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A day of self reflection

Lise —  November 23, 2017 — 5 Comments

This was an interesting day. We woke up to a lot of snow here in little old Norway, as you can see in the picture below. It made me dread going out for the day because no matter how prepared the snowplow people seem to be, they can never stay on top of keeping the roads driveable. Today was no different.


I really wanted to just stay at home and not deal with the snow but I had to go do some Self management coursework. The course is in ten parts, each focusing on different things you can improve in your work place. This includes things like time management, finding your strengths and weaknesses, figuring out what gives you the best “flow” at work (through challenging yourself and making sure you do things at your required level of difficulty) and other things that can be relevant for you. I think it’s really interesting to put things in perspective, figure out just what it is that I do and figuring how to do it better. The course is all about finding your strengths and making them better instead of focusing on what you’re not good at.


Half way through I was treated to lunch by my work consultant and I opted for a vegan meal. I just put together an easy salad at the salad bar, and the chefs had made focaccia bread and it was so juicy and good. I definitely won’t mind having that next time I have to attend more coursework stuff.


I feel like I learned a lot, although I’m only halfway through the course, but I’m also looking forward to doing the rest and learning more skills I can put to use in a future work situation. It is of course helpful during my work experience program too since I am in an actual workplace, I’m just paid by the state while I’m there instead of the actual employer. Either way, any chance of self reflection is a good one, don’t you think?

Have you learned anything new lately? 



I feel like I’m doing these posts yearly now, always expressing my love for the darker months of the year. I’m fine with it though, there’s just so much to like about Autumn so it can definitely have more than one post dedicated to it!

  1. Being able to wear cozy sweaters without dying. I love big, comfy sweaters, and the summer months are not exactly ideal for wearing them. The autumn weather however is perfect for it. Sometimes it gets a little warm in the afternoon but I’m willing to look past that because I’m stubborn and just have to wear them anyways.
  2. Being able to light candles earlier in the evening. It’s not as nice to light candles when it’s still bright outside so having darker evenings helps set the mood when you can light candles and have them burning all night. Just remember to put them out at some point, no one wants a fire to happen.
  3. Having so much fresh produce available. I love having fresh cabbage, fresh veggies and whatnot available for making wonderful stews and soups. Autumn is the perfect season for comfort food and all of the fresh veggies makes that an easy task to accomplish.
  4. Crunchy leaves. The child in me still loves the satisfying feeling when you step on a leaf and it crunches beneath your shoes. I don’t think that particular feeling will ever go away, to be honest.
  5. Pumpkin spice. Just to be a basic bitch, pumpkin spice is great! I know it’s mostly cinnamon, and that’s what i love the most about it. I love cinnamon rolls, cinnamon added to hot chocolate, cinnamon added to porridge and lord knows what. If i can have cinnamon with something, I sure as heck will!

What is your favorite season?