5 lists of 5 things

Lise —  February 17, 2018 — 12 Comments

This is taken from Lisa’s “Endless blog challenge” series, you can find this weeks post about it by clicking here.

5 things I often say

“Uhm….” (Whenever I am in an awkward situation, which happens too often.)

“Welcome to the yellow pages, what do you need?” (My parents always call me to figure out where places they deliver to are, they don’t know how to use google maps on their phones…)

“Who’s my sweet little boy?” (Whenever I talk to one of my cats)

“Helvete” (Basically ‘Hell’)

“No.” (For whenever I am asked to do something ridiculous.)


5 things I often think

“If you don’t walk any faster I’m gonna hurt you”

“If I have to speak to one more person today I’m gonna flip”

“How can a cat be so cute when it sleeps?”

“Do I really need to eat?”



5 things I dream about at night

About post-apocalyptic scenarios

About dying

About having magical powers

About games I’ve played

About living out alternate lives

5 things I order abroad

Groceries from England


Art prints

Occasionally Make up


5 things I wish would happen before the end of the year

Getting accepted into a Bachelor’s program

Have my own place to live

Get a better life

Lose some weight

That’s pretty much it.


What would your lists look like?Β 




I'm a 26 year old girl. I love blogging about things like make up, skincare, books, video games, life, home decoration, gardening and whatnot. I love getting to know new people, let's start a conversation!

12 responses to 5 lists of 5 things


    This is such an interesting idea for a post! Love your version x

    Emily | thatcreativegenius.wordpress.com

    Liked by 1 person


    This seems like a fun post! I also order makeup, skin care & snacks from abroad (also video games since I have an American Wii & 3DS) & I hope I get accepted into a master’s program!



    Ah yes helvete, the best curse word!



    How is “Helvete” pronounced? I need to incoporate that into my vocab!
    LOL at β€œIf you don’t walk any faster I’m gonna hurt you” πŸ˜†
    I used to dream often about missing exams or forgetting to study. And about my teeth falling out.
    What a great exercise… I should do this!



    I memorized “Helvete” from PewDiePie XD
    i can totally relate to your dreams, pretty much the same

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