My 2017 Year Of Music Wrapped

Lise —  December 28, 2017 — 7 Comments

After reading Lisa’s post about it here, I decided I wanted to do one of my own too. Having these yearly wrap-ups from spotify is really fun, and it’s interesting to see how my habits change over the years. My stats are very.. singular? And not as widely spread as I would have thought but it’s interesting either way.


Just 3 genres? I guess that’s what I mean by kinda singular. I don’t really branch out too much because I know what I like and I stick to it. After the overview there was a quiz, where I actually got one wrong. I thought Indie folk would be my top genre but it turns out it was Pop instead. It should kinda have been a given since Sia was my top artist but I frequently listen to a playlist called “Deep, dark Indie” so I thought that one would win.. Oh well! It’s not the end of the world that I got a quiz question wrong.

Then they talked about some generic goals for 2018, one which was given just because I have a spotify premium subscription. I didn’t really think any of them suited me so I decided to skip them here. The other two were just that I need to skip songs less and the other was to act my age?? Or something like that, I didn’t really understand that one either. The last thing the site gives you is a personalized playlist with your 100 most played songs of the previous year and then a playlist with songs similar to what you like so you can discover more music.


I’ll include my top 100 playlist here. If the embed doesn’t work, at least you can follow the link to listen to it. Have you looked up your 2017 wrapped? What did you think of it? Did it accurately represent what you listen to and your favorites of the year or were you surprised by it?




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7 responses to My 2017 Year Of Music Wrapped


    This is so cool, find it so interesting to see a review on your year of music xx



    im so jealous looking at all of these – i will definitely have to use spotify, just to see these stats xx



    Yay! Was happy to see you did this šŸ™‚

    Also. 3 genres?? That -is- quite unique! Especially since a lot of bands/artists are classified as more than one genre. I’m thinking, is Spotify really sure about only 3 genres..?

    You what I’ve figured tho, well at least in my case, they told me to act less my age, I think they’re saying listen less to rock and related and more to hip hop and similar genres that I don’t listen to. Because that’s what the kids do. I think? Hard to tell when you’re my very advanced age šŸ˜›



      I was thinking that there was something wrong with spotify since it was only 3 genres.. I honestly don’t know how they came to that conclusion.

      Ah I see! Well, I won’t do that myself.. Plus isn’t it kinda better to act your age?? I mean in most circumstances it is.


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