What/Who inspires you? – October blogging challenge #10

October 10, 2017 — 2 Comments

For this one, I’ll just dedicate this to the amazing women in the world who I admire or who inspire me and compile a list of them, in no specific order.

Lindsay Jones – Voice actor, entertainer, mother.


Amy Poehler – Actress, writer, comedian.


Elyse Willems – Entertainer, producer.


Meg Turney – Cosplayer, model, former content host at Rooster Teeth.


Chelsea Wolfe – Singer/Artist


Meg Myers – Singer/Artist


Elena Tonra – Vocalist in Daughter


So there you go, some of the women in my life who inspire me, or who I admire.
Who would be on your list? 


This post is a part of the October Blogging Challenge. Feel free to join in too! It is a great way of planning out posts for an entire month. You don’t have to post every day, you can group days together too if you don’t want to post as frequently.

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2 responses to What/Who inspires you? – October blogging challenge #10


    On my list: Roxane Gay. She makes me want to go out and do things. Such as get PhD (which I am in no way cut out for). + smart and funny. Present day Simone de Beauvoir? Possible.

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    Amy Poehler is on my list for sure too!

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