Camilla Pihl Sheet Masks Review

Lise —  January 21, 2018 — 20 Comments

The Panda Mask


This is a sheet mask with a panda print on it. It is a very sturdy sheet, not fragile paper or anything like that so it is easy to unfold without ripping it. It does feel very heavy because of the quality material, and it is a little bit too large for my face. You can see it folding over below my nose and on my cheeks. It is slightly see through so I could see my eyebrows and they made me look super angry.

You’re supposed to leave the mask on for 10 minutes, then massage in the remains. Upon application, it felt a bit tingly and cool, I hadn’t stored it in any particularly cold places so it was a bit surprising. I didn’t feel any irritation while wearing it, and when I massaged in the remains, my skin absorbed almost all of it. The rest I just let dry on my skin before quickly cleansing it with some micellar water because it felt just a tiny bit tacky afterwards.  My skin loved it and I would be very inclined to buy it again when my skin needs a moisture boost.


The Tiger Mask


Like the Panda mask, this is a thick, heavy sheet mask. It was not as wide as the other, but rather too long. Even if it folded on my cheeks, it still was hanging too low to fit my mouth properly. I can’t handle when wet products touch my lips so it kinda grossed me out for a while. I managed to adjust it fairly well after a few tries but it was quite the hassle to get it right.

As with the others, you leave it on your skin for ten minutes for your skin to absorb most of the serum. This mask is brightening and not as moisturizing. It felt as if the package had more serum in it because the mask was very gloopy and sticky and it took my skin a long time to even absorb any of the serum. I ended up wiping a lot of it off with a cotton pad because my skin could not handle it. After a cleanse my skin felt super warm and almost swollen so I think there was something in it that I reacted to.. I haven’t been able to figure out just what it was. I would not buy this one again.

In conclusion, the Panda mask worked well, the Tiger mask did not. I would recommend the Panda mask if you have dry or combination skin and need a quick moisture fix.

Have you tried these masks before? What did you think of them? 

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20 responses to Camilla Pihl Sheet Masks Review


    This mask though! So cute but funny the way it looks as well



    I always see these types of masks at Winners (our version of TKMaxx) but I’m not sure if I want to look like an animal while wearing the mask. 😛



    Love this! I find printed masks fun. The panda one sounds good xx



    I’m pretty sure if i try those masks I’ll die laughing XD they look so funny but adorable at the same time. I’d probably go for the Panda one because it looks better :p



    Those masks look fun!



    I have never actually tried sheet masks before. I like the design of these and it’s great the panda one worked well. I think that would be my concern – whether it fits me or not. I can see why you weren’t keen on the tiger mask.



      Luckily the sheet masks are usually cheap enough for them to be worth a try! It’s just not fun if one doesn’t work for you at all. I could feel my skin suffering for a couple of days before it returned to normal. x

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    These masks are adorable, it’s nice the color dye has not bled either! Do they have the animal ears as well?



    I love sheet masks, but I hadn’t heard of those before. I like the idea that they are a bit thicker because it drives me crazy when they stick together and drip serum on you while you’re trying to straighten them out! I know they have to fit all faces, but I often find I could do with a smaller one too. I’d like to try the panda!



    I would totally scare everyone in my house walking with these on hahah, I usually do with any sort of mask on. xx



    Hehe these are sooo cute, shame the tiger one didn’t work very well! But maybe i’ll try the panda out, would definitely make me giggle seeing a panda face x



    No have not tried either but glad for recommendation. I like a good mask. Don’t do them enough. This was a reminder I have one from Christmas sitting in the bathroom drawer. Weekend project?



    Aww these are too cute! They look so funny, but I love them. I like the fact that you said the mask is sturdy, so often they are like wet tissue paper! I am interested in trying a few sheet masks, so will add these to me shopping list. Thanks for sharing xx



    These masks sound cute in theory, but they look a bit scary when you wear them! I haven’t used a sheet mask in a while, so I want to try the panda one!



    I love doing a home facial and have tried some facial sheets in the past. Haven’t seen these ones before though. They look fun for a girlie night in. I’ll have to check them out!


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