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A day in the life

Lise —  October 8, 2017 — 9 Comments

What do I do in a day?

I wake up somewhere between 6 am and 8 am, depending on how much I have to do. This particular day I woke up at about 7:30. I had a quick breakfast before turning on some music and getting ready for a work experience day. I always start my day with listening to Angels and Airwaves, both because their music is really relaxing and because Tom Delonge is one of my favorite singers.


While I listen to that, I do my hair, I cleanse my face, I put on some make up if I need to, to make sure I look somewhat presentable. Most of the time I just fill in my brows, put on a lipstick and go out like that. I’ve also found that if i ‘blot’ my t-zone with setting powder when I do no foundation days, I get less oily overall.


After getting ready I drive off to my schedules for the day, and arrive home many hours later, tired and eating dinner before retiring to my room to read. I love snacking on satsumas while reading.. And listening to music, or ASMR. After reading for a little bit, I usually do chores like cleaning, doing laundry, and then having a shower before returning to my favorite reading chair.


I really love having scented candles, currently I have one smelling like “clean cotton” and one smelling like “firewood”. I alternate between “firewood” and “mahogany”. I also love anything sandalwood, or just woodsy scents in general. (The framed poster in the background is a diagram of the moon with a lot of facts and whatnot)


So that’s usually what I do in a day. Now and then the reading is traded for video games, or more cleaning.. It really depends on my mood and how tired I am from my schedules. Exciting, huh? Not really, but I enjoy my own company and I enjoy reading the most.

What do you do in a day? 




Day 6. Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful for:

  • My friends who are always there to support me.
  • My university professors who does everything they can to help us reach our goals.
  • Having a relatively normal life.
  • Getting out of a toxic relationship when i did, even if i should have prevented it from ever happening 5 years ago.
  • All of the people i have gotten to know through wordpress, you are all amazing.
  • The opportunity to express my thoughts in the way i want.



Day 7. A day in the life.

I had a rare day off from both work and uni so decided to film a bit of my day.. Not too exciting!


Day 8. Top 5 movies

  1. Howl’s moving castle
  2. Inkheart
  3. Inception
  4. The imitation game
  5. A Clockwork Orange



Day 9. 5 things you’ve learnt this year

  1. Kittens cannot ever be trusted. When they’re nosy its suspicious, when they’re quiet it’s even more so.
  2. Just because someone say they will do something, they most likely won’t.
  3. Never give someone everything you have if you’re not certain they will return it.
  4. Pheasants are entertaining.
  5. Kittens pull their tail up between their legs when you lift them to show submission.



Day 10. Make up of the day



Day 11. Weekend highlights

I spent my weekend working and cleaning the house, so i don’t really have any highlights!


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