Games played in July

Lise —  July 26, 2017 — 46 Comments

I have taken upon myself to play through (or at least try) all of the games I have in my game library on steam, which is over 500 games. There are of course some games that are almost impossible to completely finish, like mmorpg games or simulators that doesn’t really have an end. But I will try, I will document my journey and I will review the games and my experience with them. It will be a weird mix of everything so I hope you will at least somewhat enjoy it.

The Abbey (Murder in the Abbey)

[ unfinished ]

Image result for murder in the abbey

I couldn’t get to finish this because of a bug that kept deleting my save. It is a decent murder mystery game where you play as a monk visiting an Abbey. One of the brothers died, possibly a murder or the work of the devil and you have to solve the mystery. It is a point and click game, the visuals aren’t great but the story is great. (At least what I was able to play before it broke was great).

Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden

[ completed ]

Image result for abyss the wraiths of eden

This is a point and click and hidden object game in one. You play as a woman heading down into the deep to find her fiancΓ© who has disappeared. All traces lead her to an underwater city named Eden, it seems to have been a thriving community but something must have gone wrong. You solve puzzles, find clues, navigate through the areas to get closer to finding her guy, Robert. I don’t know if this has been the best game I’ve ever played but it was certainly not bad. If you have a few hours to kill and you enjoy hidden object/point and click games then maybe you will enjoy this.

Adams Venture Chronicles

[ unfinished ]

Image result for adam's venture chronicles

Awfully sexist. That’s my first thought when it comes to this game. It’s an adventure game where you explore ruins and find treasures, but boy, is it not written very well. In the very beginning of the game, the woman is objectified and some of his remarks are terrible. One example is when he enters the area for the first time, she asks if he remembered to bring the rest of their supplies, because it was all of their food that needed to be moved. Of course he hadn’t, because he said he thought that the huge crate was all of her make up. Why on earth would an archaeologist care about make up when she’s scavenging in a filthy ruin? I didn’t really care for the script, but the game itself is kind of good, if you don’t pay too much attention to what the protagonist says. I haven’t been able to finish the game yet.

Dungeon Siege

[ completed ]

Image result for dungeon siege

Childhood classic. I found a demo disk ( is that the right spelling? Thanks to Funhaus, I have no idea if it’s spelled disc or disk anymore) that came with some computer magazine when I was younger and I played the heck out of the demo. Years later I purchased the game on sale on steam and I fell in love all over. Lately I’ve been wanting to revisit some of my favorite older games and this was the first on my list. It has a charming atmosphere, interesting mechanics and it’s generally a great rpg. The only sad part is that the grapphics are very outdated, it is an old game after all, so if great graphics is what you want, you wont like this very much! But if you want to play an old, charming rpg, you should give it a try.

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46 responses to Games played in July


    Honestly, I love playing video games its my guilty pleasure thank you for sharing I am going to check out Abbey! xo

    Liked by 1 person


    I’ve not sat and played through a full game in far too long. Will certainly be following your reviews so I have a good excuse to play more πŸ˜‚



    Great post you sound like my kinda gal! Are these computer games? I love playing video games though im more a ps4 kinda person, ive never really played computer ones but im definitely thinking about trying some out so ill try one of these!



    I love a good computer game! Was addicted to Runescape back in the day. Will have to try out one of these xxx



    Gotta love video games, they are always great way to spend time. If I’m being completely honest whole month I have been playing GTA V Online, such a shame haha. xx



    Some of these games sound so interesting, would love to broaden my horizon a bit! Would make a change from my sims addiction



    I am not good at playing video games AT ALL haha, but my husband is always playing games on his PC before bed. Currently he’s playing “Borderlands II” (I think haha) I like how you are doing end of the month posts about what you’ve been up to!



    Being Mum to two teenagers and a game loving hubby, there is often some kind of war/car/shoot em up game going on in my house. I will get them to look at your reviews x



    I haven’t played a computer game for the lonest time! They are a great escape from reality!



    I have a huge steam library too & I haven’t played most of the games 😯 I should play through some them…



    Iwish I was good at playing video games but I’m not lol


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