Trying to get more creative with food

Lise —  February 6, 2018 — 26 Comments

I’m really bad when it comes to using up all of the leftovers I have, trying to not throw out any food that could still be eaten. I don’t know why, but I have pretty much never been creative when it comes to using it up. I mentioned in my February Goals post that I want to get better at using them up so here’s one of my attempts. At first it didn’t sound like a good idea to combine these, but it had just the right taste for me to enjoy it. Here’s what I did;

1) I used two vegetable stock cubes in a liter or two of water to make a yummy base to boil the noodles in. I love making broths because they always enhance the taste of pasta.


2) I found everything I wanted to use. Wok noodles, a mixture of brown rice and veggies, and a half full pack of Quorn ground ‘beef’. I don’t use a lot at a time, maybe a quarter of the bag or less, depending on how many I’m cooking for. I still have more of it left after this.


3) I combined the rice & veggies and the Quorn in a frying pan with a lot of vegetable based ‘butter’ to make sure it didn’t burn. By now it kinda smelled like a wok dish, that’s why I thought of adding in wok noodles to make it more like a dinner and not just a lunch dish.


4) After it was done I strained the noodles, I mixed some of the broth with a bit of ketchup and some spices because I didn’t have any sweet chili sauce left and poured it over everything. It didn’t taste bad. It wasn’t a proper wok dish, but it was close enough for me to enjoy it. I could see myself make this again, but with a proper sauce this time.


Are you doing well when it comes to using up leftovers? And do you have a classic dish you go for to ensure you do so? Let me know!

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26 responses to Trying to get more creative with food


    This looks like a great way to use leftovers!
    If I have a bunch of fresh veggies to use, I make a chili. You can add onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, and meat (the Quorn ground beef would be great) with some spices then serve it with rice!



    I can have noodles or pasta dishes any day! So good!



    Pasta is a favorite of mine so I need to try boiling them in broth, thanks for sharing that! Yummy xxx



      It really makes a difference πŸ™‚ I only thought of it because most instant noodle spice packs contain soya, so I thought that maybe broth would do the same job as that πŸ™‚ x

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    Well done! I have a recipe on my page Red Dragon Pie, which is brilliant for leftovers. Also there is a brilliant website which will give you loads of ideas x



    I grew up with my Nan, who hated wasting food. I’m generally good at using things up, but for me that means eating the left-overs for lunch because I work from home. I’m not very good at being creative with them, so your post has got me thinking about that now and how I can make them into new dishes.



      Having leftovers for lunch is a good idea too! A lot of the time I make dinners that have similar ingredients so that I can use the leftovers without having to worry about flavors that won’t work together. x



    In my family there is strict rule that you have to use up all left overs, you shouldn’t waste any food unless it gets bad. So for me using up the leftovers is never an issue, I just have to do it hehe. xx



    I think everyone should try not to throw away so much food. If we look at the statistics is very worrying. Great post, hope you will open some eyes πŸ€—πŸ˜˜



    This is such a good idea, I am so bad with left overs.. really need to make an effort to use some more!xx



    That’s a good idea to utilize leftover food and make something new. This looks really yummy πŸ˜‹



    Waste not, want not – Kuddus to you for inventing and being creative. I like the idea that you started off with the broth as it does enhance and bring out the flavor of any dish.



    I love how creative you got with leftovers! I have been improving over not wasting groceries over the years, but definitely not perfect at it yet.



    Nice post with great pics!



    This looks pretty tasty!
    I like blending leftover veg in stock to make soups. Also almost anything is great in a pie!


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