February 2018 goals

Lise —  February 1, 2018 — 27 Comments


Was there any goals I didn’t achieve from the month before? Yes, there was a few. I haven’t really done updates on my goals before but here goes. This list will be a mix of updates on old goals, and adding in some new goals for this month.

Exercise more. Did I? No, not really. With my mom being on holiday, I had to help my dad with his work and delivering packages and all that jazz so I have barely had time for anything at all this month. Hoping to succeed on that in February. Might be getting a work out buddy so that could help with actually getting to the gym and being motivated.

Get back into reading. As with working out, I didn’t really have time for reading either. I usually read in the evenings but my days have been so long so I pretty much fell asleep very soon after getting in bed. It’s great that I got to sleep but I would have also liked to getting some reading done. Hoping I’ll be able to do more of that in February. I really want to re-read the Metro series, so I suppose that will be my starting point.

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Apply for a bachelor’s program. I was studying English literature and language but it just didn’t feel right, the subjects weren’t really my thing, and the second year was mostly about Norwegian grammar for some reason, so I wanted to try something new. I found one for International communication and translation and that’s more up my alley. I really hope I will be accepted to study that because I really need to get a degree in something. It’s also in a city hours away from home so that will be nice to get away from everything.

Use up leftovers more often. I tend to forget about leftovers both in the freezer and in the fridge and I need to break that habit. It’s better for the environment, and for my wallet if I’m able to use it all up instead of having it go bad and then throwing it out afterwards.

Get better at planning. I haven’t been good at planning at all over the past few months and that definitely needs to change. I need to think ahead, save, plan and utilize everything I have to make my life better and less stressful.

And that’s pretty much it. I’m sure there are others things I want to achieve too but I can’t put them down in words at this moment. What are your goals for this month?ย 

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27 responses to February 2018 goals


    I love a goals post, it gives a real snapshot into someones life. Dont be too harsh on yourself with the ones you feel you havent done as well with yet, its early in the year and when there is a lot going on, it hard to get at them eh! Well done for being positive and proactive. You will do brilliant I am sure xxx



    Good luck on applying to the bachelor’s program!
    I have similar goals to you! I want to get back into exercising and start a new book. I also want to plan out some blog posts and go through my old posts to fix broken links and images.



    So many of these I can relate to, i need tk start exercising more so bad but just always seem to feel to lazy to ๐Ÿ˜ฆ love reading goals post, feel writing them is such a great way to motivate yourself to do stuff! You got this gal, Feb will be your month!xx



      It’s an eternal struggle, isn’t it? I feel lazy so often too. Writing them definitely helps motivate me, yeah! But it also makes me feel bad whenever I don’t reach my goals hehe x

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    Good luck. I’m currently focusing on my blog and social media pages, trying to grow them but it’s so hard. xx



      Thanks! Yeah growing social pages is really difficult. I tried once but gave up, hopefully yours will grow a lot this year since you’re always so active xx



    Great goals and updates. Donโ€™t be too firm on yourself, I always see goals as a gradual thing. Sometimes things take time and as long as we are getting closer to want we want then we are headed in the right direction!
    Iโ€™ve also been trying to use up my leftovers more.



    Great goals you’ve got there! Good luck with them… I also want to exercise more… still have to start with that one! The reading part I’ve got covered… should try reading when walking on a treadmill perhaps…



    I love a good old goals post! Dont worry about not meeting goals here and now, sometimes life gets in the way and they can be a long term thing so dont be too hard on yourself. My goals this month are also to exercise more x



    I’ve got two birthday celebrations to plan this month, so that is my biggest goal. also continuing to keep up with my blog planning and schedule!



    Norwegian grammar can be hard, haha. Hope you end up studying what you want to. ๐Ÿ™‚


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