looks on peoples faces when they open their presents.
  • Waking up early to watch the typical Christmas TV shows on Christmas Eve.
  • The advent calendars! I have a tea calendar this year and i love it.
  • Hearing Christmas songs wherever i go.
  • Working during the holidays because my pay is pretty much doubled.
  • Having time off from University, and being able to actually read other books than my textbooks.


What are your favorite things about Christmas?

  1. Chris Rea’s “Driving home for Christmas“. Christmas doesn’t officially begin for me until they play it on the radio here. It’s also the only Christmas song i don’t get tired of no matter how many times i listen to it.
  2. Outdoor lights! It always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when i see that people have actually put an effort into outdoor lighting during the dark winter months. I don’t live in an actual city so i don’t get to see those super decorated shopping streets that most people get to see.
  3. Hot chocolate. I only drink this during the winter months, and i make my own with rice milk, cocoa powder and a tiny bit of sugar. The rice milk is sweet enough on its own so the sugar isn’t really necessary. Its even better with a marshmallow or two in it too.
  4. Driving during the morning, just as the sun rises. The snow always sparkles and starts to drip a bit as it melts and i just love that kind of scenery. It really makes the morning commute to work a lot better.
  5. Web pages that changes their design to embrace the holiday spirit. I love it when blogs and online sites customize everything to fit the holidays. It’s a weird thing to like but that’s just how it is.


What makes you excited for Christmas?

Places i would like to visit #3

Lise —  September 24, 2016 — 10 Comments


Loch Ness, Scotland.

I’m sure we all have heard of the legends of the sea monster before, and even if it might not exist, visiting the place would still be a great experience. I’ve visited Scotland before, but i went to Edinburgh and Aviemore, which is still a distance from the Loch. Well, technically, Aviemore is just an hours drive from the Loch but it was up in the mountains, and in the winter so the roads were closed often.

Scotland also has a very majestic nature, and the Loch is no exception. The large body of water is just as impressive as the mountains and fields surrounding it and I’m sure that it would be a great spot to practice photographing in. An acquaintance of mine visited the place with his photographing class and they ended up with some absolutely stunning photos.


I know my father went there once, and spent the night in an old castle nearby, i’m awfully envious of that experience. Staying at an old castle is another thing on my bucket list, i just hope it won’t be a haunting experience. (Or maybe i do! Perhaps British spirits are more polite than others? All i can imagine is John Cleese as Nearly Headless Nick in Harry Potter when i think about it. )


Oh well, one day i will go there, hopefully! It would be a shame if i didn’t, when i have wanted to go for so many years.

Where would you like to go the most?