Book recommendation; The picture of Dorian Gray

Lise —  February 22, 2018 — 12 Comments

5297“The picture of Dorian Gray” is a novel that is both hated and loved by readers all over the world. Some hate it because it’s not their style of writing, some hate it because it hits too close to home, and some love it because it resonates so well with them. I, myself, love it because Dorian himself fascinate me so much. I want to know what makes him tick, what makes him act the way he does. That’s why I loved reading this one. The story telling was good, I could do with less of Lord Henry’s ramblings, but the rest worked for me. It takes quite some time for anything to actually happen, but once it does it goes downhill for Dorian quite fast. The novel is a tale of love, treachery, murder and suicide, it’s simply a beautiful mess. No, I’m not saying any of these horrible things are beautiful, it’s the way the novel is put together that is, just to make that clear.

I would recommend this if you’re into classic literature and novels that show just how sick and twisted, narcissistic and evil people can be if they’re influenced by the “right” and oh so wrong people. It left me contemplating a lot, and I really love when books do that. I know it has been made into film too, but I don’t think I would want to watch that. I have built up my own image of Dorian and I am sure he would be visually portrayed differently in any films that could be made about it.

I don’t want to say too much about the novel because I don’t want to accidentally spoil anything, so this one will be a bit short, I suppose.

Here’s a summary of the book if you’re interested in reading that:

In this celebrated work, his only novel, Wilde forged a devastating portrait of the effects of evil and debauchery on a young aesthete in late-19th-century England. Combining elements of the Gothic horror novel and decadent French fiction, the book centers on a striking premise: As Dorian Gray sinks into a life of crime and gross sensuality, his body retains perfect youth and vigor while his recently painted portrait grows day by day into a hideous record of evil, which he must keep hidden from the world. For over a century, this mesmerizing tale of horror and suspense has enjoyed wide popularity. It ranks as one of Wilde’s most important creations and among the classic achievements of its kind.

Have you read this one? What did you think about it?

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12 responses to Book recommendation; The picture of Dorian Gray


    I absolutely agree with you on Lord Henry’s ramblings! It put me off reading it twice but on the third try I stuck to it and really enjoyed it! I understand why it’s a classic. S. xx

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    ..I would say I’m in the hate camp, but if I’m being honest, I don’t really remember it. I vaguely recall not being in love with Wilde’s style of writing. Which is the break or make deal for me.

    But really, why bother with this when there are feminist classics to be read?? ๐Ÿ˜‰



      Well, each to their own, honestly! I don’t like a lot of classics, I just stuck with this because Dorian is a nutjob ๐Ÿ˜€ What are some feminist classics you would recommend? I’ve never specifically looked for any because I mostly just read about crazy people or post apocalyptic things.



        Have you read Egalias dรธtre? And if you’re OK with reading Swedish, Under det rosa tรคcket, Det kallas manhat and Det kallas kรคrlek. Some of my faves in English are The Beauty Myth, Hunger by Roxane Gay, The Women’s Room if you’re more interested in fiction, and what about The Left Hand of Darkness, have you read it?



          I haven’t read Egalias dรธtre but i can find it online, the Norwegian library has digitalized all Norwegian books so it’s easily available now. I’ll look up the others too, I’m sure I’ll find them interesting!

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    I read this awhile ago and remembered loving the idea of it just as much as I was horrified by its ending. Its definitely a must read for any lover of classics xoxo



    I read this recently on the Serial Reader app you recommended. I quite enjoyed the book, some bits were difficult to follow due to the writing style. It was a book I found I had to focus on. But Iโ€™m glad I stuck with it. Dorian is a brilliant character!



    I’ve been wanting to read this one for so long, the way it pushes the boundaries of human emotion just fascinates me and I want to get stuck in. The summer couldn’t come quicker! xx

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