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Graphic liners have been part of runway make up for a long time, and it has been written about in different style magazines. I found a slideshow over at Instyle titled “trends you should try” and graphic liners was the only topic, so I thought I should give it a go then. It was a bit difficult to pull off, because I don’t have any liquid liners, my eyes can’t handle most of them, so I just had a soft, black liner that I had to try to make sharp lines with. It wasn’t easy, it looks a bit wonky but at least it was fun to try out! I usually just do a classic winged liner when I put on eye liner, so I had to go a bit out of my comfort zone with these.

Double winged liner


This is basically winged liner, with one extending from the upper lash line and one from the lower lash line. It can be closed off like how I drew it on, or you could leace a blank space in the outer corner. I don’t think this is a look I could pull off, my eyes are wide enough already so it would look weird. It would also look a lot better if you use a liquid liner since it allows for more precision.



The colorblock liner is basically a wingless, chunky liner done with one or more bright colors. Blue was the brightest I had, and it didn’t match any of the others (dark green and bronze) so I had to use it on its own. You can draw the line on in a square shape, pull it out into a wing, do like a rainbow with liquid liners.. Anything is possible, and it’s only limited by what you have on hand to use to draw on a liner like this.

Negative space


This liner follows the eye socket, framing the lid. It can be pulled all the way to the inner corner of the eye, or leaving it open, like I chose to do. If I had done it all the way I think it would have smudged a lot more. The idea of negative space is to leave the majority of the lid clean, but you could fill it in with anything you want. I think black and gold would look very pretty.

Lined crease


This is basically the same as negative space, but a bit higher up. The idea is to really accentuate the crease, making your lids look bigger than they are. I drew mine a bit highter becase the difference wasn’t really noticeable from the other one at first. This also reminds me of the 1960’s cut crease look.

Extended cat eye


And lastly we have an exaggerated version of a cat eye. I think this one is my favorite out of the bunch, mostly because it made me look so sinister. I’m surprised by how sharp I was able to make the lines look with my pencil, but I don’t think I would be able to recreate this again without using a liquid liner.. The struggle!


Would you be comfortable with trying eye liner looks that are a bit out of the ordinary? They all look fun but I’m not sure if they would be suitable for every day wear. Maybe a handful of them could, but it depends on the person, and the occasion!



Monthly favorites: July

July 31, 2017 — 4 Comments

♥ Maybelline – Galactic Mauve

This is one of Maybelline’s many beautiful Mauve shades ( I currently own three of them). I wrote a post about it a while ago and you can find it if you click here.



♥ L’Oreal Le Khol Midnight Black Eyeliner

A wonderfully pigmented eyeliner. It doesn’t smudge much and it stays in place all day! I’m really, really happy with how it looks on my eyes. When it’s sharpened it can even draw a beautiful, thin and sharp winged liner.


♥ Makeup Revolution Baked Vivid Highlighter in Peach Lights

This is a beautiful baked highlighter! It looks very natural at first application but it is definitely possible to build it up to being a blinding highlight. It has a peach sheen to it and I love wearing it because it makes me look all glowy and nice.


♥ “Cinder” by Marissa Meyer 

You can find my book recommendation here, and it’s also mentioned in this post. This quickly turned out to be the beginning of a love for the whole series. I talk more about it in my “What I read in July” post. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys fantasy/YA novels.


♥ PVRIS – Only love (acoustic) 

I’m so happy that I was introduced to this band, been listening every day! I think I could just pick any song from their White Noise album to feature here.

♥ PVRIS – Half

So that was my absolute favorites for the month of July! What have you loved this month?

Uten navn

Beauty haul 2

February 27, 2017 — 4 Comments

I had to put in another order during the sale where I did this other haul. It’s hard to resist when there’s such great discounts, right?! Saving up to 75% is just too good to pass up. Here’s what i got.


Alma K Dead Sea Minerals – Eco-Friendly Foaming Sponge, which is a soap infused sponge, giving you gentle exfoliation for 20+ washes. Baylis & Harding Sea Salt & Wild Mint Hand Soap, a lovely scented and very pretty soap! Definitely gonna leave this on the sink for decoration too.


Shelas flower crown, just because I’m really missing summer and I’m looking forward to wearing it outside. Shelas make up bag, my old one broke and this had a cute pattern so i just had to have it. Delicate Touch – Eye make up remover, I haven’t tried this one before but it had good reviews so i will give it a go!


L’Action Cranberry DIY Mask, which is a powder you mix with water to create your own face mask! It sounded really interesting and I’m looking forward to trying it. ByNoor Shampoo And Conditioner Samples, this is a vegan, cruelty free brand! I have tried their hair oil and I love it so I’m curious to see if their other hair products are just as good.


Shelas Dreamcatcher Necklace, I’ve been really into dreamcatchers lately. I don’t know why, but there’s something about them that really intrigues me.


Wet n Wild Coloricon lip liner in “Brandy Wine”, a sort of burgundy lip liner that looks really pretty on! Wet n Wild Kohl Crayon in “Pros and Bronze” and a Wet n Wild Megaslicks Lip Gloss in “That’s my Jam”. You can see swatches in the picture below! From left to right its “Pros and Bronze”, “Brandy Wine” and “That’s my Jam”.


And that was that! I should really cut back on spending now.. Heh. Have you purchased anything beauty related lately? 



Disclaimer; Norway’s Glossybox might differ a bit from, for example, the american ones. We are very particular about products and everything apparently needs to be made for Nordic hair and skin and whatnot. Luckily we get products to try that we don’t necessarily see in stores here all the time. I’ve heard about a couple of the brands, mainly from watching other Glossybox unboxing videos. I also pay for the boxes out of my own pocket, so this post is not sponsored in any way.


November’s theme was Christmas Sparkle! This is mainly because they send the boxes at the end of the month, so December’s box won’t arrive until after New Years Eve, a bit late for Christmas! The box is a gorgeous silver holographic on the bottom and dark with sparkles on the top, i love it!



La Theorie des Volcans – Noir Eternae Youth Potion, Face Scrub
This is a mask and scrub combination, containing volcanic stone and amethyst crystals apparently. It’s vegan and contains 90% natural ingredients. I’m excited to try it!

This is a full sized product and it is worth 290 NOK / ~$34


Weleda – Skin Food moisturizer
This is apparently used by and loved by celebrities from around the world. It is an intensive moisturizer that you can use on your face, your lips, your hands, your cuticles and wherever you have dry skin.

This is a sample size (10ml), the original is 70 ml and worth 189 NOK / ~$22


DE BRUYERE BEAUTE – Jumbo eye pencil, Bubble 07
This is an eyeliner and eye shadow combo. It is a metallic gray-ish brown and its creamy and easy to apply. Honestly it’s a perfect, subtle color for Christmas parties.

This is a full sized product and it is worth 150 NOK / ~$17.50



Weleda – Nail care pen
This is a product for your cuticles and your nails. You twist it and it dispenses a gel like substance that you brush onto wherever you need to use it. It smells a bit weird but I’m sure it does wonders.

This is a full sized product and it is worth 169 NOK / ~$20


EMITÉ MAKE-UP – Lip and cheek tint
This is a very natural looking lip tint. It might look very red on the swatch but once it is on your lips it pretty much enhances your natural color. It dries down quickly and it is transfer proof. It can also be used as a cheek tint but you would have to be quick since it dries down so fast.

This is a full sized product and it is worth 170 NOK / ~$20



BATISTE – XXL Volume spray
Like the name says, this a spray designed to give you lots of volume. I don’t really enjoy having voluminous hair so i will probably pass this on to my sister. It smells great though!

This is a full sized product and it is worth 39 NOK / ~$4.50


I was really happy with the variety of items in this months box, and very happy with the design! The total value (calculated based on the sample sizes) comes to 845 NOK / ~$99. That’s a pretty decent value since the box only costs 179 NOK / ~$21.


What boxes do you subscribe to? 

Disclaimer; Norway’s Glossybox might differ a bit from, for example, the american ones. We are very particular about products and everything apparently needs to be made for Nordic hair and skin and whatnot. Luckily we get products to try that we don’t necessarily see in stores here all the time. I’ve heard about a couple of the brands, mainly from watching other Glossybox unboxing videos. I also pay for the boxes out of my own pocket, so this post is not sponsored in any way.


So in contrast to last months yellow box, this month’s box is a beautiful, pale pink with a black patterned inside. The paper is even a lighter shade of pink and there’s a beautiful black ribbon. I like to keep the ribbons to use them in my hair, i have them tied up somewhere.


Beneath the sheet of paper, we find the products laying on a bed of shredded, black paper. It looks pretty, and it allows for the products natural color to shine through.


The first product i got in my box is from Debruyere, and it is an after sun milk. It smells a bit tropical, a whole lot like coconut milk and it is meant to be used on dry or sunburned skin. I tried a bit on my hand and it made my skin soft and smooth. The scent was not overwhelming either and it sticks with you for quite some time.

This is a full size product (50ml/1.76oz) and it’s value is 110 NOK / ~$13.


Then there’s the Absolute New York velvet lippie. It is supposedly a buttery lip cream that will give you a matte finish. The shade i received is called toasted, and it smells a bit like cremê brulee, i like it! I haven’t tried it on my lips yet but i’m sure i will like that too.

This is a full size product (6gr) and it’s value is 69 NOK / ~$8.


This one is what excites me the most about this month’s box, it is from Rodial, and it is a smokey eye pen. It is one of those eye liners that look kind of plastic-y but really aren’t, and it is great for creating a smokey eye. On the packaging it says that it is very easy to blend, so we’ll see about that!

This is a full size product and it’s value is 250 NOK / ~$30


And then comes the only sample size in the box, a sample of Elizabeth Mott’s Sherbet Cleanser. It is a cleanser in a balm form and is supposed to be used on a dry face to remove make up and cleanse the skin, then rinse it off with warm water. I’m going to try to use this to remove the water proof mascara i received in the last box to see if it works for that.

The original product is 100 gr and valued at 250 NOK / ~30. The samle is 18gr / 0.63 oz


The last product is from Sanex, and it is a 7 in 1 protector. It is said to protect against pretty much anything, it is anti white stains, anti yellow stains, antiperspirant, anti irritation and it respects the skins PH value. It contains aluminum though, so i don’t know if i will use it all that much, but i will give it a try.

This is a full size product (50 ml/1.76oz) and it’s value is 28 NOK / ~$3


I’m very happy with this month’s box. The subscription costs 179 NOK / ~$21 per month and includes shipping and handling, and the eye liner alone already exceeded that amount by quite a bit, so it was very good value! The total value of the content, (not counting the one sample) is 457 NOK / ~$54.

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes?