Woman Crush Wednesday

Lise —  September 13, 2017 — 11 Comments

This topic is part of Lisa’s “Endless blog challenge” where she posts suggestions for topics every Sunday. It’s a really nice way to get some inspiration and ideas for new posts.

So here it is, my Woman Crush Wednesday post about..

Elyse Willems

Image result for elyse willems

Information taken from the Funhaus wiki.

Biographical information




May 3rd, 1986 (age 31)

Productions information



Content Creator

Additional information



Notable Facts

Funhaus member

Married to fellow Funhaus member,Β James Willems.

Elyse is a member of the comedy/gameplay youtube channel Funhaus. She joined a couple of years ago when two members departed and has been with them since. Her husband is also part of the channel. To many, she is one of the few women that has been able to join an all male group without ruining the dynamic. She has an incredible sense of humor, a massive love for muppets and she’s the mother of an adorable pup named Benson. Benson always comes to her rescue whenever something scares her.

Image result for elyse james and benson

She always says she’s the most comfortable playing someone that isn’t her so her personality on screen isn’t the same as in real life, you can see more of that in interviews. She’s just a massive sweetheart overall and I love how she has no problem with using self deprecating humor or talking shit about women for the sake of comedy. My sense of humor is very crude so that’s probably why her persona appeals to me in the way it does. The world also needs more women who don’t give a fuck about gender roles and play around like “how guys would”.

She also inspires me to be the best version of myself, and I’m always hoping to have a relationship like what James and her has, they’re pretty much made for each other. They aren’t really doing any pda on the Funhaus channel, but they do livestreams of games together and post them on James’ personal youtube channel. I’ll include a short compilation of clips, they would probably be more entertaining if you knew of her beforehand.

Who would be your woman crush?





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11 responses to Woman Crush Wednesday


    Excellent choice! Someone complete new to me.

    Liked by 1 person


    she seems fun 0.0



    I’ve not heard of Elyse, thanks for introducing me to your woman crush! πŸ™‚ And yay, she’s Canadian!



    Ooh it was interesting to learn about Elyse as I hadn’t heard of her before😊 If I had a woman crush it’d be Olivia Palermo. Must be her classic and elegant look I love x


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