Trying out beauty trends: Lipstick as blush

Lise —  October 5, 2017 — 12 Comments

Sounds rather sticky, right?

I have both heard about and seen people use their lipstick or lip tint as a blush but I have never really wanted to try it.. Mostly because it sounds awfully sticky and I’m honestly not great at blending at all. Most of my lipsticks are purple too so I end up looking super flushed, as you can see in the picture below. I used to have a lip tint that doubled as a blush but I think I had an allergic reaction to it so I threw it out sometime earlier this year.

From what I found when researching this, you could either apply the lipstick directly onto your cheeks, or use your fingers to blot your lips after application and then dab whatever you blot off onto your cheeks afterwards. I tried just applying it directly onto my cheeks, and boy, did I not know how much or little I needed. My first attempt made me end up looking like a clown, but with a little bit of practice I ended up with what you can see below. It’s not the worst, but certainly not the best either as I could blend it out more to make it look natural. The downside with doing that though is that it wouldn’t show up as well in pictures, and how could I illustrate what I did without that?


(The lipstick I used is Mauve Mania by Maybelline)

I’m not sure if it is a trend I would continue to follow, especially not since my cheeks are naturally flushed anyways. It doesn’t really matter how much foundation I put on top because somehow the redness shines through anyways. Luckily it’s not the brightest red in the world but it is enough to be noticed.

I think I honestly would rather invest in a proper blusher instead. I do prefer powders to the feeling of sticky lipstick on my cheeks so it’s not really any big decision I need to make. Would you use your lipstick as a blush if you’re in a pinch? Or is this something you do already? Let me know! I’m curious to read your answers.




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12 responses to Trying out beauty trends: Lipstick as blush


    I did more or less the opposite today; forgot all my lipsticks back home, put some red-ish eyeshadow on my lips, lip balm on top. (It looked really weird with naked lips and bright green eyeshadow). Worked surprisingly well.

    But ehm. Lipstick on my cheeks? It just sounds like that would not be good for the skin. I’m with you on the powders on the cheeks, totally.

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    I do. I used a pale pastel pink lipstick during the summer because I ran out of blush. Now I have a proper blush I use regularly.



    I’ve not tried a lipstick as a blush but have tried a lip and cheek tint. They feel less sticky😊 x

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    I think I would ruin my whole makeup application trying to use lipstick as blush xD If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, I’ll stick with powder πŸ˜‚ You did a much better job than I would have!



    Not gonna lie to you, this is one of my lazy habits when I just cba with life but can’t afford to look like a zombie. On the plus side, the lipstick tends to last longer than powder might, at least on my face anyway πŸ˜›

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    I would definitely struggle with this, I am not good with cream products, I think powder is just so much easier.


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