Trying out beauty trends: Colored Eyebrows

Lise —  August 9, 2017 — 42 Comments

Have you ever tried to dye your eyebrows?

I sure haven’t, I’m terrified of ever putting anything harmful near my eyes. However, i saw this trend in many articles (mostly about catwalk trends), done with both liquid lipsticks, colored mascaras and eye shadows and I decided I wanted to try it. I’ve read in many places that you can use a shade that matches your hair to dye your brows to make it look softer and more ‘natural’, but I don’t really think that pink or red brows would ever really look natural.. Well, ginger red brows would look natural!

If I was to follow the same logic, I should have just used a black or dark brown pencil, something I do already so it wouldn’t really be too exciting. However, if you’re going to wear a bright wig, or a wig that differs from your natural color, you should probably try to match it. This is often done with cosplay, where the characters have either blue, pink, red or any other colored hair and it would be “natural” for them to have brows in the same shade.

I looked through a whole bunch of pictures and decided on trying three different colors, with three different application methods.


For this one I used two of the liquid lipsticks I have from Makeup Revolution. One was a bright red, and the other was slightly darker. I wanted it to look like the color had a bit of depth. I used an angled brush to apply the color, following the natural shape of my brows. It was a bit messy and I had to clean up the edges a lot with a smaller brush soaked with oil infused micellar water. The red was the first color I tried, I honestly should have saved it for last because it was so difficult to remove. I think it would look nicer if my hair was still as bright red as it was, now it’s orange-y brown.



For the blue I used a eye shadow pencil. The one I had was from L’Oreal and it was in the shade Ocean Blue. One thing I hadn’t noticed was that it contains a bit of shimmer. It didn’t look bad but I wasn’t expecting it. The pencil is very soft so it felt and looked kind of like a pomade. It wasn’t the worst, but it didn’t feel too good after a while. The blue was also difficult to remove because this eye pencil is very pigmented.



You wouldn’t have guessed that it was gold, right? My gold obsession lives on and I decided trying to have gold eyebrows would be like the best idea ever. It could maybe have been that if I had a liquid gold product. What I used here was a wet eye shadow brush and golden eyeshadow, the one from the 24k NUDES palette from Maybelline. The color didn’t show up too well on camera but it looked slightly metallic in real life at least. I think this turned out the worst out of the three and I would never try it again..


All in all, I think colored brows would work if they had a purpose, like completing a cosplay costume or for festivals and whatnot!

Have you tried out colored brows before? Is it a trend you could have worn?

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42 responses to Trying out beauty trends: Colored Eyebrows


    I always find coloured brows quite fun to do sometimes (I’d never just wear out randomly but like you said for cosplay or fancy dress it’s so fun). I know exactly what you mean about it being awful to get out, liquid lipstick is a mare to get out of brows πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ xxx



    I’ve drawn on brows using a red eyeshadow couple times. And yes, I did wear it outside the comfort of my home. I dunno. If I’m going to wear brows then it’s an option. Felt less weird than most of my actual brow products. Not that -that- necessarily means anything at all. Still prefer no brows obvs.



      Well, i honestly think the red brows would suit you though, if you’re going to have any brows at all! Especially with the red color you have in your picture, i think it would look really nice! I wish I could be as comfortable with no brows, it sucks having to maintain them all the time.



    In my opinion the blue matches your eyes the best. I’ve never tried this because my eyebrows are quite dark naturally. But it looks fun!

    Kathrin —



    I never tried colored eyebrows because mine are almost black, I don’t know would it work for me. But would definitely try it for halloween. xx



    Coloured eyebrows scare me! Kudos for trying. They’re pretty out there aren’t they. Those with your mermaid eyes would be mental!
    I’m not brace enough, but if I had to choose one of yours….. I’d say blue!


    Elizabeth Seal August 9, 2017 at 5:49 PM

    Such great tips! I found this interesting as I have much darker eyebrows than my hair and am always wishing they were lighter haha πŸ˜€ will have to give some of these methods a try! xx

    elizabeth β™‘ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)



    I love this post – the red really suits you! I’ve never been brave enough to try coloured eyebrows.

    Amy, x



    I’ve never seen this before – it looks so cool!xxx


    jazminheavenblog August 9, 2017 at 8:17 PM

    This is such an unusual trend! I hadn’t even heard of it. I agree with what you said about them working if they have a purpose xxx



    Great idea using typical makeup products to create coloured eyebrows. The gold would be great for when I’m doing blonde Disney Princess xo



    I have never tried out coloured brows before. I think it looks really cool if you have coloured hair and you try and tone your eyebrows that colour though! Love the red eyebrows πŸ™‚ x



      Yeah that would look interesting! I’ve seen a lot of people who have pink hair use some sort of pink in their brows to tone them and it looks nice! Thank you x


    J | Beauty's Expert Amateur August 9, 2017 at 9:56 PM

    You should do glittery eyebrows next! πŸ˜€ The red looks really good on you, maybe do it when you next dye your hair red πŸ™‚ xx



    Ive never heard of this trend nor tried it myself but with me having next to no natural brows maybe i should give it a go haha. Halloween is coming up… πŸ˜‰ great post i love thats its a bit different and out there x



    I don’t think I’d try this trend any time soon. But the blue looked good on you! I think the most I’d do is a lighter brown tint like how Korean girls like to do their brows.



      That looks very nice though! I would try it out myself but with my hairs originally being close to black I feel like it would be weird to use a light brown.



    I don’t think I would brave enough to try this for the regular but yeh maybe a specific dress up festival etc. πŸ™‚



    Aaaaaawh i love this trend!



    Aaaaaaweehhhhh i looooive this trend!


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