October goals

Lise —  October 1, 2017 — 14 Comments


oct goals


Finish reading these. Anything with a strike through them was from the past month’s reading list and have been completed. I feel like the list just grows bigger and bigger each time, I really need to dedicate more time to reading. Maybe. I guess at least five books a month is good, right? It could have been way worse.

  • Daughter of the drow by Elaine Cunningham
  • American Gods by Neil Gaiman (Started but didn’t finish)
  • A Warriors Journey by Paul Thompson and Tonya Cook
  • Last flight by Liane Merciel
  • The Masked empire by Patrick Weekes
  • War for the oaks by Emma Bull
  • Death from a top hat by Clayton Rawson
  • The nature of the universe by Fred Hoyle
  • Saturn by Ben Bova
  • Terrifying Tales by Edgar Allan Poe
  • The Invisible Man by H.G Wells
  • Coraline by Neil Gaiman
  • Wuthering Heights by Emily BrontΓ«

Buy more frozen veggies. I tend to never use up any fresh veggies in time, so it would really save me money to buy them frozen. I mostly use them in soups and stews so it wouldn’t really make a difference for me whether they’re fresh or frozen, honestly.

Get better at planning ahead. I often find myself sitting there, just wondering what to do next or what my plan really is. I need to schedule, I need to plan, I need to figure out what to and when to do it. Why is it so difficult when it in theory should be easy? People say you should just enjoy life and live for now, but it stresses me out so badly to not have any plan whatsoever.

Exercise more. Again, always, it’s a constant struggle. At times I feel like I’m doing great, at times I’m doing not so well. I do work out fairly regularly but I guess I’m just not doing enough. Gotta push myself to be better. It’s a struggle but it should definitely be possible.

Stop being impulsive. Especially when it comes to purchasing things. I need to think twice before buying something. Do i really need it? Will I use it more than once before discarding or abandoning it? I’ve never been good at that and I’ve often purchased something just because I think I need it at that moment. Then I never use it again… I hope I’m not the only one so I can stop feeling so bad about it.

Do even better at this work program. I’ve been attending weekly meetings, going on weekly hikes and walks with a group of people, I’ve been working out and now I’m getting more work experience by helping out at a grocery store a few times a week. It is definitely better than having nothing to do and I’m really looking forward to getting more work experience from other places too. I’ve worked at a grocery store before and it wasn’t my favorite thing to do but it’s way better than nothing. Plus, the more I do the more money I get.

Spending less. That was one of my goals for September, and I really have! I guess it’s a given since I’ve had no income, but I’ve been very good at sparsely using any money. I’ve only purchased what is absolutely necessary. Sadly my skin has suffered from that since I can’t afford the luxury of the skincare products I’ve used.. Really looking forward to getting back on track with that when I get paid this month!


What are your goals for October?





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14 responses to October goals

    Coyote from Orion October 1, 2017 at 10:18 AM

    Got to write a Pathfinder adventure within the next week.



    I really need to stop spending too, we got this girl!



    Don’t leave me alone in the Impulsive Club XD i can’t stop buying stuff I’m sure I don’t need, i mean they look cute at that moment but .. that’s it.



      I’d love to not leave you alone, but I haven’t had a paycheck since june so it’s pretty much impossible for me to be impulsive when I need to save what little I have for bills xD Maybe i’ll be more impulsive when I get money again in the middle of October.



    I’m considering slapping a spending ban on myself. Not just this month but for about the next six months. Question is, would it backlash in the end? Kinda like the binge purge cycle? Mindfullness is an option of course, but I don’t trust my mind. It thinks we need ALL the things.



      Hmm, good question! For me it would probably go either of two ways; binge purchasing, or realizing I never needed it all along. I’ve kinda been on a ‘ban’ since I had to quit my job and there are a lot of things I wanted that I realized I didn’t need… but the urge to buy new things is always there…

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    exercise more and spend less are my two main goals but it’s sooo difficult. Good luck with your goals lovely xx



    Good luck with your goals huni. You can do it. I went months without exercising so I know how easy it is to not do and it takes effort to start but you’ll feel great😊 Also I hear you on spending. I’m either great at not buying things or impulsively buy things that cost too much x


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