My current skin care routine

Lise —  November 19, 2017 — 24 Comments

My skin care routine changes rather frequently, and I alternate between products, I go for the ‘lazy’ option quite often and sometimes I use face masks often.. My skin doesn’t like it if I use the same products for an extended period of time so alternating between products that I know work for me is the best solution.

On lazy days I use only Micellar water, a toner and moisturizer, but on regular days I use a proper cleanser first before doing the rest of the steps, sometimes adding in time for a mask too.

Here’s everything I use currently.

Simple Micellar Water, Neutral Skin Tonic, L’Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water


L’Oreal Pure Clay Illuminating, Purifying and Exfoliating Gel Cleansers.


Simple Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser & Garnier Skinactive Micellar Cleansing Gel.


L’Oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask.


I honestly spend more money on skincare than I do on make up, and it has pretty much always been that way. I really hate how oily my skin gets so I’m glad that I have skincare products to prevent and help aid that. I’ve tried to not use cleansers and all but it just feels so disgusting since I get a lot of oil on my nose, forehead and chin. So yeah, if I had to choose between make up and skincare, I would definitely choose skincare.

What would you choose if you had to pick one of the two?




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24 responses to My current skin care routine


    I don’t wear a lot of makeup anymore so I have been docusing more on my skin but when I do wear makeup I like to go all out.. this is such a tough question πŸ™ˆ probably makeup really



    But. Makeup looks all crap if your skincare routine is wonky? If I didn’t wear makeup, I wouldn’t care about my skin either. I’m going with both or none!



    I have always been big on skincare products over makeup because my skin requires extra care. So I would pick skincare. Plus it is fun trying out new skincare products.



    Garnier and Simple have some of the best skin-care products! Totally have to check out the L’Oreal clay mask!!



    I’ve been fairly lucky that my skin is pretty good now, it used to be very oily when I was younger, but it’s been pretty good the past few years. I spend more on makeup, but I am starting to focus more on skincare as well πŸ™‚



    Both! I’ve got my skin pretty good and clear, so skincare has played a big part in that. I do enjoy makeup though x



    Better and clear skin is always the best option…or else what’s the point of layering makeup on unprepared skin



    I also like that Garnier Micellar water! I think I would have to choose makeup. Of course it’s terrible to sacrifice your skin, but I just love the creativity of makeup!



    I try to only use makeup from lush which is kinda skincare too? Like, when I use my colour supplement (foundation) from Lush, it genuinely improves the health of my skin over time because of the natural ingredients in there. So I guess I choose skin care – which includes makeup when it’s from Lush in my opinion! Otherwise I’d choose skincare any day (although I never leave the house without makeup on too!)



      The colour supplement never did that for my skin but I guess it just disagreed with some of the ingredients.. I’m glad it works that well for you though, if it acts like skincare then it should count like skincare too.

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