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I used to have a running top 5 series but I kind of fell out of it because it was so irregular, so I decided I could try to make it a weekly feature instead, trying to post it every Friday! This week, since a lot of blogs I follow do the whole “feminist friday” thing, I thought I could dedicate a post to the women that I listen to pretty much every day, in no really particular order.

  1. Sia – Sia has been with me since some time before Chandelier was released (I think I first heard her singing in David Guetta’s “Titanium”. I love everything she has ever released, and I think her “1000 Forms of fear” is one of my favorite albums of all time. I have never been able to find a live performance of one of my favorite songs, but I’ll share the original here.
  2. Meg Myers – I’m not quite sure how I discovered her, it might have been through the “Deep, Dark Indie” playlist on spotify (which is my absolute favorite btw) but I’m so glad I found her! Her music videos are so unique and I love her style of singing. She wrote on her instagram that she finds it funny that her songs are rather heavy and rock inspired, but she only listens to classical and world music herself. It just shows how diverse people can be. I had a hard time choosing just one song, this one is a bit raunchy, but also visually great.
  3. Neon Hitch – Many years ago, one of my gay, male friends sent me a link saying like “hey this girl is such a hot redhead, I think you’d like her!” I was really skeptical at first because his music taste is way different from mine, but i was very pleasantly surprised! My interested kind of faded over the years but recently I rediscovered her and listened to her new album and I’m in love again. Her album is really well put together and I don’t think I dislike a single song. Her voice is really unique too!
  4. Ruelle – This is another artist I must have discovered on the “Deep, Dark Indie” playlist. She has a lot of heavier, rock-ish songs and I truly enjoy them all. She is labelled as an electro-pop singer but I can’t say I have listened to any electro-pop from her yet.
  5. Baron Bane – This is not a solo singer, but it’s a swedish alternative band fronted by a woman. I also discovered them on the spotify playlist sometime last year when they released their newest album and I instantly fell in love. I’m really hoping they’ll release new songs this year too.

So that was my list! Do you have any female singers in your life that you adore?ย 

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The Maquisarde is a book written by Louise Marley and it is set in the last few years of the 21st century. The book follows the story of Ebriel Serique, a flutist from Paris, who experiences a great loss. The world is pretty much being controlled by something known as InCo, under the leadership of General Glass. Her family is murdered and Ebriel is certain that General Glass is responsible for it, so she sets out to seek her revenge. The book tells the tale of Ebriel’s successes and struggles and it really plays with your emotions. I can’t really count how many times i caught myself choking up, having tears spilling from my eyes. Marley is great at creating a whole universe that you can lose yourself in. I haven’t been this invested in a story in a long time, and I’m both relieved and sad that it is now over. The book is very futuristic, but it is also close enough to how our world is now, enough for us to start imagine what it would be like if this was our reality.

If you love futuristic settings and science fiction books, and storiesย with a strong heroine, this will be perfect for you! Marley takes her characters to hell and back, but in the end it all seems to work out in mysterious ways. I’ll include the official description below so you can read it yourself.

In the final few years of the 21st century, life in Paris is quiet for Ebriel Serique and her family. They live protected by the glass walls of their skyscraper apartment, safe from the poverty-stricken countries just over the Line of Partition. Until one day, her husband and daughter go sailing, and are murdered by terrorists who claim their yacht had crossed the Line.

Driven by grief and justice, Ebriel ventures beyond the confines of her charmed life to confront the truth about the way the world is run. And while she never would have suspected it, Ebriel discovers that she has the courage for anything-even violence.

I honestly do not think that there is more for me to say about this one.. You would have to read it and experience it yourself. Maybe you won’t like it, maybe you would end up loving it just as much as I did. It would definitely be worth the read though, no matter if you end up enjoying it or not.