January 2018 favorites

Lise —  February 1, 2018 — 3 Comments

♥ I love… Calypso Dreams Shower Gel


This is a lovely fruity bubble bath & shower gel. I don’t have a bath tub so I can’t use it as a bubble bath, but it works well as a shower gel. It smells of citrus and passion fruit and I love it. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized and nice. (yes it’s a pretty big bottle, and yes I do have small hands too..)

♥ I love… Peaches & Cream Body Lotion


After the scent of the shower gel has worn off, I love using this to give my skin a sweeter scent. It is nice and moisturizing and the scent sticks to me for quite a while. All of the lotions I typically use are scentless so this is a nice change.

♥ Natural Basics Hand Cream


I’m so into hand creams during winter, and because of work. I handle a lot of cardboard boxes and they just suck any kind of moisture out of you, it’s quite terrible. I bought a three piece set of these, the last is at work so I couldn’t include it in the picture, but they all smell so good! There’s one in Lavender, one with Verbena & Ginseng, and the last is Lotus Flower and something else that I can’t remember. They’re really good!

♥ iKON – B-DAY

♥ Sunmi – Heroine

Kinda sounds like Cheryl’s “Fight for this love”?? Is it just me?

January has mostly been a month of using up old products, working long days, helping out my dad with work and all of that so I haven’t gotten to try a lot of new things, or do a lot of new things. This month’s favorites is very short so I apologize for that. What have you been loving in January? 

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3 responses to January 2018 favorites


    I’ve been using a few “I love…” items and they’re so good! Their body butter in particular has really impressed me (I just finished the strawberry & cream one and now using the coconut & cream). If I see the Peaches & Cream, I’ll be sure to scoop it up.



    I can imagine how good that Calypso Dreams shower gel smells! I can’t believe I still haven’t tried that range yet!
    Helpless Whilst Drying


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