Top 5 Friday : Favorite things about Autumn

Lise —  September 8, 2017 — 30 Comments


I feel like I’m doing these posts yearly now, always expressing my love for the darker months of the year. I’m fine with it though, there’s just so much to like about Autumn so it can definitely have more than one post dedicated to it!

  1. Being able to wear cozy sweaters without dying. I love big, comfy sweaters, and the summer months are not exactly ideal for wearing them. The autumn weather however is perfect for it. Sometimes it gets a little warm in the afternoon but I’m willing to look past that because I’m stubborn and just have to wear them anyways.
  2. Being able to light candles earlier in the evening. It’s not as nice to light candles when it’s still bright outside so having darker evenings helps set the mood when you can light candles and have them burning all night. Just remember to put them out at some point, no one wants a fire to happen.
  3. Having so much fresh produce available. I love having fresh cabbage, fresh veggies and whatnot available for making wonderful stews and soups. Autumn is the perfect season for comfort food and all of the fresh veggies makes that an easy task to accomplish.
  4. Crunchy leaves. The child in me still loves the satisfying feeling when you step on a leaf and it crunches beneath your shoes. I don’t think that particular feeling will ever go away, to be honest.
  5. Pumpkin spice. Just to be a basic bitch, pumpkin spice is great! I know it’s mostly cinnamon, and that’s what i love the most about it. I love cinnamon rolls, cinnamon added to hot chocolate, cinnamon added to porridge and lord knows what. If i can have cinnamon with something, I sure as heck will!

What is your favorite season?Β 





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30 responses to Top 5 Friday : Favorite things about Autumn


    I love crunchy leaves ahh! Will literally go out of my way to step on one πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ˜­πŸ˜­



    I always know autumn has arrived when Starbucks start serving Pumpkin Spiced Lattes! I agree candles and knitwear make me feel so cosy.



    Ohhh I love this post – you’ve given me some major Autumn excitement! I can’t wait for fluffy socks, jumpers and candles xx

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    I am with you on the cinnamon! People who don’t actually like cinnamon and only have it because it’s supposedly healthy, those are some highly suspicious people.

    Also, roasting carrots with cinnamon, bit of chili and agave, have you tried it? In my opinion, highly underrated combination.



    Love this post! Autumn is also my favourite season! Also Cinnamon EVERYTHING ! x

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    I love summer most, but I do love lighting candles and gettimg cosy. I quite like autumn it’s just winter I hateπŸ˜‹ xx



    I’m not a fan of autumn, I must admit, but I don’t entirely mind the return of pumpkin spice…



    I love Autumn because the weather is perfect (not too hot or too cold) and the leaves changing colors is beautiful



    Ahh love it all!!! Best time of the year!

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    This just made me sooo excited for Autumn!!



    Yeah. I agree with everything you said. I love fall!

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    Man, I miss seasons so much!! I never realised I would but as everyone is transitioning into autumn all I want to do is layer up and have a hot chocolate in front of a fire! haha, not going to happen in Bangkok but I can dream right?! x



    I like your post 😊.


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