Let’s talk about canvas prints

Lise —  January 14, 2018 — 42 Comments

This post is in collaboration with Photowall
All opinions are my own and completely unbiased. I would never endorse a product that I was not happy with.


Recently I was contacted by a lovely company called Photowall to try out their products. They deal in wall murals and canvas prints and that is right up my alley. My walls are all textured wood panel so murals don’t work too well for me, but I love collecting canvas prints and other types of prints to decorate my walls with. I’ve shown you one of my favorites before, a print of the moon, that is hanging on the wall in my bedroom. You can see it in the background in the picture below. It has way more details than this, it has a lot of text with information about the moon and it’s phases.


I have been looking for a print or picture for a long time to match that one, and I think I have finally found it through Photowall. On their website, you can choose between stock photos they have that has been designed by various people, or you can upload your own image. I didn’t have anything in particular of my own that I wanted to print, so I looked through their selection and found a print of a vintage world map that I thought looked pretty, and that would look good next to the print of the moon.

I put in my order for the print I wanted on Friday, received my parcel on Monday evening ( I know right? That was fast!) and I was eager to see what was inside. It comes in a sturdy cardboard packaging that has been sort of zip tied shut to avoid it from opening up.


Inside I found the roll of canvas print, instructions, iron corners, the wooden DIY frame, 16 screws and something to hang the print up with.


The instructions were quite simple. Idiotproof as I usually say because I can be pretty stupid when it comes to DIY stuff. First step was just to lay the print face down on a flat surface. The corners have been pre cut to fit properly with the frame pieces.


Then you remove the tape protection thingies from the wooden pieces and carefully place them down on the canvas so it will stick to them. I’d recommend flipping them over after to make sure they’re put on properly. Once you’ve done all 4, flip them inwards so they’re all connected, fasten the iron corners with the screws and voila! One print has been put together. All that was needed after this was to hang it up and that was quite easy too.


I chose for the image to be shown on the sides of the frame but you can also choose a black edge or a white one. I just like being able to see the ‘whole’ image from every angle so that’s why I chose that one.


Below you can see it hanging next to my moon diagram. I chose a 50 x 70 cm large print to match the one I have hanging already.  The moon one is mainly black and gold, while the world map is beige, black and gold so they tie together. They also have similar shapes with the globes and moons being round. I think they compliment each other quite well and I’m so glad I went for this one.


The print itself is a very sturdy canvas material and I was very happy with the quality. It is easy for images to look kind of pixelated when they are printed like that but luckily this wasn’t at all.


I would definitely recommend their services, because their prints have a very good quality, their shipping time was quite fast and the process of ordering was really easy. You just go on their website, find a print you want or upload your own, choose sizes and add it to your cart. From there you can add a coupon code. One I have been provided with for you is: LushtivityCampaign2018 . You can use this to get 20% off your purchase, which is a pretty good deal if you ask me. The code is valid for 30 days after this post is published. Just copy and paste the code, or write it out manually. If you end up purchasing a print or mural, I hope you will be as pleased with it as I have been.

Here’s where you can find the company:

Facebook | Website | Instagram

Have you purchased any canvas prints before? What did you think of them?

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42 responses to Let’s talk about canvas prints


    love your print!!! It looks great



    Excellent, I’ve looked through their stuff but have never bought anything before – it seemed like too much hassle, but maybe I’m wrong – that looked fairly straightforward.



    This looks amazing, so surprised it came in such a small package!x



    Your print looks gorgeous with your moon diagram!



    That looks really good! Also I’m liking your walls, that shade of green is on point x



    that’s looks amazing ❤
    also congrats on this collaboration, I feel so proud of you



    You choose a lovely canvas. I love anything to do with maps! It does go really well with your moon picture too☺ x



    You chose a great print, it goes with your other one great! I agree with you about prints looking great on textured walls, I think it brings real personality to a room to do you? Great choice, thanks for sharing xx



    I love those prints ! The vintage look blends well with the green wall. Thanks for sharing, it gives some ideas 😊💕



    I love that you can assemble this yourself! Looks great



    I love canvas prints! I love it when you find the perfect one for a certain room 🙂



    I love the look of these – I’ll have to look them up 🙂
    Hope you’ve been well!



    Nice print! I have a map but much smaller than this I keep meaning to hang. Looks great! Your room looks interesting too; It would be exciting to see more 💕



    It looks great and love that it is easy to put together as like you not my strong point.



    I love canvas prints! Especially when you can put your own photos on them. They look so beautiful! I love this one as well.



    Lovely print! I like that you can chose a chose from your own image or one already available. Ive been looking for print for my room so ill have to check these out x



    It looks so good, I love the antique feel to it, so beautiful. xx



    Oh my goodness those green walls! Your place looks amazing … I’ve been looking at getting prints for awhile but there’s so much option and no sure way to knowing he quality till you get something. Will have to heck them out though, thanks for sharing xo


    briannamarielifestyle February 10, 2018 at 5:01 AM

    They look great!!
    Brianna | http://briannamarielifestyle.com/


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