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Lise —  October 23, 2017 — 10 Comments

This tag was introduced to me by Lisa through her Endless blog challenge posts. It was a  tag originally created by makeupTIA, focused on skincare.

  1. What is your skin type?
    I have combination skin, I think! It really depends on the season. During the summer its more on the oily side, during winter its more dry. It feels pretty much perfect during autumn.
  2. How do you store your skincare?
    My skincare is all over the place. Face washes and masks are in the bathroom, lip balms, toners, micellar waters and so on are on my vanity in my bedroom. Some hand creams are here and there and yeah, it’s everywhere!
  3. Favorite ingredient?
    Tea tree oil! It has helped me to vanish so many zits and red spots! It’s a real life saver, honestly.
  4. Most indulgent product?
    I used to have an Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip balm thing… It cost almost 200 NOK (which is crazy for just a lip balm), plus it wasn’t cruelty free either so I’m not buying it again. It felt really good on my lips though.
  5. Best budget buy?
    Most of my skincare are budget buys because I always wait for sales to purchase them. Conveniently they are very frequent so I get most of it half off from
  6. Do you use any tools?
    No, I do not! My skin is very, very sensitive and I’m scared that a thing like the Clarisonic could damage it. I use a brush to apply face masks though, it’s very convenient. I should probably invest in one of those silicone applicators too.
  7. Best mask?
    Again, it’s not a cruelty free product, but the best mask I have used is the black charcoal and clay mask from L’Oreal. It’s called glow or something like that. It just makes my skin feel so soft, nourished and wonderful. It has never felt better than when I use it.
  8. Best multi-use?
    I don’t really have anything that is multi-use. I buy things for specific purposes and use them for those specific purposes.
  9. If you had to stick to only one brand, what would it be?
    I don’t really know any brand that has absolutely everything I need, but maybe Simple? They’re cruelty free at least and I use both a foaming cleanser and micellar water from them. Those are like the two most needed items that I have.
  10. Best spot treatment?
    Any kind of tea tree oil serum. Doesn’t matter where it’s from as long as it is tea tree.
  11. Favorite step of your skincare routine?
    Masks! They’re so soothing, require minimal effort and makes my skin feel so good. Maybe cleanser too, it’s nice to have oil free skin for a while.
  12. What’s on your skincare wishlist?
    Hmm, not sure! I’m pretty pleased with what I have and use now. I don’t really want to buy any really expensive things. However, I wish that Vita would take in the Age defense toner again, it’s been gone for ages.


Feel free to do this one too if you want!
It’s always fun to read what others have to say.





I'm a 26 year old girl. I love blogging about things like make up, skincare, books, video games, life, home decoration, gardening and whatnot. I love getting to know new people, let's start a conversation!

10 responses to The skincare tag


    Do you specifically prefer foaming cleansers over other cleansers? Just asking because lately I’ve come across so much material on how you should not be using foaming cleansers, I’ve basically been brainwashed (i.e. literally afraid of the foaming cleansers I already have).

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      I switch between gel and foaming just to give my skin a break from each now and then.. why are they bad? D:

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        According to Caroline Hirons: “to get foam you need to use a surfactant – and a surfactant turns your skin alkaline. Alkaline skin is like a petri dish for bacteria.” There are supposed to be exceptions, but very, very few.

        Also, supposedly, they dry out your skin, which will make it try to compensate the dryness by producing more oil.

        I say supposedly because it’s not as if I’ve done research on it, I’m just retelling what I’ve read/heard. A part of me is like “is it really that bad though..?” But I do find myself giving my foaming cleaners a very suspicious look. 😛

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          yikes, that doesn’t sound good. I always double cleanse, with a foaming one and then a micellar water + toner afterwards so maybe it won’t be as bad for me D: I haven’t noticed being more oily or drier after using the Simple foaming cleanser but if I do notice a difference I would probably stop using it D:

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    I have combination skin too which is very sensitive as well. I tried using the Mary Kay cleansing brush and was astounded because it didn’t irritate my skin but actually decreased redness and breakouts. If you’d ever wanna look into getting that, I really recommend it. It seems a lot gentler than similar products like a Clarasonic. (:

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    I tried the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour balm and hated the smell of it! I do think it’s great for protecting lips overnight but I couldn’t get past the scent!
    I have sensitive skin too and have avoided the Clarisonic but recently took the plunge with the Clinique brush – I read that it’s more gentle and I have to agree! I’ve been using it every morning and it’s helped my skin! Plus, it’s less expensive than the Clarisonic.

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      The scent seems to be a hit or miss for many of their products! I didn’t dislike the balms but I dislike the scent of some of their creams.

      I haven’t heard of that brush before but I’ll definitely Iook into it! Thanks for the recommendation! 😊

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    I’m combination skin to!!! I also have hand cream all around the house and in the most random of places from the car to work!! Great tag!! xx

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