It wasn’t supposed to be used like this…

Lise —  September 20, 2017 — 5 Comments

This blog post is part of Lisa’s “Endless blog challenge”. She posts new topics every Sunday, often following a theme, and you can use as many or as few of them as you want that week as inspiration for new blog posts. Head over to her latest challenge post for this weeks topics.

I have some things that I use in different ways than what they were meant for..

One being my hair straightener / flat iron. I use it to curl my hair sometimes, a lot of people do actually so it’s not like its anything new and exciting, but it’s a start! I just can’t ever be bothered to purchase a proper curling iron because I know I wont ever use it and it would just feel like a waste of money to invest in it.

The next thing would be the sunburst kind of decoration on my wall. It is a metal thing for warm cooking pots to rest on but it was so pretty so I hung it up on my wall instead for decoration. It might have something to with it being golden, I might have an obsession with that… But I just couldn’t help it. It looks very nice where it hangs over one of my bookshelves.


Wine bottle as water bottle for my plants. I found a cherry wine bottle left behind by my dad that had a screw on cap and I thought it would be perfect to keep water in for my succulents. Alternatively, one could punch a few holes in the cap to be able to gently sprinkle water when you turn the bottle upside down. I used to have one like that but it got pulled out of my window by the wind and smashed down in the tiles beneath my window.

Dusting powder for my sheets. Dusting powder is originally made to be use on your skin to absorb moisture and make it feel silky soft. A lot of people use it as a body perfume, others to avoid chafing in certain areas. I use it in my sheets to make my bed smell good. Dusting powder is pretty much just glorified corn starch in a bottle. My absolute favorites comes from Lush, and are called “Silky underwear” and “Mr. Sandman”. One smells a bit like jasmine and the other smells like muted lavender, it really helps me sleep.

A wall hanging for my music box. The container I keep it in that is mounted on the wall was originally a box for a gift set of artisan fruit jams for those people who are very invested in the crackers and cheese lifestyle and wanted to add in a bit of jam to the mix. The box belonged to my grandmother and I drilled a hole in it to hang it up and use it as a display for my Howl’s moving castle music box to avoid it from becoming dusty. It works quite well. It has a glass lid that I can slide up and down to take it out from the box.


I’m sure that there are plenty of other things that I use in other way than their intended purpose, but these were the ones I could think of from the top of my mind.

Do you have anything you use in other ways that what they were made for?






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5 responses to It wasn’t supposed to be used like this…


    I was trying out the curling with straightener thing the other day. There’s a trick to it right? It can do it on my left side, but the curls keep ending up the wrong way on my right side. Can’t get my head around it.

    Watering plants with a wine bottle seems quite smart! I might give that a go.



      Its some weird science I can’t get behind either, My curls are always wonky too! I’ve just accepted it though..

      It’s really neat, gives you a use for old bottles. I love using them as candle holders too!

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    I don’t have space in my life (or tiny apartment) or uni-taskers, so I truly appreciate the ingenuity of making the most of what you have. I don’t own any vases and usually put flowers in drinking glasses, as one small example.

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    I like the dusting powder idea, thanks! And didn’t know Lush sold them.


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