Throwback Thursday

Lise —  October 12, 2017 — 12 Comments

This throwback won’t go very far, just back to the Christmas holiday of 2016, leading up to New years. Christmas is pretty much my favorite holiday, although I’ve always had to work during it. This year I will finally have some time off so I’m looking forward to it while reminiscing about last years Christmas. My sister invited us over to her apartment for Christmas so that will be fun.

Besides working, I spent my time making hot chocolates, baking gingerbread cookies, and then I spent some of new years eve playing a game called Year Walk, which is based on Swedish folk lore. It’s rather creepy but also very cool, and it contains a lot of puzzles and symbols you need to remember, as you can see by the drawings I did on my hand. Afterwards I went outside to watch the fireworks, it was really nice.

I’m just hoping this year will be as good, hopefully even better!
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12 responses to Throwback Thursday


    Oh my how lovely! I wish I was that organised and festive, my Christmas is usually just a flurry of last-minute shopping! ;-; Definitely want to try gingerbread cookie baking this year x



      Ah, I used to do that too, but then I realized I could save so much time by planning and organizing instead πŸ˜€ Baking is so worth it, it tastes extra good when you make it yourself x

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    Christmas holidays are always the best! It’ so nice to spend time with your family during the festive season! Here’s to a great holiday this year! πŸ™‚ S. xx



    At least you never bake, can’t bake to save my own life 🀣. Hope you Get some time off and enjoy Christmas at your sisters this time around …



    🀣🀣 meant to be,”at least you can bake”…my phone has issues



    Year Walk? Sounds like an interesting game. Oh Christmas is so magical? Baking is always fun although I’m not so good at it but I like to eat sweets. Yum yum πŸ™‚



    Such heart-warming, delicious memories. Definitely makes me excited for the holidays again! πŸ™‚

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