Do I have a book hoarding problem?

Lise —  August 16, 2017 — 19 Comments


Do I really think it’s a problem? No. Could I have acquired e-books to save space? Probably, but I much prefer to have a physical book in my hand. Gives me fewer headaches too. I’m not too keen on having a screen in front of me at all times. It used to be my favorite thing, now it is just a nuisance.

I used to collect games, collect magazines, but they never gave me that same sense of accomplishment as collecting books does. They didn’t smell as good either. I recently purchased a 20-fantasy-books-bundle thing and they all smell like incense because the storage facility they were in stored that too, and I love it. I don’t think I have ever owned a book that didn’t smell good. Does this talking about smelling books make me seem weird? If you enjoy smelling books too I’m sure you will understand me.

My collection mostly consist of fantasy books, some books based on video games, some books that have been made into movies, things like that. When I read, I really enjoy being able to escape into a world different from ours. I don’t necessarily want an altered reality, I just want something different, something that doesn’t feel like the world we know at all. I love learning about new worlds, new characters, new ways of living, magic, dragons, the lot. I also love post-apocalyptic stuff, for those who know me, they know that the Fallout game series is one of my favorites, and it is post-apocalyptic. It is a bit contradictory because it just shows a different version of what could be our future, but it still feels like a whole new world because, you know, do you think the world will be almost completely annihilated by atomic bombs by tomorrow? I sure hope not


This is just what I keep in my bedroom. I have a few more shelves full of books. If you notice any silver lines on them, it is books I have read, or re-read this year. 





Some may think it’s a waste to spend so much money on books, but honestly, I buy almost everything on sale, or in bundles, I do everything I can to spend as little as possible. I really enjoy going to thrift stores to find cheap and old books too. I also have a few in my collection that were left behind by my grandmother who passed away in December. Some of the books are really old, the oldest from 1927, the second oldest from 1934. They still smell like her house and I enjoy just looking through them sometimes.

I don’t even really know why I wanted to write this post, I suppose I just wanted to talk about books for a while, about how happy they make me. My fondest memories of my childhood is from reading, staying up late with a small flashlight to read, hiding away from my parents. There was also a library on wheels, a bus that was modified with a lot of book shelves. It used to visit where I lived every other Wednesday, I was their most frequent visitor. Our library was never really open so this was pretty much my only way of borrowing books as a child. I’m so grateful for what they all did for me back then, and I’m so sad that it no longer exists. I guess I will just have to start driving to the next city over to borrow books, or just continue to purchase and hoard like I do now.

Do you have any fond memories of reading? Or do you hoard books like I do?





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19 responses to Do I have a book hoarding problem?


    I have the same issue! I love to read and once I’ve read a book I can’t bring myself to get rid of it!

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    I have exactly the same issue – they are overspilling from my 3 to the celling bookshelves… I want a library when I buy my house so I need to collect them all!! Zx



    My SO is like you – he likes the smell, feel and weight of books. He also likes to keep books after he’s read them. Me? I discovered e-readers and never looked back! And I don’t see any point in keeping a book after I’ve read them… I hardly ever re-read a book.



    Never feel guilty about buying books I would say, just think of people who have enough books to have their own mini library. The dream surely?



    Favorite place is my local library. Books are the ultimate way to eacape.



    I too adore books and my dream is to own a house that is big enough to use one room as a library. Imagine! I do tend to pass my novels on, but always keep my non fiction books x



    I don’t think it counts as hoarding when it’s books 😊. I love the feeling of a physical book too, and can’t imagine not being surrounded by books. I often enjoy just looking at the books on the shelf.

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    I am terrible at letting books go, even if I know I’m unlikely to read it again! Every year or so I do go through my bookcase and send a few off to the charity shop for others to enjoy. But it’s hard!



    Same. I hoard books. I agree, I like a Physical book better than the screen, but the screen is handy when hubby is sleeping and I still want to read 😜. I also hid from my parents under the covers to read with a flashlight!


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