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1. Super Soccer Noggins

Super Soccer Noggins is supposedly a Christmas flash game, but to be honest, I don’t think that it has nothing to do with Christmas, at all! Santa has a small cameo in the beginning of the round where he drops the ball down so you can start playing, but the game is really just a silly ball kicking simulator.

As you can see in the screenshot below, there is not a lot that reminds you of Christmas once you get past the menu screen. You choose your team (In reality just one dude) and off you go to kick a tiny ball around with them. You don’t even get anything remotely reminiscent of Christmas when you win either, only some gold to upgrade your little dude! Maybe i should rename this list “Barely Christmas-y games”.

2. Pimp My Sleigh

Pimp My Sleigh is another take on the typical Pimp My Ride type of games. You just customize your vehicle and that is pretty much it! It is a bit more festive since it actually contains Santa’s sleigh, though it would be cooler if you could customize his reindeer too!

One thing that really peeved me about this game was that absolutely none of the red parts matched! Why would you make the parts four different shades of red? Do you not consider the fact that some people want a sleek, polished look on their sleigh? Preposterous!

3. A blocky Christmas

A blocky Christmas is a game where you move a block down to a designated area. That is pretty much the entirety of the game. The levels differ slightly by adding in a longer block that you need to attach yourself to and navigate around, but it is not very challenging, nor very festive. Sure, the board is shaped vaguely like a Christmas tree but that is pretty much it! This seems to be a common theme with flash games; put Christmas in the title and any idiot will play it during the holidays. (Ouch)

4. Santa Dental Care

Santa Dental Care is one of very many dental care games out there. I have no idea why it is so popular to make these, they are very nightmare inducing. There are dental care games for Shrek, for Elsa from Frozen, for pretty much every other fictional character out there, and now for Santa. First off, do you see how creepy the introductory message is?

Because he’s kissing so many children

Why would he kiss children? How hard does he kiss them to get candy stuck in his teeth and having them fall out?

If i wasn’t scared of the dentist before, i sure am now! You use tongs to literally pull his gray teeth out, because they so rotten that he can’t keep them. You use some magical powder to fill in his cavities. You use a drill to expose his cavities even more. I shudder just at the thought of it. Would you enjoy a game like this?

5. Christmas Pop

Christmas Pop is honestly the most festive game out of all of these. It is a Tetris kind of game so expecting a gameplay like that wouldn’t be far off at all. You get clusters of three baubles at a time, rotating and navigation them into a spot that seems good. Once you place them, some of them slide downwards to fill up any space below them so you could like place one on a ledge and let the others slip off. Once you get five-ish baubles of the same color, they disappear. It’s definitely the best game out of all that is on this list, so if you’re going to try any of these, try this one.