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I’m not sure if I would have enough to write if I just chose one holiday, so I will do more than one! Let’s start out with the one coming up first.


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  • Dressing up! This is obviously the favorite thing for most people. I love being able to dress up as pretty much whatever I want, it’s nice to take a break from my regular appearance.
  • The social aspect. People come together, drink, go trick or treating, eat candy and generally have a good time.
  • The spookiness. I don’t really enjoy being scared, but I do like an eerie vibe. I guess I like creepy things more than downright scary things.


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  • Buying presents. I loooove buying presents for people. I love watching people open presents. The looks on their faces just fills me with so much joy.
  • Baking. I love to bake, and making your own Christmas yummies feels extra special. I especially enjoy baking gingerbread cookies.
  • Decorating. Decorating trees, decorating my home, anything that can be decorated will be. It just makes my home so cozy.
  • Cooking. Christmas food is the best food. It’s so savory and you feel full for ages afterwards. I always get so sleepy after Christmas dinner because I’m so full and my body just shuts down in the best kind of way.
  • Decorating the Christmas tree.
  • Seeing family that you probably don’t see as often. Christmas really is a time for family to come together.
  • Opening presents. I’m sure everyone loves doing that! I hate receiving them, but I love opening them, it’s really weird.

New years

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  • Fireworks. They’re just so beautiful to look at. Could definitely be less noisy, my cats are always freaking out but, yeah, pretty.
  • Spending time with loved ones while counting down until midnight. It’s funny that we do, because nothing feels different once the clock strikes twelve.
  • The new years dinner. People always plan these extravagant dinner parties and I love it so much.


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  • Decorating Easter eggs. Painting, dyeing, gluing stuff onto them. Anything is really fun, especially if you have someone younger to do it with. Nothing wrong with painting them by yourself though!
  • Setting up and planning Easter egg hunts for the younger ones! There’s no kids left in my family, they all grew up so can’t do that much anymore, I really miss it!
  • Watching old cartoons on the tv. During most holidays they send old special episodes, or create shows just for that holiday. It’s nice to have something to wake up to every day.


There, that’s some of my favorite things about the holidays. Someone is probably going to say that I missed Thanksgiving and other holidays, but they are not really a thing here in Norway.  What is your favorite things about the holidays? 


Ending the challenge.

October 20, 2017 — 3 Comments

I guess we can’t always succeed at everything! Posting every day for a month was a big goal, very time consuming and I am just too busy to be able to keep up with it! I’m surprised I even made it to day 20, to be honest! Keeping a strict schedule is difficult, and I find it easier to just write a post when I have time, and publish it then instead of having to mass produce so many at a time. The quality goes down, my stress levels go up and it’s generally a bad time overall. It’s time to just embrace autumn, calm down, enjoy the melancholy it brings and bring back my will to blog.

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I hope you guys are having a great day and that autumn is treating you well. (Alternatively, spring, if you’re in the southern hemisphere.)

Outfit of the day

October 2, 2017 — 8 Comments

Today is a rather relaxed day, so I opted for an over sized sweater dress, black leggings and my fluffy, light pink indoor slippers. Well, I don’t know if they’re really called slippers but that was the only word google translate could give me. In Norwegian they are called “Tøfler”, they’re just cozy, soft indoor footwear. They look like knitted Uggs and I love them, no matter how ugly they can look, they’re really comfortable to wear. Incidentally, everything I’m wearing is from H&M, and I don’t know if they sell any of it any more because I’ve had them all for years. What are you wearing today? 

Design uten navn

Design uten navn (1)

Design uten navn (2)




October goals

October 1, 2017 — 14 Comments


oct goals


Finish reading these. Anything with a strike through them was from the past month’s reading list and have been completed. I feel like the list just grows bigger and bigger each time, I really need to dedicate more time to reading. Maybe. I guess at least five books a month is good, right? It could have been way worse.

  • Daughter of the drow by Elaine Cunningham
  • American Gods by Neil Gaiman (Started but didn’t finish)
  • A Warriors Journey by Paul Thompson and Tonya Cook
  • Last flight by Liane Merciel
  • The Masked empire by Patrick Weekes
  • War for the oaks by Emma Bull
  • Death from a top hat by Clayton Rawson
  • The nature of the universe by Fred Hoyle
  • Saturn by Ben Bova
  • Terrifying Tales by Edgar Allan Poe
  • The Invisible Man by H.G Wells
  • Coraline by Neil Gaiman
  • Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

Buy more frozen veggies. I tend to never use up any fresh veggies in time, so it would really save me money to buy them frozen. I mostly use them in soups and stews so it wouldn’t really make a difference for me whether they’re fresh or frozen, honestly.

Get better at planning ahead. I often find myself sitting there, just wondering what to do next or what my plan really is. I need to schedule, I need to plan, I need to figure out what to and when to do it. Why is it so difficult when it in theory should be easy? People say you should just enjoy life and live for now, but it stresses me out so badly to not have any plan whatsoever.

Exercise more. Again, always, it’s a constant struggle. At times I feel like I’m doing great, at times I’m doing not so well. I do work out fairly regularly but I guess I’m just not doing enough. Gotta push myself to be better. It’s a struggle but it should definitely be possible.

Stop being impulsive. Especially when it comes to purchasing things. I need to think twice before buying something. Do i really need it? Will I use it more than once before discarding or abandoning it? I’ve never been good at that and I’ve often purchased something just because I think I need it at that moment. Then I never use it again… I hope I’m not the only one so I can stop feeling so bad about it.

Do even better at this work program. I’ve been attending weekly meetings, going on weekly hikes and walks with a group of people, I’ve been working out and now I’m getting more work experience by helping out at a grocery store a few times a week. It is definitely better than having nothing to do and I’m really looking forward to getting more work experience from other places too. I’ve worked at a grocery store before and it wasn’t my favorite thing to do but it’s way better than nothing. Plus, the more I do the more money I get.

Spending less. That was one of my goals for September, and I really have! I guess it’s a given since I’ve had no income, but I’ve been very good at sparsely using any money. I’ve only purchased what is absolutely necessary. Sadly my skin has suffered from that since I can’t afford the luxury of the skincare products I’ve used.. Really looking forward to getting back on track with that when I get paid this month!


What are your goals for October?


This blog post is part of Lisa’s “Endless blog challenge”. She posts new topics every Sunday, often following a theme, and you can use as many or as few of them as you want that week as inspiration for new blog posts. Head over to her latest challenge post for this weeks topics.

I have some things that I use in different ways than what they were meant for..

One being my hair straightener / flat iron. I use it to curl my hair sometimes, a lot of people do actually so it’s not like its anything new and exciting, but it’s a start! I just can’t ever be bothered to purchase a proper curling iron because I know I wont ever use it and it would just feel like a waste of money to invest in it.

The next thing would be the sunburst kind of decoration on my wall. It is a metal thing for warm cooking pots to rest on but it was so pretty so I hung it up on my wall instead for decoration. It might have something to with it being golden, I might have an obsession with that… But I just couldn’t help it. It looks very nice where it hangs over one of my bookshelves.


Wine bottle as water bottle for my plants. I found a cherry wine bottle left behind by my dad that had a screw on cap and I thought it would be perfect to keep water in for my succulents. Alternatively, one could punch a few holes in the cap to be able to gently sprinkle water when you turn the bottle upside down. I used to have one like that but it got pulled out of my window by the wind and smashed down in the tiles beneath my window.

Dusting powder for my sheets. Dusting powder is originally made to be use on your skin to absorb moisture and make it feel silky soft. A lot of people use it as a body perfume, others to avoid chafing in certain areas. I use it in my sheets to make my bed smell good. Dusting powder is pretty much just glorified corn starch in a bottle. My absolute favorites comes from Lush, and are called “Silky underwear” and “Mr. Sandman”. One smells a bit like jasmine and the other smells like muted lavender, it really helps me sleep.

A wall hanging for my music box. The container I keep it in that is mounted on the wall was originally a box for a gift set of artisan fruit jams for those people who are very invested in the crackers and cheese lifestyle and wanted to add in a bit of jam to the mix. The box belonged to my grandmother and I drilled a hole in it to hang it up and use it as a display for my Howl’s moving castle music box to avoid it from becoming dusty. It works quite well. It has a glass lid that I can slide up and down to take it out from the box.


I’m sure that there are plenty of other things that I use in other way than their intended purpose, but these were the ones I could think of from the top of my mind.

Do you have anything you use in other ways that what they were made for?