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Thank you so much to Siyana for nominating me in her post! She is trying to reach a thousand followers in August so go check her blog out if you’re interested! 

The rules:

  • Thank the blogger who has nominated you.
  • Answer the 11 questions that the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs and write 11 new questions for them.
  • List the rules and display the logo of sunshine blog award in your post.


Questions from Siyana:

  1. If you could swap with a celebrity for a week, who would that be and why?
    Well, you know, I’d want to swap lives with Gordon Ramsay. Not mainly because of the cooking, but because he gets paid to be angry. I feel angry often so I wouldn’t mind getting paid to yell at people. 
  2. Do you prefer to skip lunch or dinner?
    I don’t really skip meals, but if I had to pick one, I would skip lunch.
  3. What’s your favourite ice cream flavor?
    Coconut! And vanilla.. I’m really boring, mostly because that’s the only dairy free ice cream flavors I can find. 
  4. What’s the thing you like about yourself?
    My determination, I guess? I rarely give up on something, which can be both good and bad. 
  5. Is there a thing you want to change in yourself (both appearance and personality)?
    I want to remove the entire depression part of me that has been with me for over a decade. Just being happy and care free would be nice.
  6. What are your favourite types of posts to read?
    I love reading about people’s experiences.. And hauls.. and anything about books! There’s a lot, I read pretty much everything in my reader feed so my taste is very varied.
  7. What does your blog mean about you?
    My blog is like a creative outlet, a safe space for me to write about anything I want, so to me my blog is like.. a safe haven? I’m not quite sure how to word it. 
  8. If you had to delete your blog, how would you react?
    I would be slightly upset and also awfully bored since I’d lose my biggest and most entertaining hobby. 
  9. What’s your favourite lipstick shade?
    Just going to make it simple and just say Mauve in general. That or something like oxblood. 
  10. If you have to go out wearing only one make up product – what would that be?
    Eyebrow pencil. I don’t care about the rest of my face as long as my brows look good! 
  11. What did you eat last night?
    I had a veggie stew! It was basically just potatoes, carrots, leek, onion, radishes and a broth. It was really tasty!

My questions for you:

  1. If you had to describe yourself in four words, what would you choose?
  2. You’re stranded on an island and can only bring one item, one person and one food item. What and who do you bring, and why?
  3. You have the chance to go back in time to change one major world event. What would you change?
  4. Why did you start blogging? Do you feel different about it now?
  5. What is the meaning behind your blog name?
  6. What is your current favorite song?
  7. If you had to just eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  8. What is your biggest flaw?
  9. Do you have a favorite series? Could be anything from books to tv shows.
  10. Did you keep your new years resolutions?
  11. Do you have any exciting plans for the future?

My nominees:

  1. Rei
  2. Michala
  3. Karalee
  4. Dannii Jane
  5. Abby
  6. Kat
  7. Grace
  8. Storm
  9. Palegirlrambling
  10. Emma
  11. Gemma



The Happiness Tag

August 7, 2017 — 17 Comments

I was tagged in this by my friend Rylie, but she didn’t want her blog linked because she writes about very personal subjects so I’m afraid I can’t do that! But thank you for the nomination either way, I really appreciate it.

The rules for this tag

  • List five things that makes you happy
  • Share five songs that makes you happy
  • Tag at least five bloggers that makes you happy

What makes me happy

  1. My cats. I don’t know what I would have done without them. They are always there if I need someone to vent to (even though they can’t talk back, I still talk to them about anything I need to). They are always there if I need something to hold, something to cuddle with to cheer me up. I love them more than anything in this world. They say cats are selfish but mine are far from it.
  2. Books. I love being able to read. Being able to escape to another world for a little while. Same goes for video games. Escapism is very much a real thing for me and a lot of the time it happens without me even noticing.
  3. Being able to connect with people all over the world. I live in a place with very few people and meeting new people is a difficult task. That is why I am so grateful for having the internet, being able to connect with others without having to travel to a place to do so. I guess ‘without restrictions’ is what I meant to say.
  4. Nature. Nature makes me happy. I love being outside, I love exploring the woods, walking through fields, picking the occasional berry as I walk past them. Nature is wonderful and the fresh air can always make you feel better. (Apart from during the pollen season, I always feel like death then).
  5. Being organized, that always makes me happy. I hate being messy, I hate not having things neatly put in place. Having a clean and organized home is my favorite feeling. It really helps me with feeling accomplished in life. Doesn’t matter how messy my head is as long as my home is clean.

Five songs that makes me happy

I don’t really have any overly joyful happy songs, so I’ll share some that makes me feel content, makes me feel wholesome. I think I have shared all of these before, but my favorites rarely change.

  1. Pvris – Half
  2. Meg Myers – Motel
  3. Blink 182 – I Miss you
  4. Highly Suspect – Bath Salts
  5. Chaos Chaos – Do you feel it

Five bloggers that makes me happy

I guess it’s more than 5, oops. And in no particular order.

  1. Michala
  2. Karalee
  3. Reeva
  4. Rei
  5. Storm
  6. Grace
  7. DanniiJane ( you can just share your response in the comments, it probably doesnt fit in with the travel blogs 🙂 )
  8. Abby
  9. Lisa (hey this isn’t an award! 🙂 )



  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate up to 15 bloggers for this award and inform them.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Put the logo of Versatile Blogger in your post and display the rules.

First off, thank you to Simran for nominating me in this post! Her blog contains lots of lovely writing so you should definitely go check her out!

Seven facts about me:

  • I learned to read when I was five years old, and I spent most of my childhood cooped up in my room reading books. ( A lot of it was spent in a hospital too, where reading was the only form of entertainment that I had).
  • I used to think I had a spirit looking over me. The previous owner of our house passed away in the room I stayed in and I swore I could feel his presence often.
  • I always work best under pressure. I adapted that way of working because of my procrastination. It’s not always the best way to do things but I have a pretty good track record of finishing things the night before the deadline.
  • I speak so much English daily that I end up forgetting a lot of my native language. I often have to stop mid sentence to try to think of what word I meant to use, often supplementing it with an English equivalent.
  • During High School I did so much extra credit work that I could have technically skipped the exam and still get the highest grade.
  • My favorite subject when I was in school was English, then Math in second place. I loved doing math, but a lot of the formulas never stuck with me so I would struggle when solving more complex assignments.
  • I don’t feel like my age at all. I turn 26 in August but I’m still a teen at heart. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage at times.

My nominees:

Trying to randomize these since I did one 5 days ago!

And anyone else who would like to do this one!



  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate up to 10 other bloggers of your choice.
  • Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination.


First off, thank you to Nilsa over at PinkComa for nominating me for this one, I really appreciate it! You should definitely go check out her blog.

Seven facts about me:

  • I really want to just pack my stuff and drive to a new country to settle down there, but sadly it’s not that easy.
  • I never really have a need for social interaction in real life, I don’t need to see other people on a daily basis. I guess I’m like some extreme form of introverted.
  • I have probably owned around ten cats in total in my life, I have three now and I love them to bits. One is 14 or 15, one is 12 and the youngest is 10 years old. The two youngest are half brothers, they had the same mother. All of our cats are technically rescues, their mum was a rescue we found in the woods.
  • I’ve been slowly phasing out meat from my life, still stuck on fish and fowl but it’s getting there.
  • I used to both smoke and drink a lot. I quit smoking in December 2014, I haven’t been drinking other than an occasional spiked lemonade (occasional as in like once a year) for years. I just don’t like the taste of alcohol anymore.
  • I love learning new languages, I’m currently trying to learn Russian, it’s really difficult, especially since the Cyrillic alphabet shares a lot of symbols with our own but they have different sounds.
  • I’m not really straight, but I have never told my family. My brother came out as gay and my father shunned him, I’m terrified of it ever happening to me too.

My nominees:

Liebster Award #4

July 21, 2017 — 11 Comments


I was nominated for another Liebster Award! This time it was from the lovely Grace who can be found over at Thatfeelinginside, you can read her post here. Thank you so much for thinking about me. ♥

The rules:

  • Display the award, and thank your nominator.
  • Answer the nominators questions and give 11 random facts about yourself. (I couldn’t even think of anything new for the facts, sorry!)
  • Nominate 11 blogs.
  • Notify them.
  • Give them 11 questions to answer.

Grace’s questions:

  1. What is your dream job? 
    My dream job would be working with languages, whether it was interpreting or translating, correcting, subtitling something, anything!
  2. What is the most unusual food you’ve ever eaten?
    Alligators! I mean, it’s not unusual where they are native to the fauna but for someone from the countryside in Norway, Alligators are very unusual. I had it while visiting Gatorland in Florida.
  3. Who inspires you the most?
    My friends and everyone I’ve gotten to know here, reading their blogs and seeing their accomplishments always inspire me.
  4. What does your perfect evening consist of?
    This could go one of two ways: I either spend my time alone exploring new video games, read a good book or pamper myself, or I go out having a good time with friends, chatting, having some wine, being social.
  5. What’s your favourite colour?
    My favorite color has always been a light pink, but lately blue has been my favorite when it comes to make up, along with gold. It changes frequently but pink will always be “the one”.
  6. If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?
    Them lovely people over at Bethesda, I’d like to have a lovely chat with them over a candle lit dinner, admit my love for their games and beg for the sixth installment of the Elder Scrolls games to be published soon.
  7. Favourite thing about yourself?
    My eyes! I guess it’s not really a “thing” but it’s the one part of myself I truly like.
  8. Something that never fails to cheer you up?
    Videos of cute kittens! Whenever I feel down, they’re always there on youtube to help me feel better. Snuggling with my cats in real life helps a lot too!
  9. Favourite junk food?
    Anything from Burger King? Pizza? I don’t know, I don’t really eat junk food that often to be honest! I mean, I try to make healthy pizzas full of veggies and whatnot but I suppose it counts as junk anyways?
  10. Celebrity crush?
    Meg Myers, I guess? I love everything about that woman, she is amazing! ♥ If you haven’t heard of her, she’s an artist who has kind of dark indie-ish songs.
  11. Do you have any hobbies?
    Reading, writing, playing video games, drawing.. Going for bike rides, does that count as a hobby? Sobbing into my food while watching sad videos? The last one was kind of a joke but I do this more often than I probably should.

My questions for you:

  1. Is there anything you believed to be true that you found out wasn’t true at all?
  2. If you had the opportunity to start a chain of businesses, what kind of business would it be?
  3. What would be your personal theme song?
  4. If you could be the president of the United States for one term, would you do it? If not, why not?
  5. What is your favorite childhood memory?
  6. Do you have a life hack you think no one else really uses?
  7. What is on your bucket list this year?
  8. What is your idea of the perfect vacation?
  9. What was the worst phase in life for you?
  10. Do you believe in reincarnation?
  11. Would you say you portray yourself differently online than in real life?

My questions are all random and weird, but that’s just how it is! I have done these so many times now that I don’t even know who to nominate anymore so I’ll just nominate whoever reads this! Tag, you’re it! Let me know if you’re going to do this in the comments below.

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