Let’s talk about “Layers of fear”

Lise —  December 29, 2017 — 16 Comments


How many fucking lines of coke did the creators of this game do exactly? – A youtube commenter on the game’s trailer.

Layers of fear is a psychological horror game and it scared the shit out of me. You play as a painter who is trying to piece together his magnum opus, while experiencing hallucinations of his past at the same time. You explore a manor that seems “normal” at first but it changes as you go. You need to look for visual clues to piece everything together and it is really discomforting. There are some jump scares in the game but honestly just reading every bit of text is what makes it horrifying.


The story just gets darker and darker as you go on and the game both excited and horrified me. It reminded me a lot of “The picture of Dorian Gray”, and a quote from it is actually displayed at the very beginning of the game. I was almost expecting him to appear somewhere to take care of Basil again and it kept giving me chills down my spine for no reason. Sometimes your brain is your own worst enemy.

I would really recommend this game for anyone who loves puzzle/story driven games. If you don’t like to read, or don’t like scary games, this wouldn’t be for you. But if you do like it, I’m sure you would love it! I got the game for free from the Humble store because it was free for everyone for a while, but I don’t think it’s too expensive to buy either. Plus if you buy it through the Humble store, you support charity too.

I don’t want to say too much about it, because it would be too easy to spoil it, and it seems to be fairly procedurally generated so your experience could be a bit different from mine.

Would you play this game? Or have you played it?Β Β 

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16 responses to Let’s talk about “Layers of fear”


    I tried to post a comment but not sure if it went through, haha. I can’t play first person games sadly without getting sick. Game looks fun though. πŸ™‚



    I feel like my imagination would just go into overdrive playing this, I don’t do well with anything scary haha! xx



    This sounds like the kind of game that would make me scream, I’m so bad with stuff like this. I’d probably too scared to actually do anything in game hehe xx



    I love this game, I know it may look like a walking simulator to some but it’s VERY deep and it made me think about the painter’s mentality.



    I think my husband would love this. Might be a weird Valentine gift but I think he’d use it (unlike after shave haha).
    I can’t do scary games at night so play them rarely nowadays!



    This sounds quite good actually. I haven’t β€˜gamed’ much for a few years. I played a lot in my teens. I like scary films and puzzles. So would suit me well!



    Oh this game looks great. I’m going to tell my husband about it – he is much better at first person games than me!


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