The Make Up Revolution 2016 Storage Chest + Swatches

Lise —  July 19, 2017 — 34 Comments


Recently I was looking at the TAM Beauty website and I stumbled upon this beauty. It is still available there so you can get it for yourself, it is very discounted and it’s pretty much a bargain now! ( It’s on sale for £30, RRP is £80) This is a pretty sturdy storage chest that comes with a variety of make up items and tools that every girl needs. The doors have magnets in them so they will stay closed when it’s on display or being transported somewhere. It comes with a plastic sleeve you can keep around it to, to keep your make up extra safe.


The chest has twelve compartments/drawers and each of them contains one set or one item when you open them. My package contained three bonus items too because TAM Beauty includes free samples for a limited time so I received 15 items in total. The bonus items were Velvet lip lacquers and a sample of a duo brow powder, which coincidentally was in the shade I normally use.


All 12 items/sets + the bonus velvet lippies & brow powder.


The first item, which was in the largest drawer on the top was their Iconic Nudes brush collection! I have been wanting this for a while so having it included in this set is amazing! The brushes are so incredibly soft and I really look forward to play with these. It is a 9 piece set, including a powder brush, contour brush, flat blending brush, prime & correct brush, conceal brush, flat eye shadow brush, round eye shadow brush, angled eye brow brush and a fine eye shadow brush.

For the rest, I will combine drawers, or else this would be a mile long!


These are the small drawers on the left side and they contain these; Their blending sponge (that is sold in a bundle with the brushes), a Vivid baked highlight in “Peach lights”, an Ultra Pro Contour palette and a Trio Lipstick Amplification kit in “Ultra Vamp”.


Contour palette, top row.



Contour palette, bottom row.



Trio Lipstick Amplification “Ultra vamp”, a cream, gloss and a liquid lipstick.



Vivid baked highlighter in “Peach lights”.


These were the small drawers on the right side, one item in each. They contained the Ultra Face Basic Primer, Trio Trio Lipstick Amplification kit in “Ultra nude” and “Ultra reds” and an eye brow kit. I only swatched the actual eye brow shades (4 powders and 2 creams), the waxes and highlights didn’t show up well on camera because I’m so hecking pale.


The first three going down on the left side, the others are on the right side of the palette.


The “Ultra reds” on the left, “Ultra nude” on the right. Liquid lip, cream and then gloss.


These items are from the three drawers in the middle. These drawers contained a “Ultimate favorites” eye shadow palette with 32 (!) shades, a duo face sculpt compact and a HD Pro Strobe palette. They’re all very pretty!


Swatches of the creams first, and the two powders. A good variety of undertones.

I didn’t do swatches of the contour compact because the shades are pretty much identical to the contour palette, and swatching 32 eye shadows would take so long! They are very soft to the touch and very pigmented though so I’m excited to see what kind of looks they can make.


And here are the bonus items I received. The velvet lip lacquers didn’t feel too great on the lips, once they dried they became very sticky, but if I paired them with glosses from the lip kits they felt a lot better. It’s a shame that they end up being so sticky though because I love the colors, they’re very vibrant and not really patchy at all.


“I keep lying for you” on the left and “Rebel” on the right.


So that was it for the Makeup Revolution storage chest! What did you think? Would you say it was worth it for £30? I’m very happy with it at least, and now I get more storage for my other make up too, I love organization!

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34 responses to The Make Up Revolution 2016 Storage Chest + Swatches


    Love this brand, their highlighters are incredible – I’ve bought quite a few palettes from Superdrug and they’re only around £6-8 which is amazing for the quality!

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    Wow, what an amazing buy! I have hardly any makeup nowadays – but I do have a Makeup Revolution Highlighter and a lipstick. Would love to try peach lights. Really nice, affordable, good quality brand. I really like all the lip colours – I’d love to see how they look on! x

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      Peach lights is really beautiful, and it’s only £3 so it won’t break the bank either 🙂 I’m planning a post for the lip kits in the future! Just need to let my lips rest for a bit after trying them all on yesterday :’)

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    This is so cool, love how it looks and products swatches are really impressive. In my opinion it is wort it, it’s such a treat for a beauty lover. xx



    This is absolutely incredible and an absolute bargain for £30! Wow I’m really impressed!xxx

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    This looks amazing…I may have to purchase…my husband may kill me 😂



    I just tried to purchase this but couldn’t find it on the TAM website 😦 Lovely post, I love revolutions highlighters!x



    Omg i want that 😗



    This is such good value! Love the highlighters!
    I think you would like my Nars sheer glow review x



    What an amazing value item, I love how its in the storage chest too, that would come in very handy, great find.



    So I love how your makeup chest looks slightly sinister. Maybe you’ll do makeup, maybe you’ll practice necromancy. Potato, tomato.



    I think they also sound this in Superdrug at Christmas? I wouldn’t pay £80 for it but you got it for a bargain price! They have a great selection of products in there, very universal for everyone. Have fun with all your new makeup! 😛



      Ah that’s possible! And yes it’s very universal, I’m surprised it all fit me shade wise as I’m awfully pale, but they could also look good on someone with a deeper skin tone! x

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    jazminheavenblog July 20, 2017 at 12:05 PM

    I’ve still never tried a make up revolution product and I really need too!! xx



    Wow so beautiful and such gorgeous shades! I definitely need something like this haha 😀 xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)


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