Trying out beauty trends: fake freckles

Lise —  September 22, 2017 — 10 Comments

We all want what we can’t have, right?

That seems to be a recurring theme with these beauty trends, trying to achieve something new or improve on what we have already. I have always had some freckles but I spend less time in the sun now and that just means they won’t be as visible anymore. But luckily we can just.. draw on whatever we want and make it look somewhat natural.

There are a ton of different kind of freckles out there, and types that have been popular on YouTube are freckles made with eyeliners or eyebrow pencils, with colored pencils or with gold foil or other thin sheet metal to make it look extra special. I’m very wary of putting things on my face so I just opted for trying it with one of my Eyebrow micro pencils, especially because the tip of it is thin so it would be easier to make smaller dots.

Here’s an example of a foiled freckle, it’s really pretty (though I didn’t try it, I feel like it deserved a mention because it’s so beautiful). This video is by an ASMR creator called ASMR Glow, she has done many different foiled freckle looks.

Anyways, here’s my attempt:


As you can see on my skin above, I naturally have a few spots on my face, especially on my cheeks but there’s not really any noticeable freckles there. That’s why I wanted to try to draw some on.


Here’s the first attempt, no blending whatsoever, just adding random spots to my cheeks and on my nose to make it a more uniform look. It would be very weird to only have freckles on your cheeks and absolutely nowhere else.


In the last picture here I took some setting powder on a brush and gently blended it into the skin, trying to diffuse the freckles to make them even more natural and less obvious. I really think it worked, it looked even better in real life than in this picture so it could definitely be something I would try again. I used a warm brown shade to make the freckles, but I honestly think a more cool toned pencil would make them look better since most of the hair on my head is jet black. That in contrast with my very pale skin would make a warm tone look weird if it was more obvious and not blended in like how it is here. I guess my next quest will be to find a good neutral toned pencil that I can actually use on my brows too.

Is this a trend you would try? Or do you have enough freckles naturally? Let me know!




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10 responses to Trying out beauty trends: fake freckles

    Michala • Reviews à La Mode September 22, 2017 at 11:16 AM

    Fake freckles are really doing the rounds lately. The foiled/glittery one is lovely though. I would try that myself on top of my own frecks. I saw someone mix some water into a gel eyeliner and splattered it on their face my using a paintbrush, it looked natural.



    I didn’t even know take freckles existed! As a naturally-freckled person I’m not sure how I feel! 😁



    Wow, I’ve always been a big fan of freckles! Whenever I knew someone who had freckles, I’d tell them how jealous I were of them, and they’d usually tell me that they wish they could get rid of them and give them to me! I was literally thinking just yesterday about how much I like freckles, I may very well try drawing them on with makeup soon :O

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      I was always jealous of freckles too! Whenever I play a game and have the choice to make a very freckly character, I always do it because it looks so nice! I’m curious to see what you would look like though, you should totally make a post about it 😀

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    This is just so weird to me. As if makeup didn’t take long enough to put on as it is?


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