My favorite jewelry (aka my whole collection)

Lise —  August 4, 2017 — 19 Comments

I have never been the biggest fan of jewelry..

I was very active when I was younger so I hated wearing necklaces, I never got my ears pierced, I didn’t like wearing rings because I was always in the woods or out in the fields and I would just lose them. My love for jewelry has certainly only been present for the past few years and I have purchased a few treasured pieces that I just love wearing. I don’t wear jewelry every single day but I do love to accessorize whenever I’m going out, no matter what occasion it is for. I don’t care much for handbags, sunglasses, shawls, scarves or anything else so jewelry is the way to go for me.

When it comes to buying jewelry, I rarely spend a lot, I know I’m either going to break it or lose it either way so I try to buy as cheap as possible. I don’t enjoy mass produced either, so I mostly purchase handmade jewelry off of Etsy. It makes me feel better that I can directly support whoever created it. There’s nothing wrong with purchasing jewelry from other stores or people, I just do what I think is right. Anyways, here we go:


Amethyst cluster choker (probably not a real crystal, it is really heavy though) and a faceted glass choker, both with velvet bands. These two are my favorites and I love wearing them. Chokers do make me feel slightly claustrophobic at times but they’re both so pretty that it doesn’t really matter. Both are from sellers on Etsy.


A metal dream catcher necklace. I love wearing this, but I don’t wear it as often as I probably should. It has a tendency of turning around and that can be a tiny bit annoying when you have to turn it back again and again. I don’t really remember where I purchased this.


A chunk of tinted glass (they advertised it as some kind of quartz but it’s just glass) and a crescent moon, both from wish! I’ve been really into moon jewelry lately, been browsing Etsy for new pieces but haven’t found any that I wouldn’t regret purchasing.


A 9 piece ring set, purchased from wish for like a dollar! These are so cute and I love wearing all nine of them at the same time. They are of varying sizes so that you can have more than one on a finger (like this). I really wish my fingers were more slender and longer so that I could fit even more of them on.


And lastly I have a gold plated ring that I inherited from my grandmother when she passed away in December, and a blue faceted glass ring, a replica from the anime series Black Butler. Blue is one of my absolute favorite colors so I couldn’t resist purchasing it.

So that was my collection, for now! I might purchase some more in the future, because I’m bound to either lose or destroy some of these eventually. (Hopefully not though because I love them all).

Do you have any favorite jewelry?

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19 responses to My favorite jewelry (aka my whole collection)


    Love this! I’m a fellow Etsy jewellery hoarder πŸ™‚ x



    Love this, the pieces of jewellery you have shown and talked about are gorgeous!



    Those are pretty pieces of jewelry! I don’t own any jewelry b/c growing up I was always outdoors w/ my animals & I never got my ears pierced either. In high school I wore necklaces a lot, but now I don’t wear anything



      And there’s nothing wrong with not having anything! My mum used to have her ears pierced and always wore hoops, but my brother decided pulling on them and almost splitting her lobes in half would be a good idea and that story terrified me so I never wanted to get my ears pierced D:

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    OMG I love those chokers, making my very tempted to treat myself πŸ™ˆ Love those rings as well (I used to be a wish addict, just ordering from there everyday).



    I’ve been eyeing up necklaces on Amazon for years that are very similar to the moon necklace you have! So gorgeous, I really like your jewellery collection and the little stories of how you acquired everything πŸ™‚


    Sticks and the City August 4, 2017 at 4:04 PM

    Love this! Never been much of a ring person myself, but they look gorgeous! One of my fave pieces of jewellery is a handmade daffodil pendant i got for my 18th birthday from my godmother. Her friend made it for me, it’s the only one in the world!



    Aaw I love this. I love anything moon/crystally! The chokers are gorgeous. Xx



    I’m obsessed with moon and stars accessories as well, it evolved to buying pyjamas with stars all over … I’m not stopping =>


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