On being motivated 

Lise —  November 3, 2017 — 16 Comments

Today I attended one, or well, technically two lectures about motivation. I’m in a work experience program to find a job suitable for the leg injury I have. My work consultant keeps signing me up for different jobs and lectures and I’m experiencing so much compared to what I used to. My anxiety has also gotten a lot better because I make myself attend everything and socialize with people.

Today was two different lectures by two different lecturers, one being a somewhat elderly Swedish man called Mats Peterson. He’s experienced with nutrition and working with athletes and helping people better their life through food, sleep and exercise. He was a very engaging lecturer, bringing his personal experience to the table in a humorous way, using sarcasm to get us to understand and I thought it was really good. It left me feeling motivated for eating the right things, for doing gentle exercises just to stay mobile and to make sure I get enough sleep every night. He also talked about hormones, about serotonin, melatonin and the other hormones that affect you on a daily basis. If you ever get the chance to listen to his lectures (either in Norway or Sweden), I would definitely recommend it. He’s not a guy who shuns everything that isn’t good but he emphasizes just how well things can be.

The other lecture was by a guy named Kjetil Kristoffersen. He mostly spoke about his experiences and how no one is entitled to tell you that you cannot achieve what you want in life. He spoke about how life had went against him and how he was always scared to take a risk and never got rewarded. Then eventually he thought like “fuck it, i’ll just do it” and he eventually succeeded. It was really good motivation and it also encouraged you to not just settle for what you have but try to achieve more if it is possible.

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He reminded me a lot of Shia Labeouf when he spoke, really energetic and trying to get us all to be as engaged as he was. He didn’t use humor as much as the other guy, but it honestly wouldn’t be as good if he did, it needed a more serious tone.

I feel like I have a more positive mindset now, at least for a little while. But anything is better than nothing, right? Do you have anything you do to try to motivate yourself?




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16 responses to On being motivated 


    Aaw this is great. Sometimes lectures or talks can really make you feel great and like you can achieve great things☺ x

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    This all sounds really good and positive! 😀 I love that feeling when you feel super motivated and ready to tackle the world, and I also really like to try to motivate my friends and family members myself when they feel like their life has slowed down. Glad that things are looking up for you 🙂 x

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      That’s nice of you to motivate others! I just hope they do that for you too so it doesn’t feel like you’re giving it all and receiving nothing in return x



    Motivation is such a nebulous concept because it’s so individual and often changes depending on the situation. Sometimes I need no incentives, sometimes I do. I’d say I’m pretty goal oriented so envisioning the outcome helps for me.
    Glad the lectures inspired you!



      That is very true! I haven’t thought about it in that way.. Sounds like you have a good way of getting motivated though! I kinda do the same with my “this months goals” posts to try to stay motivated to complete them 🙂



    We all need a little motivation in our life! This is great and much needed!

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    Well done you for going to those lectures – sometimes just hearing it from someone else is incredibly motivating in itself! I love listening to really energetic music to get the adrenaline going, that usually does the trick personally xx




    Awesome post! Great to share your experiences 🙂



    It’s great when something makes you feel real motivated. Then is the time to do something before the feeling wears off. I’ve had this happen all too often!


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