Feeling a bit spoiled

Lise —  July 11, 2017 — 11 Comments

I’ve had my phone for over two years now and it was malfunctioning and the home button stopped working. I always treat my phones really well so I have no idea why this one was having such a bad time. I didn’t want to spend money on a new phone just yet, but my father decided that I couldn’t keep using a phone that wasn’t at all reliable so he offered to buy me a new one.

I don’t particularly enjoy it when people spend so much money on something for me but as my phone was standing on its last leg, I couldn’t really decline. I went online, found the cheapest phone that I could, a HTC Desire 650, which honestly isn’t a bad phone at all and ordered it. I picked it up on Monday and I’m so happy with it! I was hoping it would be a bit smaller than the one I had but to my surprise it was bigger. I have very small hands so I struggle with holding phones with one hand but this one has ridges worked into it’s back cover so it was much easier to hold.


I would include a picture of it that I could have taken on my own, but my other phone is dead so that wasn’t really possible. I just wish I could have accessed everything I had on it to transfer it to my new phone, but it’s okay, it was just a bunch of pictures of my cats. I’m sure I’ll fill it up with new pictures in no time anyways, they’re so cute and I love taking pictures of them whenever I can so that I can treasure the memories later.

I never really thought I would stray from Samsung, but being biased to just one brand isn’t really the most economically great choice you could make. I know my brother only uses Apple products, and he spends way too much money on things that he doesn’t really need, just because it’s Apple. I guess I shouldn’t judge him but he isn’t really known to think about what he spends his money on.

Ah well, I’m really grateful to have a new phone, one with an even better camera, surprisingly! Maybe my blog pictures will look even cooler, and now I can use my phone to check comments and new posts more often too since I have a phone that actually works. So happy!

Have you gotten yourself Β something or received anything cool from others lately?

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11 responses to Feeling a bit spoiled


    First off, I think it’s lovely how humble you are! It is great to appreciate the luxuries with have that others cannot afford. I feel like feeling gratitude and grateful for what we have is becoming less and less common these days.

    Secondly, what a lovely phone! I think saving money is awesome – it leaves you with more money to spend on other lovely things! I had a HTC desire in the past and it’s a really nice phone brand – the camera was my favourite thing about the phone!

    Thirdly, yep, I’ve gotten myself/received something cool lately… Sort of? A few days ago my partner booked for us to go abroad to Mallorca for 12 nights in August! We’ll be staying in a lovely little guest house in a lovely location. We’ve been wanting to go abroad somewhere for a while, and haven’t been abroad for longer than 4 nights by ourselves at all, so it’s a real treat! I’m so excited about it, and feel so lucky to be able to go!

    I hope you enjoy your new phone x

    – Storm



      Yeah, it can definitely seem like people take all of our everyday luxuries for granted! I’ve never been one to have an abundance of money so I take what I can get and I’m always very grateful for anything I receive as a gift πŸ™‚

      Yeah the phone is great! It was very inexpensive compared to what I had ( I paid around Β£800 for my Samsung Galaxy s6 when it came out, this one worked out to be less than Β£200.)

      Aww that sounds like it will be a wonderful trip! I’m happy for you that you get the chance to travel, and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest! Do take some pictures of where you’re going and post them on your blog, I would love to see! πŸ˜€ (completely voluntary, of course!)

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        Yep, I’ve never really had an abundance of money either :/ Any financial luxuries I have are honestly due to my partner, I’m very lucky to have him and he’s very lucky to have found a good job!

        I shall take many photos :3 I’m also seriously considering starting up an Instagram account! I think it will be fun to post photos, they’re like little windows into someone’s life πŸ˜€



          Well I’m glad to hear that he doesn’t mind treating you to things! πŸ™‚ My ex never bought me anything and I always had to spend my money on him. Wasn’t really fun 😦

          You totally should make an instagram account! I love using it for sharing random pictures that I take πŸ˜€



    Aw what a nice dad! That was so sweet of him. I didn’t know this phone had good quality camera. Enjoy it πŸ™‚

    Beauty On A Budget



      It was very sweet indeed! Probably going to repay him somehow though, I still feel a bit bad for accepting it πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading ❀



    I’ve been feeling the temptation to upgrade my phone lately, too… I swear, they must be built to self-destruct after two years. It’s still (mostly) functional, but every now and then, it just bows up and makes life impossible. I may have to indulge myself in this soon, but I’d like to think of it as a “business expense” to soften to blow, at least a little bit!



      Its strange how short they last now compared to before! When I got my first phone I think I had it for at least five years before replacing it! Seeing it as a business expense could help, yes! But it would also be very difficult to be without a phone now, especially since almost everything is digital nowadays!



    That’s so nice!
    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris



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