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The Happiness Tag

August 7, 2017 — 17 Comments

I was tagged in this by my friend Rylie, but she didn’t want her blog linked because she writes about very personal subjects so I’m afraid I can’t do that! But thank you for the nomination either way, I really appreciate it.

The rules for this tag

  • List five things that makes you happy
  • Share five songs that makes you happy
  • Tag at least five bloggers that makes you happy

What makes me happy

  1. My cats. I don’t know what I would have done without them. They are always there if I need someone to vent to (even though they can’t talk back, I still talk to them about anything I need to). They are always there if I need something to hold, something to cuddle with to cheer me up. I love them more than anything in this world. They say cats are selfish but mine are far from it.
  2. Books. I love being able to read. Being able to escape to another world for a little while. Same goes for video games. Escapism is very much a real thing for me and a lot of the time it happens without me even noticing.
  3. Being able to connect with people all over the world. I live in a place with very few people and meeting new people is a difficult task. That is why I am so grateful for having the internet, being able to connect with others without having to travel to a place to do so. I guess ‘without restrictions’ is what I meant to say.
  4. Nature. Nature makes me happy. I love being outside, I love exploring the woods, walking through fields, picking the occasional berry as I walk past them. Nature is wonderful and the fresh air can always make you feel better. (Apart from during the pollen season, I always feel like death then).
  5. Being organized, that always makes me happy. I hate being messy, I hate not having things neatly put in place. Having a clean and organized home is my favorite feeling. It really helps me with feeling accomplished in life. Doesn’t matter how messy my head is as long as my home is clean.

Five songs that makes me happy

I don’t really have any overly joyful happy songs, so I’ll share some that makes me feel content, makes me feel wholesome. I think I have shared all of these before, but my favorites rarely change.

  1. Pvris – Half
  2. Meg Myers – Motel
  3. Blink 182 – I Miss you
  4. Highly Suspect – Bath Salts
  5. Chaos Chaos – Do you feel it

Five bloggers that makes me happy

I guess it’s more than 5, oops. And in no particular order.

  1. Michala
  2. Karalee
  3. Reeva
  4. Rei
  5. Storm
  6. Grace
  7. DanniiJane ( you can just share your response in the comments, it probably doesnt fit in with the travel blogs 🙂 )
  8. Abby
  9. Lisa (hey this isn’t an award! 🙂 )

A cuddly surprise!

July 19, 2016 — 5 Comments

I have had three days off from work and today when i came in i heard little squeaks from a corner.. My employer’s cat has been waddling around with a really big tummy for a while now but no one quite knew when her little fur babies would arrive.. Apparently they did on Saturday! So now i kind of get paid to look after the little kittens.. I love cats, i have three myself and I am so tempted to “steal” one of these home with me when they get old enough.

One of them  wouldn’t stop squeaking when his mommy was in the kitchen to eat and drink a bit so i carried him around with me, he settled down quickly and I’m pretty sure he fell asleep…

So yeah, i just wanted to share the joy, i hope you have a good day! I can’t wait to go in to work tomorrow to see how they’re doing.


Feels like summer.

July 13, 2016 — Leave a comment


Video is taken from my Instagram!

The past days it has only been raining.. I don’t mind rain, but i hate the thunder and lightning that almost always follows. It scares the life out of my cats too so i have to make sure all three are okay and that is quite the task when they all hide in different places.. And also the lack of internet sucks.. Whenever a thunderstorm approaches, we have to unplug every in the house, it is kind of annoying.

How has your summer been? Had any better weather than we have?