Who am I?

Hey there!

My name is Lise, I’m from the south-eastern part of Norway, specifically the county of Vestfold. I’m 26 years old, I’m currently unemployed because of health issues but I’m really wanting to get back into work as soon as possible. I studied interior design, I’ve studied English, I have many interests and I try to include as many as I can in my blogging. I don’t like to be confined to just one topic so you will find a great variety of topics on my blog.

Uten navn

My blog will often touch on topics such as books, make up, skin care.. Beauty in general, I suppose? It will also include varieties of lifestyle posts, possible home decorations and about anything else going on in my life. There will also be posts about food, cooking, recipes. I love being in the kitchen and it feels so rewarding to be able to produce something that will make other people happy when they consume it.

I try to stick to a schedule of posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but sometimes life gets in the way and the schedule might be altered. It used to be five days a week but that was so overwhelming, so I decided that three posts a week would have to suffice.

I post monthly summaries, one about what I have read, one about video games I have played and one for monthly favorites in general. I try to put all three posts in succession at the end of the month, granted that there is time for it. Sometimes one is posted in the beginning of the next month instead.


I chose to start my blog in May of 2016, mostly due to a lack of a creative outlet in my life. I have always loved writing, I used to have a blog in my native language but I never really stuck with it for long. I’m a lot better at expressing myself in English, and WordPress seemed like a good platform to choose. I quickly fell in love with the community as a whole and I’m so grateful for every acquaintance and friend I have made during this time. You are all amazing and I can’t wait to see what the future brings. ♥

I can be found in these places:

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter and at my email; namu@live.no

Uten navn


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